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  1.’s-wildly-overpaid/ar-BBD34J2?li=BBnba9I Interesting article on Carr...
  2. I'm assuming that the $30 total guarantees are probably based on whether he is still on the roster at a certain point in time. If they cut him before, that money probably isn't guaranteed. So it's kinda guaranteed. It's not an incentive, and it's not worked into his base salary. I could be wrong.
  3. Rstarter, Actually, this might be one of the few forecasts you did NOT make. You told us he'd be rookie of the year, hold all the records, win multiple super bowls, etc, etc, what you never did say was that he would be the highest paid player in the league. I don't believe you can take credit for this one. That being said, you can agree it doesn't mean much to back up your statements in the past. We've all seen too many players (oddly enough many of them on the Redskins) get paid a kings ransom only to flame out. Joe Flacco comes to mind immedately... Unfortunately QB salaries are not commensurate with success.
  4. The same way Alex Jones is "just saying" things. The crazy conspiracy theories have to stop. What happened on the video wasn't "put together" and the media reported it. It was a terrible thing that happened and any officer that discharged a firearm should be in jail. At best, terminated from being a police officer anywhere.
  5. I suppose I incorrectly assumed we were all talking about the song by the Sex Pistols?
  6. ...and that's a career. One door closes, hopefully two windows open up. I think we can all agree that Jamarcus Russell has a better shot at getting a job offer than Kap at this point. I'm not sure what his plans for the rest of his life are, but he should probably start sketching out a few options. I hope he's been responsible with the money he's made so far.
  7. Yes, I can see why that is exactly the same thing. One guy is getting shipped out to a foreign land to go kill people and the other one is asked about standing/sitting before he goes to play a game. I'm out of this thread. I don't care what your opinion is on either position because it's ridiculous to even draw a comparison between these two events.
  8. Revisionist how? I'm assuming you're addressing my statement, "heard around the world" because that's what you bolded. They did something that was televised internationally in front of millions of people around the world. What did I revise. You're reading something else into this. If you want to have a discussion, stick with what's being written. Millions of white people heard them. How could you avoid it? Even if you did not watch the games, it was covered in every media outlet for weeks? As for receptive ears? Not so much. You know how it ended with those two. Not well. I would disagree. I think the platform does matter. The messenger can be every bit as important as the message, especially when it involves sensitive subjects. Without the proper platform, it is much more challenging to get the message across successfully. Not impossible, I suppose, but definitely more prone to backfires, misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Being good a football has little to do with being able to voice opposition to racism, however I am discrediting Kaps ability to contribute to the fight against systematic racism. Being a good football player does help create a sense of being a good role model. Lots of people want to be Tom Brady or Russell Wilson. No one wants to be Nelson Agholor. You don't think cultivating a successful leadership role in an NFL franchise can help that person succeed at sending messages? I'm not saying it's the only way, but it certainly seems like it would be way more successful than Kap's current plan. We both know that any contract he signs, it's gonna have language to protect the team against more scrutiny. You think he'd have a little more leverage to not sign that contract if he was better at his position and continue his fight against systematic racism? Hes at best an average QB that is below average, almost counterproductive at delivering any productive message against racism. He will not be judged differently in the future because I suspect he'll be forgotten altogether in a few years.
  9. Rstarter, Slight difference. Smith and Carlos were the top two in the world at what they did delivering a message that could be heard around the world. Kap is not the best at his position in the state of California....perhaps not even Santa Clara. Had he developed into a successful QB he might be remembered differently. He may have brought more to the discussion. His abstinence from voting, support for dictators, etc really disables his ability to be taken seriously. Had he put some thought into this, he really could have delivered a powerful message, but I really don't think he had one.
  10. I forget, who were his other options at QB in KC? I know he had a shot to bring some free agents in, but was there really a better option?
  11. Except that the excitement of the regular season is now pointless. Playing for playoff ranking? Why even watch the regular season then? Essentially the regular season is one long drawn out preseason.
  12. According to Legal Zoom, "While weighing your options, consider that reselling tickets for up to face value is legal everywhere." I'm not sure what all that fine print on the back of the tickets say though...
  13. What about the rest? If 143 other revoked licenses have similar, legimitate reasons, then fix those other revocations! The message has been made clear, scalpers beware! Whether they end up revoking 144 or 14, the ticket holders have been put on notice.
  14. I don't think you need a perfect system to fix this. I don't see what the Broncos are trying to do. If it was about helping was an opportunity to display that commitment to help on a silver platter!
  15. You didn't read the link, did you?