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    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    LA after eagles victory. F the haters saying depends on our game
  2. I don’t remember a lot of talking heads making a huge deal about bad regular season games for romo, however during his tenure they were largely irrelevant. However Dak gets more scrutiny not because he’s the cowboys QB but because he was the rookie of the year and people talked about him being the next great QB and he’s a 4th round pick. Lots of talking heads over looking the fact that Elliot is the only reason his QB win/loss is >.500
  3. Apparently you haven’t seen Haskins play. He would have been #1 QB last draft and this draft. He has an NFL arm in strength and accuracy. He’s going to be a stud in the NFL better than any QB in the most recent draft.
  4. lorddevn

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    That’s if the vikes beat the bears. No way In he’ll vikes beat the bears 2x in a row especially not once in Chicago. I also question the 4-4 road Seahawks going to Dallas and beating them after letting up 7.9 per carry to Damien Williams against zeke. Yea not happening but it’s good to pretend Seattle is the same team they were 6 yrs ago
  5. lorddevn

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    Only way they play NO in nFCCG is if the bears lose the 1st round. Which only works if they play us. Otherwise a win by the bears means they play NO round 2
  6. lorddevn

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    And the Seahawks aren’t anything special but playing away they are a different team than at home
  7. lorddevn

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    No way they beat LA in LA or NO in NO if the bears lose round 1
  8. lorddevn

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    Dude falls over his own feet that’s a penalty. Officiating I think is a bigger issue to ratings than players stating their idiotic opinions
  9. lorddevn

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Don’t chiefs get a bye too if they win? Either way mahomes needs 13 TDs to break the record so come on 6td game
  10. lorddevn

    Week 14: Vikings @ Seahawks

    Yep the fact luck was out the last 2 years played no effect in the colts having bad seasons. I’m not saying frank isn’t a quality coach and has done well, but pretending he’s a great HC because of the colts first season with luck back in 2 yrs in a weak division is not a suprise
  11. lorddevn

    Week 14: Vikings @ Seahawks

    Yea Andrew luck has nothing to do with it
  12. lorddevn

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    Bears v rams. Chiefs v chargers.
  13. lorddevn

    Playing against Dallas

    Let’s hope Dallas thinks Dak is a legitimate QB and doesn’t see the need to give zeke the money he deserves. Without zeke the cowboys are nothing
  14. lorddevn

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    Shenanigans the MSM told me that was the greatest game in NFL history
  15. lorddevn

    Alex Smith video

    Was joe playing the Texans too?
  16. lorddevn

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    Would be nice to end as worst team. Get a solid top 10 pick. No team in the east gets past the first round
  17. lorddevn

    Concerning DirecTV

    Meh I don’t have time to haggle with people over the phone just to save a few bucks so they can continue to over charge people and raise the price
  18. lorddevn

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yea got that too. They really want to get people back paying for Sunday ticket. They’ve lost a lot of subscribers in the past few years. I remember when I cancelled 3 years ago and they asked why. I told them it has gotten to be way too much for too little value and she said that people canceling due to cost was common now.
  19. lorddevn

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    I’ll never fully understand the locker room cancer discussion. He never seemed to be a very negative person and never seemed to openly bash his teammates like people kept saying when he was cut. I thought cutting him was odd and it seemed like it was them strictly believe the running game was the reason for their success and belief of Dak being a elite QB and would save money in the long term
  20. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/in-2006-a-patriots-player-was-almost-pelted-with-a-beer-—-causing-tom-brady-to-step-in/ar-BBOtptu?ocid=DELLDHP&li=BBnb7Kz what is that about Minnesota nice and they would never do such a thing
  21. I saw it live and was waiting for the announcers to discuss it but then it was almost like nbc purposefully skipped over that part when showing replays Although it is a little difficult for colinsworth to talk much with Tom Brady’s wiener in his mouth
  22. lorddevn

    Kaepernick still no job

    You’re last sentence was about the only smart one in your entire post. Great job
  23. lorddevn

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    I realize your just trying to be the first to say something so you can go back and say see I was right and ignore it if you’re wrong. However brees was a top QB Prospect coming out of college. Holding the most passing yards in big 10 history and up until this year (18 yrs total) holding the most TDS in big 10 history. Drew Brees while did not start out where he is today in SD, his ceiling was always higher than cousins and comparing them is just silly. The only thing in common they have is that they played in the big 10 and Kirk did not come anywhere close to touching his records