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  1. Whoops. Guess it's a moot point maybe you should go ahead and troll another board. They lost - in reality - one player, Gurley - and the offense fell apart. Your coach couldn't adjust even though Gurley basically hasn't been available since the Eagles beat your Rams up. Which was how many games? That should scare you more than Goff looking like a career backup over the last 2 this point Wentz >>>>> Goff. And it's not even fairly close.
  2. Plache

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    I had this same conversation with my brother....kinda makes ya appreciate what Dougie P. did with the Eagles in that so wonderful SB no point did it ever seem like Doug was outcoached or that the team was overwhelmed....What a wonderful season it was! 🙂
  3. Plache

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Don't know what's worse...the game so far or the halftime show. Both snoozefests. Piss poor offense....piss poor entertainment. Good F.
  4. Plache

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    It means I'm 46 (and getting older every day!) and for the majority of my life - that's how the NFL worked and I never had a problem with it. It kinda seems like the *everyone gets a participation trophy* problem this country has had for a while. There was already 60 minutes for someone to outright win the game........Not that I really care one way or the other.
  5. Plache

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    That makes sense...maybe like VA said above -- you end it with an 8 point score (offensive TD and 2 point pat), or the other team gets to possess the ball. But then it kinda feels like the first team to possess the ball is penalized. I don't know....maybe just play a full OT quarter and see how it goes?
  6. Plache

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    I kinda liked it the way it used to be....if you give up a score first, you lose.
  7. Plache

    Greatest game in NFL history - Pats/Chiefs

    I was going post something similar - thanks for doing it for me!
  8. Plache

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    I've always (except for Kotite and Chip) rooted for former Eagle coaches to do I'd love it if Andy could finally win one....
  9. Plache

    Hey Dallas

    I desperately hope you're either drunk or did this from your phone..........
  10. LOL, I know that...but you know the competitor in him wants to start. I don't begrudge him the chance to start on any team, even if it's a division rival for a few years. He'll probably get a huge 2-3 year deal. The man did more for us as a fanbase than any QB in Iggle history......I'll root for him (as long as he's not playing against the Eagles) no matter where he goes.
  11. Because all men want to have family money instead of their own.... He's a professional, you go where they will pay you. It's probably not going to be here.
  12. Nobody in their right mind would turn down life altering money merely because it's a division rival of a team that let you walk away --- that's not how life works. I wouldn't like it for sure, but betrayed? That's a bit strong.
  13. That may work for soccer, but I'm sorry it's a terrible idea for football. Why would anyone want to copy the most boring sport on the planet? Terrible idea.
  14. I think the bigger return for the Iggles offense for this game is Lane Johnson....if he plays like an elite RT. Iggles secondary has me scared to death...we all know/think Elliott is going to get his...but for the Eagles to win, they can't let Dak beat them...if Jernigan can play at all, it's a boost against Elliott as well...Not sure how the Eagles travel to Dallas and win, but I sure hope they can figure it out. The way the win in Philly seemed to invigorate Dallas, I think the same could happen for the Eagles if they can pull one off in Dallas. It may be an interesting NFC East down the stretch.
  15. KInda seems like he should be the present to me....but Jerruh gonna Jerruh!
  16. Does anyone know (Giants post game shows, etc...) know why in the world Pat Shurmur stopped using Saquon Barkley in the 2nd half today? He should be fired tomorrow for giving that game away...not that I'm complaining. Stunning.
  17. So just because a player plays for a rival, you're not allowed to see the forest through the trees? It's *fans* like you give this fanbase a bad name.
  18. With Mitch Trubisky they win that game going away. Chase Daniel is horrible.
  19. I don't know man - they made our Eagles look pretty bad, and beat the hottest (and possibly best) team in the league.
  20. Rams/Saints - Saints/Rams, then you can argue Chicago and Dallas........record wise it's Chicago, but they've got QB problems right now and Dallas is playing some very good football in all 3 phases.......I don't love it, but....
  21. This kind of thing will be the downfall of the NFL........
  22. Plache

    Concerning DirecTV

    I've had them before and never had a problem...if I do, I'll be sure to update in this thread. For now, I'm so glad to have cable back....streaming is ok, but nothing beats cable -- especially the DVR capabilities. Anyway....... 🙂
  23. Plache

    Concerning DirecTV

    So Comcast just came around my neighborhood with a 2 year deal for their HD service plus DVR and (I think) 160mg download speed...of course there are tiers, I took the $99 package - with taxes, comes out to around $130/month. Right now I'm paying 104/month for internet and another 45/55 (don't remember) for PSVue. So I get to go back to cable for a ton less $ than I was paying before....worth it I think if Comcast is your provider.