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  1. jsdarkstar

    Ben Maller Show 2/1 Philly Feast

    It's football season. I would be surprised if Dave finds the time.
  2. jsdarkstar

    Dr. Dhanota, Chief Medical Officer

    I doubt that Dave is going to elaborate on what the doctor's day to day responsibilities are. There are HIPAA rules, and Team rules that are in play here.
  3. jsdarkstar

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    I'd take Barkley.
  4. jsdarkstar

    Building a roster

    It's starts with the QB and then the O Line, D Line and build out from there. Howie and Joe did a great job of building a SB Champ.
  5. jsdarkstar

    [News] RB Matt Jones: An NFL Up-And-Down Story

    Great year by the UDFA.
  6. jsdarkstar

    Matt Ryan 5yr/$150M ...$100M guaranteed

    Definitely over.
  7. jsdarkstar

    Dez to be released

    Very surprised by this move. Glad we don't have to face him twice a year. Dez seems like he wants revenge. Wouldn't surprise me if he wants to stay in the NFC East to play the Cowgirls twice a year.
  8. jsdarkstar

    [News] Eagles Share Lombardi Trophy with Fans

    I got my photos with the Lombardi. I will have the memory of our first Super Bowl and my photos for ever!!! Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles for sharing the Lombardi with the fans. Go Eagles!!
  9. jsdarkstar

    Rams Trade for Talib

    Agreed. It starts with the O Line. We just addressed the D Line. So, that could be the pick at 32 or a Free Agent signing perhaps.
  10. jsdarkstar

    Rams trade Alec Ogletree to Giants for draft picks

    you forgot QB. The Giants don't have one.
  11. jsdarkstar

    Rams Trade for Talib

    Did WR now become a bigger priority? That is a strong corner pair for a team we may see in the playoffs.
  12. 2018 NFL Super Bowl Champions

  13. Im geared up and heading to the Game to cheer my team to Victory. Go Eagles!!
  14. I will be there supporting the Eagles and yelling loud trying to prevent play calls, audibles and causing some penalties. GO EAGLES!!