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  1. I have not the slightest idea. Its freakin' me out leah ahaha

  2. i think we missed a lot. Lots of new freaks are on here now hahaha We are back where we started!

  3. ahaha no way in hell your on here, theres just no way.

  4. bout a hug??? I HATE GOODBYES! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...........just go

  5. you seem to have a pretty big following round here lol

  6. hahhaha oh no, same here this is bad.

  7. girl ive missed your midgie loving for too long. We need to go back to our old ways when we were able to do the missionary position in the airplane bathroom because you were so small

  8. Dork, sounds weird but i could get used to it. Whats thew reason for all this jiberrjabbering anyway Bob?

  9. as i would love to toss you all over the place like a rag doll then make sweet sweet love to you

  10. this is a great clone whoever this is, brilliant

  11. thanks duce i appreciate it, now that my bdays past all i need is a nice relaxing weekend at the shore

  12. oh nice on brace rd right? they have beer pong tourneys there now after dark haha.

  13. South Jers, nice. Im in Cherry Hill, what part you from?

  14. stop stalking me haha

  15. hows life in jers duce? just found out the terrorists in cherry hill lived down the road from me. creepy

  16. yeah really, i ate at their snack bar the other day, they had some killer chinese food, i think im just gonna pitch a tent and live there

  17. when you coming to the hill benny? wegmans has your name written all over it

  18. Bort

    why thank you my lady for your kindness haha. and you are my first comment, its truely an honor.