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  1. 1 hour ago, dawkins4prez said:

    I'm cool with ties.  I'd nix overtime all together except for playoffs and even for playoffs would bring back sudden death.

    Agreed win in regular time or stop whining. 

  2. I love how sproles gains yards, and gets YAC and people are calling for sanders who has 2 touch’s and 0 yards and has been touched twice and went down. It’s not sproles fault for the play calling but he’s doing his damn job. I’ll be happy when eagles fans become educated on football

  3. Just now, nipples said:

    I’ve also called out Sendejo and Darby. 

    Douglas is just so slow he has to play 12 yards off the damn receiver. Easy pitch and catch for completions. 

    Maddox inability to tackle cost is a TD, his inability to stay with a wr for 3 seconds let up a big 3rd down and you’re calling out Douglas for playing zone. Good analysis 

  4. 15 hours ago, Agent23 said:

    I’ll have eagles on main tv, red zone on the second tv, and usually bring out a 3rd tv for any other ‘marquee’ game on at the same time. Definitely always 2 tho. And I don’t just stop watching football after the eagles game (or when they play at night r on a bye week) so having access to multiple games, from multiple channels (or ‘cities’ in the VPN case), all going at once is the circumstances I’m looking to have, which sounds like it may only be doable through dtv. 

    I spoke to them today and they indicated any promotions wouldn’t become available until after the week 1 free preview they do each year so I will call back on Monday 

    Hell yes. Forgot about the free preview week

  5. 16 minutes ago, Northern Green Wings said:

    I thought Antonio Brown was on his way to smashing a bunch of WR records with his pace, but now I'm wondering if he's likely to ever play a down again in the NFL.

    If he does get cut, a team will take a chance on him. But, Brown is probably in it for the money now. If he gets cut from the Raiders, there will be no more big contracts for him ever again in the NFL. No team is risking that capital on him.

    One good year stat wise and good year behavior wise he will get a offer from said team. He may not go to a contender when cut but good behavior and stats will lead him to money

  6. 1 hour ago, vincent_NJG said:

    I remember years ago when "The Others" came out with Nicole Kidman, I got the DVD and was going to watch it the next night. 

    Riding home the next day with 2 other people in the car, I mention that I'm pumped to watch it. Person next to me goes, "you're gonna love it! The ending is crazy!"

    Then person in the back "OMG! I was shocked that they're all dead!"

    Me: WTF!?

    Never watched the movie.

    Welp there goes my Thursday plans

  7. 2 minutes ago, The_Talon said:

    I concur. I liked the game. Happy with the result. I still don't know why so many Eagles fans are butt hurt over the success of the Patriots. Sure, maybe they cheated against us but if they did they didn't do it very well, because it came down to our QB puking on the final drive. 

    We had to go 90 yards in 20 seconds. The game was over before the final drive

    2 minutes ago, The_Talon said:

    I concur. I liked the game. Happy with the result. I still don't know why so many Eagles fans are butt hurt over the success of the Patriots. Sure, maybe they cheated against us but if they did they didn't do it very well, because it came down to our QB puking on the final drive. 

    We had to go 90 yards in 20 seconds. The game was over before the final drive

  8. 19 minutes ago, The_Talon said:

    let's just agree to disagree then. I think TB was a beast. I think Blount was a beast. I think we had a very well rounded 53 man roster last year. We had just as many players go down but the people that filled the void were of better quality than those asked to fill the void this year. To me, that is "key." Your opinion of that is different, and that's ok. I'm not going to argue with you because there's nothing you can say to change my opinion of that matter and I don't care enough to try and change yours. 

    Please list the 6 DBs we lost last season. I’ll wait. It’s not just as much injuries but injuries in a certain position that hurt us. Last year we lost people from various positions but very few of skilled. There is a difference and you’re trying to compare apples to oranges. You’re also making arguments about keeping people there was no possible way we could keep them with the amount they were paid to go elsewhere. Your arguments are very silly and void of reality which is why you’ll never change my opinion. 

