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  1. NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    Well now we know who we are playing and we have an extra day to prepare. Thought we might have to wait until tomorrow to see who we play. Let go EAGLES!
  2. NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    Hold in the end zone. Should of been called
  3. NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    No way McVay will win coach of the year now.
  4. NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    Wwe got the Falcons and I know we will win. Can not wait until next Saturday.
  5. Week 16: Steelers @ Texans (Christmas Day)

    This game has to hurry up and get over. Boring to say the lest. Let’s get this Eagles we rolling.
  6. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    As long as Dallas does not sneak in I will be happy.
  7. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Well will Dak be back? Pick six would be nice
  8. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Ok now maybe we have a game to watch.
  9. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Yeah they held on to the ball. Kirk has no time and will get killed tonight
  10. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    No run game for the skins now. No line. They are doomed and everyone will be on the Dallas band wagon once again. They are a crappy team beating a crappy team who is seriously beat. Can’t take anything out of this game. Will just have to take care of our games one at a time not get any help. That is ok.
  11. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    The announcers are like giddy school girls. They just love dallas. Can’t stand listening to them too.
  12. Week 12: Chargers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    He is no Wentz. Shut up tony
  13. Week 12: Chargers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    This is the most excited the announcers have sounded all night.
  14. Week 12: Chargers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    Tony sounds so disappointed
  15. Week 12: Chargers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    Wow straight threw. Great job.