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  1. Okay, go to your safe place. I don't know how to emphasize a head coach with a .478 playoff record vs. one with a playoff record of .278. They are not equal, despite the numerical W-L record. Go ahead, and continue to play Mary Mary quite contrary. Crazy man would rather watch the British open than to deal with this complete insanity. This is my last post on this silliness.
  2. Marty couldn't smell a conference championship after 1993 with Joe Montana. That's where your W-L mantra is flawed. Andy went to five, and actually should've won a SB, but that's another discussion. You're not weighing the value of the wins, and losses. Marty had three chances to make a SB, two with Cleveland, and one with KC. Andy had five, and made it once to the SB. Andy was involved with more significant games to play than Marty. I have nothing against Marty Shottenheimer. How he took that bag of broken old bones of the Redskins in 2001, and was able to get them to an 8-8 season should've been seen as worthy of another year by an owner who isn't completely insane. If it was Jack Kent Cooke, Marty would've been allowed to coach another year. Andy Reid post season record: 11-12 (.478); Marty Schottenheimer's postseason record; 5-13 (.278) These two coaches are not on the same planet. There's no doubt Andy choked away the 2003 NFC championship against Tampa, but he's no Marty Schottenheimer.
  3. Marty coached during the expanded wild card playoff era with San Diego. "Also safe to assume Shotty would have more playoff games in expanded wild card era cuz like Andy, those are the kinds of games he would win." No emotions, Marty did coach in the expanded wild card era. Marty didn't win those games thanks to bad kickers.
  4. Are you forgetting Schottenheimer's career in San Diego with the expanded WC playoffs? He was still coaching during the good to poor Reid years, and never won a playoff game with the Chargers. You need to redo your math. Seriously, would Cleveland have won SB XXI over the Giants if they defeated Denver? It probably would've been more competitive, but let's face facts, Marty has had a lot of bad luck. That Browns franchise later became Baltimore, and they've won two SB's. If I were a long time Browns fan from the 1950's, I'd find the nearest bridge.
  5. That's a cheap shot, Andy at least made it to four NFC Championships, and a SB with the Eagles. Marty didn't do squat with the playoffs in KC. Andy is one sneaky MF. He's been trying to get control of KC since he was hired in 2013. The difference is he was able to convince Lurie many seasons sooner than the current KC owner. Now we get to see Andy run the Kansas City Chiefs into the ground through FA, and drafting. Let's watch the Kansas City Chiefs burn. Only a control freak would not resign his position as NFL coach from what happened with Reid's two younger son's years before Garret died in 2012. Joe Gibbs knew when to walk away after Sean Taylor's murder. Andy would've pretended it never happened. It was obvious the 2012 NFL season was ruined before it began, and Reid's mind was in cruise control. His selfishness cost Eagle fans a season of watchable football.
  6. Now that MST3K has seen a Netflix reboot, and a revival of the older movies, this is only fitting for the return of Hank Williams Jr.:
  7. Not to mention the lack of his RT for ten weeks. Why does this get ignored by the sports media? Dak had a fully healthy RB and OL the entire season. I could've run that offense from center. see above quote. The funny part of all this is Dak's stats were so impressive, everyone ignores that Wentz's rookie season is better than future HOF Peyton Manning.
  8. But what would have Chip Kelly given away to the Titans that could've stripped draft picks from this franchise much longer than next year? Since Mariota was a perfect fit for an offense that's been solved by the NFL for the past two and a half seasons, I'll take the pocket passing QB with mobility from North Dakota State. Not to mention Kelly already decimated the OL, by giving up more draft picks, Mariota would've been useless in Kelly's NFL offense. How do you rebuild?
  9. Preach, brother, preach! How I watched the immobile Mark Rypien tear apart the NFL in 1991 behind a stone wall OL the year Randall had his first knee injury made me think the Eagles offense philosophy was extremely flawed. Yet that didn't change until Andy Reid drafted Nick Foles in 2012. Now that Foles is back on the Eagles, their disciples feel he should start over Carson Wentz. This fanbase is insane.
  10. What is the advantage of forcing a team to cut 37 players at once? Some team will make a hasty decision, and cut a player they would not have if they were given more time. That player was scouted by other teams during the draft, and later signed under a new team within the week. So the 32 teams flood the available talent pool all at once for a chance at getting that "hidden gem" player, another team passed upon. As for the new overtime rules, this is turning into the NHL, without the shootout. I think NCAA Div-I overtime college rules are the best, there's never a tie.
  11. Haha, joke on me, but yesterday I did say "behind a desk".
  12. Let's be fair, Chip Kelly is the one trick pony with a huge ego. While he dazzled older Eagle fans with references to Sam Ratigliano from the 1980 Cleveland Browns season in 2013, I bought in that Chip Kelly would bring back the Lombardi "Packer Sweep", and the Joe Gibbs "counter trey", etc. Kelly has always talked a great game about NFL history, it's that he never applied it. Kelly was all about "execution". So yes if your offense is simple, you need an OL who can block on running plays. It doesn't help if Kelly removes the talent the Eagles had under Andy Reid. Kelly was unwilling to alter his offense after it was solved by mid-season 2014. You really know a person is stubborn when's he's given another opportunity to change under another NFL franchise, and he still runs that same offense that was solved. Not the offensive genius as advertised. Kelly belongs behind a desk at ESPN.
  13. I was twice liked from a post I made two months ago that CK would end up behind a TV camera. Wrong network, but wasn't this obvious after SF? I can't wait for Chip to brag that PSU runs his offense, yet it's half Bill Bradley, so their offense is more complex than what CK ran in Phiily, or SF.
  14. As a rookie Wentz has proven he doesn't throw "worm burners", and he can add touch to a pass on a twenty yard pass on a scramble. Compared to Ron Jaworski, and Donovan McNabb, who's left? Randall Cunningham had major knee reconstruction in 1991, and broke his fibula with the Eagles two years later, which forced him into early temporary retirement. Norm Van Brocklin? Sonny Jurgenson? The bar is not very high when one writes about Carson Wentz compared to his prior contemporaries.
  15. Cleveland may for once be correct by waiting to draft Kizer. The Bears bought into the hype of Trubisky, and paid a hefty penalty to move up one pick. That was unwise. Trubisky's handler's/agent probably put out the connection to Carson Wentz for media hype, when there is none. I sense a short career. The Chiefs giving up so much for Pat Mahomes. You might as well play blackjack at a casino.