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  1. Teams that run the ball well and have strong defenses usually end up in the playoffs. I guess we shall see.
  2. Good to know Lane Johnson is having his best off season now that he is no longer taking any supplements as reported. It's also encouraging that DE rotation is going to be fierce with Long and Barnett as one team and Graham and Curry as another. Mix and match we are going to bring the heat on Defense. Go Eagles!
  3. Good luck to Robinson. We are going to need him this season. Stay healthy and kick some butt.
  4. First round draft pick developing a Counter Spin move!! Jim Schwartz is going to coach this kid up and he's going to become a special player. Defense!
  5. He should be a nice compliment to the Running Back Rotation. A red zone threat that didn't cost us a huge amount of money. Now fans have the big back they have wanted. I like Clement a lot too. He can learn from Blount as well.
  6. Good to see Douglas off to a good start. We are going to rely on him heavily this season.
  7. That seems to be the plan. It's kind of weird, that we weren't going to win the SB before the draft, but yet Howie and Joe are doing everything they can to win this year, but tempering expectations because it's still a rebuilding year. I do like the core that was established with this draft for the long term future, especially on offense.
  8. Yet the defense still needs to bolster the CB position. If they don't the Eagles offense will have to outscore the other team's offense. Could be a lot of shoot out games this season, until Jones is ready to play. Revis on a one year deal? He certainly could convey his knowledge to the young guys for a season. That alone may be worth bringing him in.
  9. Is the old Politcally Speaking board still around?


  10. He can be added as the 4th RB in the Rotation.
  11. Cook was drafted in the second round. Other teams from 15 to 31 agreed with the Eagles. His character caused him to fall. The player we picked at 14 is higher rated than Cook. The Eagles use a RB by committee approach and don't need a 3 down back.
  12. It's seems clear you know little about our new RB. Pumphrey, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most productive players in college football history. He finished his career at San Diego State as the all-time leading rusher in NCAA FBS history. In four years, Pumphrey racked up 6,290 rushing yards and another 1,013 receiving yards to go along with 66 total touchdowns. At 5-8, 176 pounds, Pumphrey is built in the Darren Sproles mode. Sproles has said that 2017 would be his final season in the NFL, and Pumphrey could step into that role. Despite his smaller stature, Pumphrey has the potential to be an every-down back, as he had more than 300 rushing attempts in his final two serasons with the Aztecs
  13. How does one Judge Talent? It seems to me that you look at a player's production during his College Career. You view his game tape. Character is also a part of that evaluation. Barnett's production was outstanding. It actually was record breaking. Obviously he is a High Character kind of guy as well. If his production was better than the number one pick or Allen, then he must have been the highest rated guy on the Eagles board. Others may look at Allen and see the weight and size and believe that his ability is a good fit. I don't believe the Eagles made any picks based on ability. I believe that a players production in College was one of if not the biggest factor in every player the Eagles drafted.
  14. I like this pick. He fell right around his true value. Many mocks had him going before us. Many had us selecting him. He is the all time sack leader at Tennessee and dominated in the SEC the best division in College Football. Against SEC opponents he was more productive than the number one overall pick. The WR's were gone. The TOP 2 RB's were gone. The Top Corner was gone. Allen, Hooker, Foster and Howard where there. Foster has medical and character issues that's why he was drafted 31st. Hooker didn't fit. Allen should have been a strong consideration but had a medical issue with his shoulder. Howard would have been an intriguing pick but at 14 DE is the right value. Even though we could of had Allen or Howard, Barnett is still a very good pick.
  15. So what info did they give other teams that will end up being disastrous for the teams future?