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  1. AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    I remember when I "thought" Andy Reid was going to finally give the Eagles a SB as HC. It was against the Bears on the road in the 2001 NFC divisional playoffs. Chicago was favored, and the Eagles just destroyed them. The Eagles had lost every game in Chicago except one going back to 1960 (1999, under Reid). I brushed aside the loss to the Rams in the NFC championship due to critical injuries during the game, but I lost my soul when Reid couldn't beat Tampa at home the last Eagles game at the VET. I can't believe what happened Saturday, I stopped watching the game at halftime because I thought KC was going to cruise to a win. Unbelievable, now the Chief fans are in Andy Reid hell as Eagle fans were from 2009-2012. Not to mention 2005, and 2007. The FO won't fire him because he's such a nice guy. Reid played CYA with the Eagles after Jim Johnson died (DC). Reid as GM could shift the blame away from him, and he did it wasting an entire season (2012). Reid is out for himself. Alex Smith isn't the problem here!!! Reid called a pass play on a 3rd and 2 during the second half, and the pass was dropped? If I watched that it would be deja vu when he was coaching the Eagles. The difference between Pederson, and Reid is that Pederson would get angry with himself, and call a different play on 4th down. Reid just shrugs his shoulders, and punts. Reid has no killer instinct or fire anymore.
  2. AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    This parody that I've never seen until now proves that the singer in the parody can sing better than Taylor Swift. Great job Joe Conklin! Five years later, it still holds true.
  3. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    You moved to Skins country at the right time, to witness the decline of the team that was anticipated when Jack Kent Cooke signed his deal with the devil in 1979 with his own blood. To be fair to the local DC fans, I think all NFL fans who live in an NFL city are all insular, including the Eagles. Eagle fans in general don't care about the AFC, or other NFC divisions unless playoffs are involved. It's when you live in non NFL cities such as Richmond VA it gives you more of an open market to all teams with no NFL restrictions to games. If you were in the DC area for a home Redskin game, you can't have another game playing on the other network at the same time. So what would've been a CBS double header outside of an NFL city is blacked out. Yet you are right, it doesn't matter if they are from the DC metro area or Richmond, they were still arrogant Ds at the height of their success. Today, it's almost laughable how brow beaten they've become. Are the Hogettes still alive? Is that guy from the south endzone of RFK still have his "Proud and Loyal Fan" sign? As much as Eagle fans want to trash Lurie, it could be far worse (Snyder).
  4. Wentz > Dak

    It's the conspiracy addled brains that dream this up. Without proof or fact, they "assume" that Pederson was hired to be controlled by the front office. After Reid's GM takeover, and Kelly's lust for the same control, Pederson isn't a puppet. He just wants to coach. I thought Reid would get back to his roots in KC without any front office control, but it appears the bad habits have returned anyway.
  5. Wentz > Dak

    *cough* many Eagle fans thought the Pederson was a puppet for Howie, and Lurie before this season. The main difference with Pederson is that he listens to everyone around him. He's not a stubborn game planner who can't see that the weather conditions are too wet, raw, and windy to pass the ball over 60% which would suffice on a nice sunny day with little wind. The stubborn game planner goes down with the sinking ship.
  6. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    For once the Eagles moronic fan-base at an NFL draft didn't knee-jerk boo a potential starting QB when they drafted Wentz in 2016. To a person as sensitive as McNabb, he still lives with that ego crushing moment just out of college. The difference is if Wentz went through the same ordeal, Wentz is emotionally tough, and would understand that the boos weren't against him, it was a bunch of moronic idiots who wanted a half baked RB. McNabb never got over that, and that's a lack of maturity.
  7. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    It never fails. Every-time the Eagles could benefit from a Redskins win, the Redskins lose. I've hated the Redskins for almost 40 years, and I hate them more than Dallas. As much as I respect what Joe Gibbs had accomplished, their fans were insufferable during that time. When I venture back to Skin country, it makes me smile to hear them whine on local DC sports radio.
  8. Reid Is Incompetent

