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  1. I have not the slightest idea. Its freakin' me out leah ahaha

  2. seriously....why are we on here right now????? lolll

  3. i think we missed a lot. Lots of new freaks are on here now hahaha We are back where we started!

  4. hahaha...oooh believe it!!! needed some entertainment i guess lol. MISS YOU!

  5. ahaha no way in hell your on here, theres just no way.

  6. bout a hug??? I HATE GOODBYES! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...........just go

  7. we're ridic.

    and why havent i talked to you in about 9334 yrs??? ok thats gotta change, fast.

    "wait, i think i got a.....yeah, i just got an idea"


  8. you seem to have a pretty big following round here lol

  9. hahhaha oh no, same here this is bad.

  10. Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! :)

    i came back! lollll

  11. girl ive missed your midgie loving for too long. We need to go back to our old ways when we were able to do the missionary position in the airplane bathroom because you were so small

  12. Borty, are you ignoring me? I thought you loved me?

  13. Borty, have you missed me while I was gone? I've missed you!!

  14. nothin, how about you?