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  1. [Spadaro] 'It's All About The Team With Him'

    Carson, "The Kid" Wentz is going to take us to the promised land!!
  2. Yeah, it was special to watch the maturation of Wilbert. It was a smart move to make him the kickoff returner to start.
  3. [News] Matchups That Matter On Sunday

    The Eagles O line must show up and stop the skins pass rush and block open alleys for the RB's. Until I see it, I can't believe it, given what they showed in the preseason. If they are a top unit, for real, the Eagles will win this game.
  4. Good luck to this 53 on the up coming season. Go Birds!
  5. I look forward to seeing what this defense can do. It's a better defense than last year.
  6. Jon Dorenbos is class act. We will miss him but Lovato won the job and the Eagles were able to get compensation for him. The Saints had a need. Good luck JD this season, see you at the retirement ceremony when it's time.
  7. [News] Will Jim Schwartz Blitz More In 2017?

    If the 4 man front isn't getting pressure than, yes, he will blitz more. I think the front 4 is going to be relentless this season.
  8. [News] Season Preview: Washington Redskins

    I predict an Eagles Victory over the Redskins. Go Birds!!
  9. [News] Allen's Return Bolsters Impressive Depth

    Welcome back Beau. Here's to staying healthy this season.
  10. [News] DE Vinny Curry In A New Place In 2017

    It would be nice to see Curry actually earn the money in his contract.
  11. Good news for the Eagles D Line. Welcome Back~
  12. I would like to see Clement and Means make this team.
  13. [News] Healthy, RB Smallwood In Spotlight

    So far, we have yet to see a good offensive line. It's concerning. I hope the line plays better against the Dolphins.
  14. [News] CB Darby Leads The Way In Eagles Debut

    Yeah, another Eagles coach missusing an Eagles RB. Like that never happened before.