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  1. Pats...Discipline, Accountability, surely no lackadaisical attitude,,,But I do hate them as much as Dallas, I get the impression that we look "high-schoolish" compared to them.
  2. Also applies to the Pats defense. Have not allowed a touchdown. Where did this defense come from??? We just talk about break out season for Barnett???Bring in Jernigan, and Curry?? Jackson?? Yet our D Line sucks(do they even have any sacks-not counting blitzes)...Just frustrated that the Pats year in and year out have a very good defense with no-names.....I agree with the post-No Accountability)..."We have to do a better job"
  3. nicks

    Dak vs Carson

    I don't think it is Dak Who? anymore. He is lighting it up . As much as I hate them. I believe Dallas is better than us.Better defense, offense better. What a Beast Jaylon Smith is. Wow what a call on taking the right hurt player. Why do we keep getting injury after injury? Also I really go not believe Carson will make it through the whole season...I even think he played hurt yesterday. What a shame.
  4. nicks

    Dak vs Carson

    Should be very interesting......Are the Dak doubters still out there?? Hate the Girls but with his weapons you can't count them out.....Why should the Eagles not be worried?
  5. nicks

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    Absolutely Moronic keeping Jackson in there the whole game....a flash in the pan...can't pass and now the league knows he can only run....lights out...get rid of him...How could they not have put Flacco in???Is he hurt?
  6. Smith, Esch, and numerous others, yes Dallas can pick LBS, and RBs, and OL, and DL.....I think they have also had a few all pro QBs, and I forgot Receivers...I love the Eagles, and as much as I hate Dallas, I am not going to deny their quality picks/players....Let's not let emotions cloud our judgment
  7. putting hurting on the Jags should we start worryingGive me reasons to stay positive