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  1. Bahahaha Giants fans where you all at?
  2. Lol Giants lose again the running joke that just keeps getting funnier
  3. Order has finally been restored in the NFC East
  4. Aren't they struggling to reach the cap floor? Makes 100% sense for any team in that position to front load the ish out of their contracts, makes it both more attractive for the team long-term and the player short-term.
  5. So I take it you've watched some of his 2017 game film or are you basing your assumption on him being washed up on his 2016 performance? Yeah, thought so
  6. So 2015 - Career highs in every major statistical category 2016- Washed up? Come on dude
  7. Lol @ the irony of a Cowboys fan with 5000+ mostly troll posts on the EMB commenting on whats sad... I guess you've never taken a good look at your own life
  8. Titans should be #1 on this list IMO. Great O-line, young mistake-free QB, power running game, any of that sound familiar? They'll also be flush with high draft choices from the trade with the Rams, have tons of cap room to play around with, and play in the weakest division in the league. How the Jags are as far up the list and Carolina & TB so far down the list is baffling. I think they got the Eagles pretty close to where they should be talent wise but I feel like listing them that high kind of assumes some degree of divisional regression next year, which remains to be seen.
  9. Made this point early on in this thread and it was conveniently ignored since a decent percentage in here keep pushing this agenda that the boycotters are primarily responsible for the drop in ratings. This might not have been the case in the first few years of RZ, since it was more traditionally a channel that you had to specifically order, but I know of many fans who don't have Sunday Ticket, or didn't buy the channel, but just got it with whatever package/special their provider had. According to one article, a heavy viewer that watches RZ over broadcast games will spare themselves up to 38 hours annually of programming. Thats over a day and a half worth of advertisements that a heavy NFL viewer subjects themselves to over a year, not including any night or playoff games (As RZ doesn't run during that time). Why anyone who has RZ access and isn't invested in a singular game at that time would choose to watch a broadcast game over RZ to me, is completely mind boggling. Additionally, how are DVR'd viewers taken into account? If I record the game and start watching it through my DVR, compared to on live TV, does that register me as a household watching their programming? If not, then its artificially lowering the ratings because I'm actually watching the game, just at a later time so I can skip commercials. If so, then I would argue that viewership is artificially inflated because there are many instances where I record something that I don't ever actually get around to. So yes, are there plenty of other, contributory reasons as to why the ratings are down, of course. Or is the primary reason for this drop the fact that the rating system, for purposes of media that is accessible through multiple mediums and formats, getting increasingly outdated and inaccurate?
  10. Oh my god WHO CARES why the ratings are down? Does the causation of why by some metrics, the popularity has slightly declined, affect any of us in any way whatsoever? If everybody in the world tuned out for whatever reason they choose, I'm still watching. If everybody in the world started watching for whatever reason they choose, I'm still watching. I hate to break Kap and ESPN's little bubble but if what you're protesting or standing for doesn't affect my 60 minute of actual football I'm watching, then you haven't impacted me in the slightest. I'll entertain social and political issues in a proper context, at the proper time, and completely separate it from my Sunday entertainment. I tune in to tune out from the world and anyone valuing what anybody in the NFL "Stands for" has to say on political/social issues is tuning in for the wrong reasons IMO. The most important kneel Kap has the potential of taking this season is if SF blows some rubbish team out and they put him in for Gabbert in garbage time to run the victory formation snaps. And they're discussing restructuring his contract to make it more easily voidable... I wonder why? The biggest adverse impact he has made by prioritizing his agenda instead of his game is his career. I mean if SF is willing to give up on you, who else you got on your list?
  11. game over vagiants please feel free to deposit your tears here
  12. Vikings could win the superbowl and that trade is still robbery Bradford is an accessory to their success, not a culprit. With that said, I'm happy for him, he always was scrutinized too harshly while he was here
  13. Kind of like your attempts to talk smack on an undefeated teams message board, right?
  14. Is this a reference to 2004 somehow, or are you insinuating that the falcons are going to somehow make it to the CC? As biased as the belief might be that the Eagles make it far in the playoffs, its got to be beyond absurd to expect the Falcons to have that level of success. Theres 4-6 teams i"d put in front of the Falcons in the NFC for those sort of expectations. Everyone's seen flashes from Ryan without any semblance of consistency. I'd be hard pressed to believe that Ryan and co are capable of sustaining their level of performance across the rest of the season, especially against top level defenses (Which Carolina is no longer classified as).
  15. suck it vagiants