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  1. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Hopefully 49ers have the lead at halftime- and the Eagles play their best game of their season
  2. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Lets hope learning from the past means something. It is is short supply recently.
  3. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    It's more fun to think of the other stuff as well - I'll leave the one game focus to the team.
  4. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Losing 17 point leads to both Tennessee and Carolina are what put the Eagles in this situation.
  5. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    They are a good all around team. But they will be facing a great D - I think it is another low scoring game and hope the Bears play to the end. All three games that matter for Eagles fans begin at 4:25 Eastern - I wish the Bears/Vikings was an early game, but it will be a fun afternoon as long as the Eagles are winning and the Vikings are losing.
  6. mike eagle

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Division game - keeping Vikings out of playoffs - bye possibility - home field throughout if NO loses their playoff game - playing in Chicago is big big big.
  7. mike eagle

    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix traded to Skins

    Yeah, this bummed me out a bit. I hate when the gints, girls or Washington get good player.
  8. This I don't get - in describing the Cowboys over the past 20 years you described the Eagles, with the exclusion of the 2004-06 run - Cowgirls/Gints/WA are all rivals - once the Eagles have their 6th SB in hand and each of our division rivals don't come close to winning the division for about 15 years or so, I'll say maybe there is no rivalry -
  9. could they afford both?
  10. mike eagle

    Blake Bortles 3yr $54M w/jags

    Well, if Foles is traded, the low bar for a new contract has been established.
  11. mike eagle

    ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Too simple - as an example, I have several friends who watched with me religiously every Sunday for over a decade - they stopped due to concussion issue - this is not to say that the "protests" aren't impacting, but it is multiple factors converging simultaneously, as is usually the truth. "Protests", concussion's/health/brutality, fatigue (all day Sunday -if game in London from 7 am until 9:30 pm, Monday night, Thursday) it becomes "un-special".
  12. I think in College he was bigger/stronger than most LB's/Safeties/Corners he faced so lowering his shoulder and plowing over them was no big deal. When he tried that against the Panthers earlier this season and was stood up by the safety then the piled on -I'm hoping lesson learned.
  13. He is definitely not taking hits like Cam and especially like Luck.
  14. Hmmm -how much of the Eagles games do you watch?- if you did -you would see from last year to this year he is making progress on sliding - of course not all of the time - but he is learning - example - against Denver he didn't hold on to the ball like he has - really didn't take but one hit in the game - stayed clean - to assume that he won't ever learn is to simply not pay attention at all to what he has already learned - also- that was tongue in cheek - he's hasn't completed two seasons yet...
  15. Good point - forgot about Favre - Wentz is going to break that anyway.....