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  1. it wasnt pretty at times, I can agree with that however, you cant blame Pederson for the players not executing or making the right decisions. That backwards pass was on 100% on Wentz. Bad and Inaccurate throw and or bad decision to go through with the play. The screen play was on Jefferey. Missed a crucial block. Had he made it, it was to be a huge gain and maybe even score. You can't blame the Pederson for those.
  2. Having grown up in that environment and gotten into my share of legal "difficulties", I know a thug when I see one. And this dude is just that. He's gonna try and seem legit in court but his brovado won't let him. He will ultimately convict himself.
  3. In a way, Im surprised they flat out released him. I wonder if there's any list that they could have put him on to hold on to his rights. My take is, the Pats through their connections with the PD probably know more than we do at this point and know that idiot has lost his freedom anyway. What a dumb dumb dumb individual. He gets to play a game we all play(ed) for free and for fun and make MILLIONS while doing it and he goes and kills someone. Over what??? Some guy stickn' it to his baby moms. Yea, that's tough to swallow for any man but to kill someone over it??? So not worth it. Rich or not.