    It's fitting that I just watched the NFL's football life episode of Joe Gibbs. Just like Reid, he grew up in SoCal, and he became the HC of the Redskins based on his "Air Coryell" offense. After going 0-5 in 1981, Gibbs realized that running the ball behind a big OL was beneficial to his success. Gibbs rode John Riggins to one SB and two NFC Championships. Reid never adjusted that way. If Reid sees a stud QB, and in 2004 a stud WR, he's going to predictably throw deep bombs constantly. The OL get's no practice time running the ball late in games, or if they did it was little at best. So when crunch time came (SB), the Eagles couldn't dominate the LOS running the ball. While this era of the Redskins is a bad memory, it reminded me of why Gibbs was so successful with average talent. They worked as a team, they weren't individuals. This Eagles team reminds me of that.
  9. Reid Is Incompetent

    Andy Reid will never change his stripes if he continues to abandon the run when the pressure is on in tight games/postseason. The 2002 NFC championship was for the taking if Reid fed the ball to Duce Staley, and didn't force McNabb to pass over 50% due to his gimpy recently healed ankle. All it took was patience. Andy Reid panics, and the Eagles have lost many unnecessary games due to his incompetence. So far Pederson has learned from Reid's fatal flaw. All those games Reid could have in his bank as wins if he just was willing to adjust his game plan during halftime. Reid sees a McNabb, or a Wentz, and he wants to ride them hard as QB's until they have nothing left. If Reid is left with Jeff Garcia, or Doug Pederson (1999), Reid functions like a practical HC, and he runs a balanced pass/run attack. Logic has left the building.
  10. Reid Is Incompetent

    Even certain Chief fans can see the truth. Remembering the Reid era in Philly I know Reid lacked trust in undrafted FA's, and late round draft picks to contribute during their rookie seasons. This year Corey Clement has made Wendell Smallwood MiA, but under Reid he would've forced Smallwood to be the heir apparent to an injured Sproles. In Reid's head Smallwood is in his second year so he should get playing time over an undrafted FA RB. In fact I don't think Clement would've been on the Eagles active roster this season under Reid. It's the little things you notice.
  11. Reid Is Incompetent

    While Andy Reid has had more success in the playoffs than Marty Schottenheimer, aren't they the same head coach? KC fans have already lived through that frustration twenty years ago. Teams that would "be glad to have him"? I'd rather have a losing season with a HC, than a HC who is good enough to get you almost there, then break your heart season after season * fourteen. Andy Reid's fatal flaw is that he can't think quickly, or lacks imagination during the game. That's why Reid only won one NFC Championship out of five appearances. That is unacceptable. Reid had two SB's in his pocket with the Eagles, and his inability to make game time adjustments ruined those opportunities.
  12. Reid Is Incompetent

    It has now become insulting to compare Doug Pederson to Andy Reid. Pederson adjusts his game plan during halftime, he's consistently done this since 2016. Andy Reid is same ol' Andy. "My pregame plan is what I'm sticking to and I'm convinced it will work, eventually". Reid obviously never read any books on military history. The first shot in battle is when the pre battle (game) strategy plan is thrown out the window. I feared last night Pederson would fall into the Andy Reid trap against Dallas. Once again, the Eagles rip off 30 points, shut out the Cowboys in the second half, and the game was over before the two minute warning.
  13. After the Saints win over the Bills in Buffalo, I'd stop the "it's inevitable" talk about the Eagles easy path the SB. Twice in the past decade plus the Saints have c ck blocked the Eagles from advancing in the playoffs. Since the Eagles don't face them during the season, the other team that worries me is the Rams. At least the Eagles will get that answer in a few weeks.
  14. Name A Team We Can't Beat

    This is all true, but this team fights back when the game is close. After the 2004 season, Andy Reid's teams never fought back to win, unless it was Giants. If it was against the AFC, and they had a lead in the second half, the game was over (Cleveland doesn't count). It's also an Eagles defensive front seven I haven't seen since Bud Carson's defense. I'm not even close to using the word that starts with an "S", but I haven't been this happy about the Eagles since the day before the 2003 NFC Championship at the VET. That's when my optimism in Andy Reid died. In 2004, with TO not 100%, I knew the Eagles would lose. I just feel sorry for those poor souls who took out second mortgages to see them in Jacksonville.
  15. Name A Team We Can't Beat

    That was one of those Andy Reid's pre game plans that blew up as soon as the game began. The weather was rainy, windy, and miserable. Yet McNabb was just passing away, without any coaching adjustment to the unexpected weather conditions.