    You’re also ignoring that Smith was traded for a young CB who was expected to compete for the nickel position prior to the guy being a moron. The eagles made moves to replace lost people and for one reason or another it didn’t work out. But no team will lose 3 of their starting 4 DBs and 3 back ups and do why the eagles did this year with 1st year practice squad players stepping up

  9. On 2/1/2019 at 1:59 AM, The_Talon said:

    Ok, how about Trey Burton? Maybe Dallas Goedart will be a great TE, but Ertz/Burton were the greatest TE tandem in the league. Additionally, none of what you said makes any sense. You say it's a load but then go on to say we didn't upgrade at any position. You also can't compare Blount's numbers on a different team against what he might have done on ours. 

    What about trey burton? He stepped in for a few games but that’s it. He was hardly some force on our team. Would you have paid trey what Chicago did to keep him on our team? Because who would you have wanted to get rid of to keep burton. If you had said celek and his blocking ability you would have made more sense. 

    Your post says we lost 3 key players and didn’t replace them with equal or better talent and we did, they just got injured. You cannot predict injuries. Blount we didn’t "replace” with new talent but our running game was hindered by our best 3 RBs getting hurt. If I cannot use actual data from Blount this year, you cannot say our run game was limited without Blount when our 1st-3rd string RBs were injured for most of the year.  

  10. 5 hours ago, The_Talon said:

    seeing that Eagles-Vikings clip right there reminds me of some of the folks we had to part ways with, and didn't replace with equal or better talent. I got blasted in a post I made in pre-season for it when I said we not only did not upgrade the loss of Patrick Robinson, Torrey Smith, or Blount, but we didn't even replace with equal talent. What great contributors they were on that Super Bowl run. Several other players as well. The injuries I understand, nothing we could do about that, but when you're letting players walk away, you better have upgraded. 

    This is a load. Of those 3 the only we didn’t replace was Blount. Torrey Smith was barely productive the entire year, but did make some key catches in the playoffs. We replaced him with Wallace who got injured. Patrick Robinson signed a deal worth more than we could offer, but was replaced with young talent drafted to replace him anyway. However our DBs were decimated with injuries and he was injured this year too. Blount was missed and probably could have been had back, but the ajayi trade was due to knowing it would be hard to keep Blount. Also Blounts avg this year was a whooping 2.7 yards per carry. 

  11. 9 minutes ago, BKLYNYG said:

    Curious comments in this thread. The Cowboys had the best season of any team in the division. They have a good young defense, cap space and should have Cooper for the full year if they choose to sign him. The Eagles caught some breaks and made the divisional round, sure, but if you read some of the player’s post game quotes they really missed several key guys from last season. Well they should get used to it, as more guys will be leaving (Foles, Graham?). The Birds have cap issues and still need to prepare for the Wentz contract. 

    Unfortunately for us rival fans the Cowboys might be in the best shape of anyone in the NFC East. 

    They have 4 players who are on rookie contracts and are going to want max money in the next 2 years. Cap space will change quickly

  12. 1 hour ago, Pallidrone said:

    That game was frustrating to watch yesterday. I dont know who is a worst play caller - Schottenheimer or Lineham.

    Dallas's defense is pretty good against the run, whether it is up the middle or on sweeps, but they are suspect against the medium and long passes. If the O-line can hold up against the rush, a good QB can pick them apart. The Hawks just played right into their hands on defense.

    I have no idea what the heck Lineham is doing on the Dallas side. It is like he just does not care about matchups and just runs whatever is in front of him. There were a ton of matchups to exploit against Seattle and they just ignored them. Just go with the dink and dunk and run Zeke into the middle over and over again. There is no imagination there whatsoever.

    I really do not watch these teams, have they been like this all year?

    There offense is zeke if they rely on Dak they aren’t a very good team.