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  1. Iggles

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    That was when the Phillies, and Eagles didn't go with FieldTurf but a brand called Nexturf. They were the competitors at the time to better Astroturf. The VET grounds crew didn't anticipate the amount of rain on the pitchers mound that covered a soggy/muddy section of the baseball diamond that was unfit to play football. After the embarrassment on HBO, they quickly resolved the problem. At least it happened during a preseason game, not during the regular season. As for the Linc, I believe they broke ground for the stadium two months prior to this incident.
  2. Iggles

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    Don't forget All or Nothing on Amazon Prime is now competing with Hard Knocks. Both shows only provide a distraction to these teams. The Cowboys are the latest victim of All or Nothing, and they were also on Hard Knocks back in the early 2000's. Nothing good comes from the intrusion of a camera crew documenting every move you make. You'll never see the Eagles Patriots, and Steelers on those shows. There has never been a great outcome to the season when those two shows invade the privacy of an NFL team.
  3. Iggles

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I had to visit VA recently, and listened to DC sports radio stations after the draft. The radio hosts are really patting themselves on the back that this is a really great draft, and Alex Smith is a step above Cousins. In what alternative reality? If Andy Reid has only won one game with Smith at QB during the playoffs, what logic gives one optimism that Jay Gruden will find the Alex Smith solution? Without Cousins, the Redskins lose his arm, Smith doesn't have that ability.
  4. Iggles

    Ben Doesn't Know Why Steelers Went QB

    Big Ben has never been the same since he took a header on his motorcycle early in his pro career. He's been very good, but before that motorcycle accident, he was on the verge of greatness. Ben lost his edge.
  5. Iggles

    Browns Picks

    Didn't the Browns go through this with Johnny Manziel a few years ago? A cocky QB who's unstable, or immature with no support structure, with a dysfunctional NFL franchise to get him to grow up. Chubb was there for the Browns and they draft a CB from Ohio St. instead? "Meet the new stupid GM, same as the old stupid GM".
  6. Iggles

    Tom Brady

    Who cares, Brady's been an a-hole his entire NFL career. He ditches Bridget Moynahan for Gisele while Bridget is pregnant? Isn't that enough proof? At least now a worldwide audience saw Tom Terrific act like a sore loser. The best thing I never saw Superbowl night was Gisele acting like a lunatic after a Patriot SB win on her iPhone.
  7. Maybe it's time that Andy Reid follows his understudy's and not Mike Holmgren. Reid has now produced two SB winning coaches (John Harbaugh, Doug Pederson). Yet Andy Reid falls into the same conservative play calling traps during the postseason, or his run vs. pass ratio is outrageous. The man will never change, he's just set in his stubborn ways.
  8. Iggles

    Dallas to host 2018 Draft

    Can one imagine the children of Redskin fans who just finished medical school never witnessed the Redskins winning a Super Bowl? Can one imagine children of Cowboys fans who are now legal adults to drink never witnessed the Cowboys winning a SB? This is payback for "how many SB's do you have"? Well, where have you been? Do these fans have VHS players that still work on those dusty highlight videos? Has the VHS tapes snapped yet re-living in your previous glory over and over again? It's been almost ten years since the Phillies won the 2008 WS. It's just history. It's all about the now. When Jerry Jones was inducted into the NFL HOF I wondered why he never mentioned Jeff Lurie, yet he mentioned Snyder, and the Giants owner. JJ's worst nightmare has happened, apparently Lurie and Jones do not get along.
  9. There are only two baits Robert Kraft could offer McDaniels; more money, or a promise of succeeding Belichik. "Just stay one more season, and Bill is retiring". Who knows. It's funny how they handled the Malcolm Butler situation, it gave me flash backs to Chip Kelly. The Pats FO accused him of smoking pot with a female in his room after curfew during SB week, and attending a local concert? That's how Kelly trashed D-Jax and McCoy.
  10. Maybe Jerry's son or Jerruh himself was paying attention to the Eagles this year that selfish players don't help a football team (Bryant).
  11. Iggles

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    I remember when I "thought" Andy Reid was going to finally give the Eagles a SB as HC. It was against the Bears on the road in the 2001 NFC divisional playoffs. Chicago was favored, and the Eagles just destroyed them. The Eagles had lost every game in Chicago except one going back to 1960 (1999, under Reid). I brushed aside the loss to the Rams in the NFC championship due to critical injuries during the game, but I lost my soul when Reid couldn't beat Tampa at home the last Eagles game at the VET. I can't believe what happened Saturday, I stopped watching the game at halftime because I thought KC was going to cruise to a win. Unbelievable, now the Chief fans are in Andy Reid hell as Eagle fans were from 2009-2012. Not to mention 2005, and 2007. The FO won't fire him because he's such a nice guy. Reid played CYA with the Eagles after Jim Johnson died (DC). Reid as GM could shift the blame away from him, and he did it wasting an entire season (2012). Reid is out for himself. Alex Smith isn't the problem here!!! Reid called a pass play on a 3rd and 2 during the second half, and the pass was dropped? If I watched that it would be deja vu when he was coaching the Eagles. The difference between Pederson, and Reid is that Pederson would get angry with himself, and call a different play on 4th down. Reid just shrugs his shoulders, and punts. Reid has no killer instinct or fire anymore.
  12. Iggles

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    This parody that I've never seen until now proves that the singer in the parody can sing better than Taylor Swift. Great job Joe Conklin! Five years later, it still holds true.
  13. Iggles

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    You moved to Skins country at the right time, to witness the decline of the team that was anticipated when Jack Kent Cooke signed his deal with the devil in 1979 with his own blood. To be fair to the local DC fans, I think all NFL fans who live in an NFL city are all insular, including the Eagles. Eagle fans in general don't care about the AFC, or other NFC divisions unless playoffs are involved. It's when you live in non NFL cities such as Richmond VA it gives you more of an open market to all teams with no NFL restrictions to games. If you were in the DC area for a home Redskin game, you can't have another game playing on the other network at the same time. So what would've been a CBS double header outside of an NFL city is blacked out. Yet you are right, it doesn't matter if they are from the DC metro area or Richmond, they were still arrogant Ds at the height of their success. Today, it's almost laughable how brow beaten they've become. Are the Hogettes still alive? Is that guy from the south endzone of RFK still have his "Proud and Loyal Fan" sign? As much as Eagle fans want to trash Lurie, it could be far worse (Snyder).
  14. Iggles

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    For once the Eagles moronic fan-base at an NFL draft didn't knee-jerk boo a potential starting QB when they drafted Wentz in 2016. To a person as sensitive as McNabb, he still lives with that ego crushing moment just out of college. The difference is if Wentz went through the same ordeal, Wentz is emotionally tough, and would understand that the boos weren't against him, it was a bunch of moronic idiots who wanted a half baked RB. McNabb never got over that, and that's a lack of maturity.
  15. After the Saints win over the Bills in Buffalo, I'd stop the "it's inevitable" talk about the Eagles easy path the SB. Twice in the past decade plus the Saints have c ck blocked the Eagles from advancing in the playoffs. Since the Eagles don't face them during the season, the other team that worries me is the Rams. At least the Eagles will get that answer in a few weeks.