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  1. Innocence096

    Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    zero clue. They've only had 5 champs in the last 15 years (Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Steelers, Colts) and 7 in 23 years (Raiders, Titans). It's bonkers and I don't know how to explain it in the salary cap era. The NFC has it's mainstays but usually seems pretty wideopen from year to year. I mean since 2001, the entire NFC West and NFC South have appeared in a superbowl and half of the East and North. So that's only 4 teams that haven't made it in 17 years. FOUR! (Lions, Vikings, Cowboys, Redskins)
  2. Innocence096

    Kaepernick still no job

    Jimmy Washington is a legend though
  3. Innocence096

    Kaepernick still no job

    really can't see Miami signing him since he wore the Castro shirt and defended him last year. That move would be a major slap in the face to the entire Cuban community in Miami/South Florida.
  4. Innocence096

    Michael Vick Back With Andy Reid As Coach Trainee

    that's actually some good coaching for Osweiler. I mean do you really want that dude throwing the ball unless the receiver is wide open?
  5. Innocence096

    Jon Gruden Preparing For NFL Comeback

    wonder if this has anything to do with ESPN possibly muscling him and his large salary out. With all of the cuts they have been making, do they really need their highest earning employee to be Gruden is basically a part time employee?
  6. Innocence096

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    how do people still think this dude is good? He had one fluke season and he never came close to playing at that level again.
  7. Innocence096

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    well that's only because the Giants D is the 2nd coming of the 85 bears
  8. Innocence096

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    down's syndrome mike has all the butthurt
  9. Innocence096

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    yeah Kim Jong Un thinks the mods over there are too harsh
  10. Innocence096

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    but those handoffs displayed perfect form
  11. Innocence096

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I honestly haven't seen a single Raiders games this season. Has the overall lack of talent on the Raiders hurt him or is he just bad?
  12. it reminds me of the scene in goodfellas when bodies start showing up with the piano exit of Layla is playing in the background
  13. Innocence096

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    there won't be controversy. RG3 is the franchise QB according to Snyder and that is all that matters. he will trade cousins to make sure RGMe doesn't feel to insecure