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  1. So Eli doesn't mind scamming people to turn a profit? Maybe he's got a career in politics after football? I've always been neutral on my feelings about Eli, as he generally appears to be a nice guy that seems somewhat slow.. but this makes me realize he's a POS.
  2. Well you can't actually hear the way that I speak can you? Sure, we are night and day when it comes to how we communicate textually, but he and I aren't that far off in how we actually talk. And yeah, the way in which I communicate on here is different than say, texting. It's not as bad McCoy's, but I use much more slang, am lazy, and spell words in the way I actually say them, as opposed to how they're actually spelled.
  3. Well, poor grammar on social media isn't a good way of assessing one's intelligence. I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of southerners, or rednecks I'd have difficulty holding a convo with, and I wouldn't insult their intelligence based on poor grammar skills on twitter/instagram. Also, I've seen a number of McCoy interviews, and he doesn't sound, or speak like he's dumb. He pretty much speaks in a way that many Black folks do (including myself), so it just rubs me the wrong way when he's labelled as dumb because of it. Also, with this nation's history of labelling Blacks as an inferior race, it's just something that I sometimes get sensitive about.
  4. I agree, it's immature AF, but it speaks to how the Y generation is regarding social media. Starting drama on social media isn't something relative to just Shady, this level of immaturity happens on a daily basis. I think you're also ignoring the fact that Alonso probably knew he'd get a reaction by posting that specific picture. So while I fault McCoy for falling for the bait, there was still someone putting it on the hook.
  5. You did, and I addressed that. I already stated I may have overanalyzed things regarding this particular thread, as I was including old threads regarding Shady, and other White players. I do happen to think some of the criticisms for McCoy are harsh, and I do question whether race is involved with that. Alonso was purely criticized for his play, I don't recall people constantly referring to him as dumb, or a classless piece of trash based on things he did in his past (and there's things you certainly could bring up). Anyway, I already apologized for pulling the race card, but if you wish to continue debating about it that's fine, it's a slow day.
  6. I was mainly referring to other threads about Kiko, and Alonso himself is no saint. I think it makes sense why Shady was salty, but I agree that he's too old to be acting so immaturely. I think he was right on the tipping issue, because poor service deserves a poor tip. People badmouth their ex's everyday, and many baby mama/daddy relationships usually aren't on good terms. Trashing a hotel room is awful, but many of my favorite musicians have done it. I still like to think most of them are good people. I don't know much about the party bus incident, so I concede on that. His grammar sucks, but I guess I can understand his posts because of my ethnicity, so I'm used to encountering folks that speak that way. I think your criticism is fair though.
  7. I think the post was in regard to Alonso's new contract, and him using a picture of a hit on Shady probably just reopened old wounds. I don't really see McCoy as a slimey dude, immature? yes. Apologies for pulling the race card, I may have just been overanalyzing things, as I included old threads in my analysis.
  8. I think some folks have a prejudice they're unwilling to admit to, or are even aware of, but I'm not saying you are one. My comment was made in reaction to comments about him having issues, being dumb, and the general disregard to why Shady was pissed by Alonso's post. People just based Shady.
  9. it's not a tweet, it's Instagram, and as far as how he speaks, *shrugs* It's funny that we have fans here who have nothing but nice things to say about a very underwhelming White player we had, yet they can't stop criticizing the Black player that was the best RB we've ever had.
  10. Eh, if i'm Foles, I'd want to go to a place where I have a chance to start. He's not getting any younger, and I hope he hasn't just resigned to being a backup QB.
  11. Foles is actually the only pro QB that's had success in Chip's system. I don't credit Chip for making Foles look good, I credit Foles (and the other players we had at the time) for making Chip look better than he is. He didn't do well in STL, but what QB in recent history has? If Cousins had been in STL he'd have done poorly too.
  12. I disagree. He didn't last here because of Chip Kelly. He hasn't lasted in KC because they already had a starter, and they may be looking to move on from Smith if Tyrod is available. Also, when was the last time the Rams had a QB worth talking about under Fischer? He was the main reason why Foles didn't have success there. I sometimes agree with RTK, but when it comes to QB discussions I pretty much never do.
  13. Honestly, I don't know why Reid wouldn't just roll with Foles, and simply trade/cut Smith. You can draft a potential future starter in this years draft, and just see how things with Nick play out. I wouldn't waste anymore time on Smith, he's not going to get them anywhere.
  14. I simply never watch the super bowl, or even the playoffs anymore. I watched about a half of the GB vs DAL playoff game, and that was it for the entire playoffs. I just don't have the same level of passion for football anymore. I watch Eagles games, and that's it.
  15. Honestly, the rules are fine as is. If ATL would've held them to a FG, they could've gone down and scored a TD to win it. Like others pointed out, they had a 25 point lead and then became stupid. They didn't deserve to be bailed out by helpful rules, they lost, fair and square.