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  1. Who loves you baby?

  2. zuker6

    Buying the Panthers

    Hi Dave. Me and a couple of other What's Up regulars were thinking about putting in a bid to buy the Carolina Panthers now that Jerry Richardson is selling. Anyway, we're a little short of where we need to be, and were wondering if you'd like to go in with us? Even though we're planning on the Panthers being financially successful, we're still going to be Eagles fans, and doubt that Mr. Lurie would have any problem with you continuing your duties here, if you want to. Think it over and let us know. We probably have some time, but would like to start putting a plan together, so by the end of the week would be appreciated.
  3. zuker6

    Buying the Panthers

    Dave, word is that Mr. Richardson is willing to accept "interesting trades" as part of any deal for the team, so if you have any behind the scenes photos or videos of cheerleader calendar shoots, specifically those involving the shaving of legs, I really think that it'll help our chances. PM me with your decision. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you Helen. You are the best.

  5. Thanks 5. A better friend I cannot imagine. I haven't figured the whole friend thing out yet. But you'll be one as soon as I do.