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    Anyone else going to London?

    The coach said he'll be doing starter reps? JACKSONVILLE – Blake Bortles will remain the Jaguars’ starter. Bortles, the Jaguars’ starting quarterback for the last 68 games, will start for the team when it plays the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium in London Sunday. Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone announced the decision late Monday afternoon in a statement sent to Jaguars players that was distributed to media. "I spoke to both quarterbacks this afternoon and told them that Blake will be our team’s starting quarterback,” the statement said. "I believe this gives us the best opportunity to win.” Marrone replaced Bortles with Cody Kessler early in the third quarter of a 20-7 loss to the Houston Texans at TIAA Bank Field Sunday – the Jaguars’ third consecutive loss. Marrone during his next-day media availability Monday afternoon had said he had decided on the starter, but that he wanted to meet with Kessler and Bortles before making the decision public. He also said he wanted Jaguars players to know the decision before an announcement. Seems unsure?

    Anyone else going to London?

    Don't know if you know, but Blake Bortles supposedly benched.

    Anyone else going to London?

    I understand, but no worries, we'll get it done. Also, go to the South End Pubs, and have one on me.

    should we start working about the BOYS ??????

    Imagine that, asking for it!!!

    Suh would play for free???

    Winter Gear Clearance is Here! Up to 60% Off An Incredible $200 Intro Bonus Just For Using This Card Sponsored by NextAdvisor Mike Francesca: Eagles owner should cut Jason Kelce Where every top free agent TE lands Philadelphia Eagles NFL Pro Line by Fanatics Branded Super Bowl LII Champions Trophy Collection Locker Room Long Sleeve T-Shirt â?? Heather Chacoal Jon Dorenbos movie fast-tracked thanks to Eagles Super Bowl win Cowboys fan loses bet; has Eagles logo tattooed over Dallas logo Manage Ndamukong Suh told Eagles he'd play for them for free Suh is reportedly interested in playing for the Eagles. Jeff Kerr - Feb 14, 1:53 PM 0 Tools Edit Slot to 247Sports Home Slot to Philadelphia Eagles Newsletter Newsletter Slot to Philadelphia Links x Ndamukong Suh is three years remaining on his monster deal with the Miami Dolphins, but that apparently won't stop him from coming to the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko, Suh told Eagles defensive line coach Chris Wilson he's play for the Eagles for free in 2018...back when the team held joint practices in August. The Eagles-Dolphins joint practice was enough to impress Suh to play for the Eagles down the line. Suh was enamored with the Eagles defensive tackles and their work with Wilson, giving the 31-year old a chance to revitalize his career...and a golden opportunity at a Super Bowl ring. "When the team practiced against Miami, Dolphins players took note of how fast Eagles players moved from drill to drill," Klemko wrote. "Lee recalls Ndamukong Suh being so impressed with the team that he approached defensive line coach Chris Wilson with an offer: 'Suh told our defensive line coach, ‘The way y’all practice is unbelievable. I don’t care about money at this point—I think I want to play with y’all next year for free.' Our coach was like, 'Uhh, can we get that in writing?'" The Eagles are Super Bowl champions! This incredible journey is JUST beginning! Make sure to stay in the loop for all Eagles news throughout the offseason -- take five seconds to sign up for our FREE Eagles newsletter now! Suh denied the conversation through a Dolphins spokesperson. Suh is owed $26.1 million in 2018 with the Dolphins saving just $3.9 million in cap space if they release him. He's owed $28.1 million the following season, with Miami saving $15 million is they release him then. Suh had 38 tackles and 4.5 sacks last season and his still one of the best pass rushing defensive tackles in the NFL...having 51.5 sacks since entering the league in 2010. Playing for free is an intriguing offer for the Eagles, but Suh would have to get released by the Dolphins in order for that to happen. Miami saves $17 million if it designates Suh as a post-June 1 cut, so the Eagles could sign him them. Suh has made over $124 million in his carer, so playing for free wouldn't be a big deal. If the Eagles were to land Suh, he would be an excellent pass-rushing backup tackle behind Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan in Jim Schwartz's one-gap scheme. The rotation possibilities would be endless. The Dolphins hold all the cards on this poker table. If Suh is released, the Eagles will see if he holds true to his word. To follow Eagles reporter Jeff Kerr on Twitter: @JeffKerr247 Author Jeff Kerr @JeffKerr247
  6. Did really want to get into your problem on the EMB. But if you don't mind, what exactly is going on with you net, maybe I can help.

  7. Hey UK, just seeing the terrorist incident, is that near you, are you okay?  

  8. What part of the Uk are you in? Maybe stop by if we make there.


    Concerning DirecTV

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    Why did my posts numbers drop?


    The View


    Concerning DirecTV


    Concerning DirecTV

    Sorry, they will discount, call back and insist to speak to someone in PROMOTIONS, tell you are a loyal customer and deserve better. Try this first please

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yes, you are correct, but, at the same time it was unclear to some because some of us who never received any information about till this now, or a least me till now.