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  1. 10 hours ago, EaglesRocker97 said:

    What's funny is that this thread has degraded into your arguing that Cousins doesn't suck, when the topic of the thread wasn't that Cousins doesn't suck or that even that he's good. It was that "Cousins is the next Brees," which will always be asinine. Even if Cousins ends up carving out a nice career for himself, he will never even come close to Brees' level of eliteness.

    Nope according to this guy cousins is the best QB in the history of the NFL after his last 3 games. Despite having more than a year lay off of posting he is back in full form. When cousins has a bad streak he’ll disappear again and act like he has a life

  2. 25 minutes ago, nottingham14 said:

    Yeah since Fitzmagic has 192tds and 152 INTs in like 14 seasons


    Cousins has 142-62 in 8 seasons🙄 yeah that’s the same....

    Congrats. I think you missed my question last week about cousins stellar postseason record.  How many playoff victories does he have? Could care less what he can do against second rate injured secondaries. Let’s win in the post season. I also find it funny when cousin is finally playing good you show up like a cockroach at night but when he had a bad game or streak, see all last season, you disappear like a cockroach during the day. 

  3. 3 hours ago, nottingham14 said:

    🙄 I don’t live on here like you. And he threw for 300 plus last week also. 

    You are a coward. Im not going to hunt or save crap like your lifeless self does. I know what the argument was. I’m not going to keep rehashing the same argument over and over while you deny facts. 

    Besides knowing you, you’re lifeless enough to go edit a bunch of posts just to not look wrong on a message board. 🙄 

    Tell me about all those Kirk cousin playoff wins. Cool bye-bye

  4. We’ve been without our 2 best offensive players the past 2 weeks and running a heavy offense around a mediocre RB at best and people are giving up already. There’s plenty of season left. Hopefully we now realize that Howard and sproles are your best option and sanders is a return man/ slot receiver but not a RB. 

  5. 1 hour ago, dawkins4prez said:

    I'm cool with ties.  I'd nix overtime all together except for playoffs and even for playoffs would bring back sudden death.

    Agreed win in regular time or stop whining. 

  6. I love how sproles gains yards, and gets YAC and people are calling for sanders who has 2 touch’s and 0 yards and has been touched twice and went down. It’s not sproles fault for the play calling but he’s doing his damn job. I’ll be happy when eagles fans become educated on football

  7. Just now, nipples said:

    I’ve also called out Sendejo and Darby. 

    Douglas is just so slow he has to play 12 yards off the damn receiver. Easy pitch and catch for completions. 

    Maddox inability to tackle cost is a TD, his inability to stay with a wr for 3 seconds let up a big 3rd down and you’re calling out Douglas for playing zone. Good analysis 

  8. 15 hours ago, Agent23 said:

    I’ll have eagles on main tv, red zone on the second tv, and usually bring out a 3rd tv for any other ‘marquee’ game on at the same time. Definitely always 2 tho. And I don’t just stop watching football after the eagles game (or when they play at night r on a bye week) so having access to multiple games, from multiple channels (or ‘cities’ in the VPN case), all going at once is the circumstances I’m looking to have, which sounds like it may only be doable through dtv. 

    I spoke to them today and they indicated any promotions wouldn’t become available until after the week 1 free preview they do each year so I will call back on Monday 

    Hell yes. Forgot about the free preview week

  9. 16 minutes ago, Northern Green Wings said:

    I thought Antonio Brown was on his way to smashing a bunch of WR records with his pace, but now I'm wondering if he's likely to ever play a down again in the NFL.

    If he does get cut, a team will take a chance on him. But, Brown is probably in it for the money now. If he gets cut from the Raiders, there will be no more big contracts for him ever again in the NFL. No team is risking that capital on him.

    One good year stat wise and good year behavior wise he will get a offer from said team. He may not go to a contender when cut but good behavior and stats will lead him to money

  10. 1 hour ago, vincent_NJG said:

    I remember years ago when "The Others" came out with Nicole Kidman, I got the DVD and was going to watch it the next night. 

    Riding home the next day with 2 other people in the car, I mention that I'm pumped to watch it. Person next to me goes, "you're gonna love it! The ending is crazy!"

    Then person in the back "OMG! I was shocked that they're all dead!"

    Me: WTF!?

    Never watched the movie.

    Welp there goes my Thursday plans