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  1. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    You think like a child. Again, grow up.
  2. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    Get a life dude. Stop being butthurt because I don't share your POV.
  3. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    Grow up...sheesh
  4. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    Talking about the Eagles. And you?
  5. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    1 and done....color me elated. I watched them get their doors blown off against quality teams and also watched them lose to the freaking Dolphins. They were never a good team. I said at that time as well that this team had truly shown me their ability and legitimacy as a real contender. I rather them have lost and be better positioned for the draft and said so at the time. As it turns out, all that beating of garbage divisional teams has netted them was a poorer draft position and a slew of needs across the board. Im not one for emotional, touchy feely crap when it comes to football but that's just how I look at this whole thing.
  6. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    Its fools gold. The Eagles did not deserve a playoff spot this year. Their whole basis for getting in was being fortunate enough to have horrible teams to play down the stretch. Those teams all just replaced their head coaches and all reside in their division. Its just reality. The Patriots got the same treatment but they were a top tier team year in and year out in spite of the crap division they played in.
  7. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    I dont find NFC East titles worth much. Being the best of a pitiful grouping is not much to hang ones hat on. Again, 2 Super Bowls is huge and Eli gets too much flak for crappy years since then. At that time he was money. He got the job done. He etched his legacy. Wentz as it stands now will be remembered as a disappointment until he does more.
  8. russrock1

    Thank you Eli

    He won 2 Super Bowls....Wentz can barely get into a playoff game this far into his career and yet homers still salivate over him. That is a joke. Pump the brakes on least he got the job done and played every week.
  9. russrock1

    NFC Divisional: Seahawks @ Packers

    Hate the Cowboys but that was touching. Good for JJ on the Hall of Fame. F the Cowboys though.
  10. russrock1

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Wow...Eagles and Cowboys fans commiserating together in this thread. Tough times folks
  11. russrock1

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Embarrassing play by the Cowboys....But the Eagles were more embarrassing.
  12. russrock1

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    The only good thing about this season would be having Dallas implode as well. Watch the Redskins get in at 7--9. Regardless, round 1 exit for whatever team gets the dishonor of being the playoff team from the NFC East when in reality no one deserves a spot. They all suck.
  13. russrock1

    Week 12: Ravens @ Rams

    I really hate this trend of mogging the camera after a turnover for the defense. Reeks of millennial Instagram self-glorification garbage.
  14. russrock1

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    Garret needs to have a defamation suit against him now. So sick of this race card nonsense. Make a further example of this ****.
  15. russrock1

    Week 11: Chiefs vs. Chargers (Mexico)

    Aren't they kinda stuck with Alshon and Djax due to the contracts? I cant imagine he would be back given the obvious need to improve the position.