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  1. I'm originally from North jersey but moved to point Pleasant and I'm looking for bars to watch games that have eagles fans. Any help?
  2. This team is a compete joke. We were a 10-6 playoff team and needed a few minor tweaks to get over that hump. Instead we do a complete makeover, get rid of all our talent, for injury prone, career backups that SUCK!!!! WE FLAT OUT SUCK. This season is OVER. Anyone else who thinks differently, you are in denial. We have ZERO chance of turning things around. Our line cant block, we cant run the ball, we dont have time to throw the ball, we miss open receivers, we drop balls, we cant kick field goals or extra points, we cant tackle, we give up big 3rd downs when we need stops.....and so on, Ive never been so disgusted with an eagles team in my life. I will never jump ship and abandon this team as a fan, but I will not waste my time watching a game again this year. Every fan should do this to send a message to the front office. Dont waste your money on tickets to go watch that crap team they put on the field every week. THIS IS A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!