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    Eli benched

    Giants are the new Browns, and i couldn't be happier... Do I sympathize with Eli? Absolutely! This is no way to treat a guy who got you to the big game not once, but twice, and came out victorious. McAdoo is on a next level of stupid and if Mara signed off on this it makes me think that he'll be be around for at least another year. Sorry Giants fans, but you got your Chip Kelly....have fun!
  2. birdman

    Week 12 Open Discussion.

    Man, I Fing hate Brees, dude has made a career out of taking advantage of situations like this.
  3. birdman

    Week 12 Open Discussion.

    Agreed, but I don't think their offense is built around ball control
  4. birdman

    Week 12 Open Discussion.

    son of a ****... here comes your weekly Brees comeback
  5. birdman

    Week 12 Open Discussion.

    Saints are all Kamara and nothing else, good defenses can snuff that out, let's see if the Rams D is legit...
  6. Agreed, he will also always have a HC job because he's well respected within the community, which just goes to show that the NFL is a boys club.
  7. birdman

    Crabtree.. what happened?

    my bad, I was watching RZ and they edited that play in to make it look like it happened today
  8. same here, AR has been living off his resume for sometime now, with very little accountability on his part...
  9. birdman

    Crabtree.. what happened?

    Talib ripped a gold chain off of Crabtree a couple a plays prior, that pretty much sparked the whole thing
  10. birdman

    Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    It it gets him to stop doing Nationwide commercials I'm all for it... F that guy and his stupid jingle.
  11. birdman

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    If I was a Bills fan I would be pissed. Your team was still in contention for a playoff spot, then you decide to pull the plug on your best QB. What a Fing moron, thank god Lurie didn't hire this knee-jerk imbecile...
  12. birdman

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    We are going to murder them in Jerruh World on prime-time TV. I really hope we hang 50+ on them and pound them into the dirt....
  13. birdman

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    triggered.exe He's a Trumpkin with a solid track record of making racially charged comments. My only agenda is stating the obvious and calling out fascists whenever possible.
  14. birdman

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    with a bigot of an owner? absolutely not...
  15. The 49'ers are an absolute joke of an organization, Bellicheat fleeced them for yet another system QB. This move makes zero sense as they are in full rebuild mode and will be in play for a high 1st round pick next draft. Why not just hold out and target Mayfield?
  16. birdman

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    From my understanding he could no longer appeal, as today's decision was final???
  17. birdman

    Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Zeke has to be the ugliest POS I've ever seen, looks like just like Wicket from Return of the Jedi
  18. birdman

    Week 8: Dolphins @ Ravens

    just saw it, that was insane it was kind of funny how Flacco was just sitting there upright wondering where the F he was...
  19. birdman

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    Riverboat Ron has lost control of the ship, looks like he may have a mutiny on his hands right now
  20. birdman

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    it's what he does best...
  21. birdman

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    between that chat box and his nonsensical rant I had a pretty good laugh thanks for sharing!
  22. birdman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    blah...blah...blah....empty words "you gave us the game" ....whatever makes you feel better, your team lost @ home, Sexy Rexy was benched for a scrub, journeyman QB and our run D DOMINATED.... take the honorable way out, eat your crow and crawl back underneath your rock until week 17