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  1. BCEagle

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    Maybe the Dolphins like the Howard-Jones tandem. After all, things can only get better for them.
  2. BCEagle

    Did the Saints help cover up child sex abuse????

    I’d say no, on account of Betteridges’s law of headlines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines
  3. BCEagle

    NFL Ratings up second year in a row.

    Jesus wept. Isn't the obvious explanation that few if any players are still boycotting the national anthem, and those who still do are receiving little to no media attention for doing so? I mean, that seems like a more likely explanation than the fact that Trump tried to buy the Bills in 2014, lol. The decline in viewership began a full year before Trump had entered the fray. And here are the actual numbers. 16.5 million TV viewers, an increase of about 825,000 viewers year-over-year. 487,000 digital viewers, an increase of about 170,000 viewers year-over-year. Digital viewers are adding to the increased viewership, but the bulk of the gain came from TV viewership. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/nfl-games-score-big-with-5-in-viewership The anthem protests hurt the brand. It's hard to avoid that conclusion if you are being intellectually honest about it.
  4. BCEagle

    NFL Ratings up second year in a row.

    Well, the one thing I *do* know is that cord cutting was the primary reason given that the decline was not due to the anthem protests. We were assured that blaming the decline on the protests was BS. But cord cutting is even more popular and ratings are back up. So, it looks like the anthem protests are back on the table. And the protests and the ratings correlate almost perfectly. But, yeah, there must be some other reason. Wokesters are on the case.
  5. So much for blaming the 2016-2017 ratings decline on cord cutting. I wonder what was happening that was gaining a lot of notoriety then that is not happening now. Any thoughts? https://www.boston.com/sports/nfl/2020/01/27/nfl-ratings-season-review-patrick-mahomes-antonio-brown
  6. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    I wouldn't say nothing, but yeah. It's the fact that he beat a historic team plus the two Super Bowl MVPs plus the fact that he played in NY so he will be a favorite of the league and the voters who decide. I'd also throw in the family name for good measure.
  7. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    With all due respect, I'm not a Cowboys fan posting on an Eagles message board. And I am not the one whose only retort is name calling. Why don't you just answer the question: why are you, a Cowboys fan, posting here? It's a fair question to ask, and a reasonable person would have no problem answering it. Every time you respond with "Grow up," you only look more guilty of trolling. The question will continue to be asked, not withstanding your histrionics.
  8. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    I'm not butthurt. I just don't understand why a Cowboys fan would spend so much time here.
  9. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    Well, look, the guy is an idiot who can’t even find his own team’s message board, but I think he was trying to contrast the criticism of Manning here with the praise that this board gives to Wentz. I agree that it’s a dumb point, but I don’t think he was arguing that Eli belongs in the hall of fame either.
  10. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    I waited 3 hours for that? Pretty disappointing.
  11. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    7th all-time in passing yards, 13th in 4th quarter comebacks, 30th in AV (13th among QBs) I'd say he was an above average to good QB. Probably not good enough to get into the HoF on those numbers alone, but the win against the 18-0 Patriots plus the fact that he played for an NY team will get him in.
  12. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    "Discuss your favorite team in this forum, which contains weekly play-by-play and discussion topics on gameday, analysis of the previous games and upcoming games, discussion of certain players or areas of the team, retired Eagles of the past, Eagles memorabilia, and much more. Leave the personal attacks and childish comments out of here." You do not belong here. Be true to your team now, just like you would to your girl.
  13. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    Why are you here?
  14. BCEagle

    Thank you Eli

    When did this conversation become about the HOF? I’m just pro don’t be an a-hole.
  15. BCEagle

    Super Bowl LIV ( poll )

    Oh it will definitely piss off Cowboys fans, especially given the historic rivalry.