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  1. Eglzfan39


    Agreed, plus wouldn't that just place the game in the hands of the refs even more than it already is? Sorry but I'd rather not have the question of who posses the ball late in a game be decided upon whether or not a CB got a little hold of a jersey or not Git gud kickers and keep the onside kick one of the few remaining pure football plays
  2. And I'm confident they've been saying that for years right lol
  3. I also thinks it speaks a little bit to a generational ignorance of the potential consequences stemming from documenting your own misdoings. I'm pretty sure there was far more evidence for the boat party than just photos but take the video with that funny cigar and white lines, completely plausible deniability without video proof.
  4. Eglzfan39

    Why your team sucks 2018

    I've lived around the MD/DC/Bmore area my entire life and I passionately share the venom for the Skins franchise. I Inherited the love for football from my Dad, who's grown up his entire life as a Cowboys fan even though he's lived most of his life in MD. My Dad never pushed me to root for the Cowboys and the Eagles have been my team since I was able to walk, wouldn't have made any difference if he had tried to sway me anyways. He had no problem with me rooting for a division rival, "So long as I never rooted for the G-- Damn Redskins" lol. Even though we are silently rooting against each other teams when we aren't around each other, it's always been pretty cool that we can always bond over our mutual hatred for the Redskins. As with any fanbase, it's worth prefacing there's a moderate percentage of fans that don't fall victim to the characterization that plagues the rest of them. But man, that percentage of fans that fall into the Skins fan stereotype has got to be the most insufferable breed of fan to be around. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "Just wait until next year" from their mouths, I'd be able to buy the franchise and put Snyder out of his misery. I'll look up the article the writer composed for them last year, I'm now anxiously awaiting his one for 2018!
  5. Eglzfan39

    Why your team sucks 2018

    Haven't come across this segment before but thanks for posting and updating it, this is sheer sports comedy writing gold! I looked up the Eagles article from last year, it was good for quite a few more laughs Here it is for anyone who's like me and didn't see last year's version for us
  6. Eglzfan39


    Agreed, pre-season predictions are usually about taking the starting roster at face value but that's obviously not reality once the season starts progressing. The Cowboy's OL is still dominant and they did a solid job of bolstering their depth at that group, which along with Zeke's suspension, proved to be their downfall last year. But the lack of surrounding offensive depth is troubling, a decently significant injury to either Dak or Zeke would pretty much sink their chances immediately. The impact from Witten's retirement can't possibly be overstated; He may not have been producing at a prolific level towards the end but he was a clutch, stabilizing force that the Cowboys could sorely use right now
  7. Eglzfan39

    Andrew Luck

    The Colts almost don't have a choice at this point but Henry unfortunately finds himself behind Dion Lewis. Only time will tell but Lewis' contract screams early-down work along with 3rd down/pass catching duties, IMO that was an extremely puzzling FA signing. I'm just going to prevent any inevitable frustration this season by black-listing Henry from any of my fantasy rosters. Which of course means this will be the year he breaks out lol
  8. Also a Caps fan, this year has been unreal. The sports world is better when there's new blood in the circle of champions and it definitely doesn't hurt the NFL that we won in what was objectively one of the most exciting Super Bowls in history.
  9. Open message to Skip Bayless: You're not listening
  10. Eglzfan39

    Andrew Luck

    They need to freaking give Marlon Mack the ball. It killed me that we didn't pick Mack when we had the chance and it killed me last year that they continued to give Gore the work, despite being completely out of playoff contention. Marlon Mack and Derrick Henry, two RBs that I will never understand why they are consistently denied opportunity
  11. Eglzfan39

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    I don't dislike the Texans (Other than their bigoted ownership) but Jacksonville is probably one of my top 5 or so "2nd favorite" teams that I would like to see continue to enjoy success. The Watson/Watt combo is hard to root against but there's just something so refreshing about a team that is so stacked defensively in an offensively-oriented modern NFL landscape. From our standpoint, there's clearly nothing to regret from the 2016 draft but I couldn't get over the Jaguars haul in the first two rounds that year (Ramsey & Jack). Along with Elliott, those were the players I thought were a pipe dream to be on the board for our pick in the first, let alone being able to nab Jack in the second. It was one of those drafts that went so well for a team that you just knew they weren't going away anytime soon.
  12. Eglzfan39

    Who thought this was a good idea?

    That kid on Gronk's left has to have one of the ****iest haircuts of all time Edit: D O O S H ___ HAIRCUT. If need be, do your work mods but the real crime here is the fact that somebody paid money to have their child look like that and then put them on camera.
  13. Eglzfan39

    Who thought this was a good idea?

    The most observable tragedy is clearly Gronk's outfit selection for marketing this product "If I saw myself dressed like that, I'd have to kick my own arse"
  14. Eglzfan39

    Dak Prescott caught smoking a blunt

    I'm pretty sure he was smoking the new indaka strain, which can initially cause hallucinations of being a franchise QB, followed by a rough burnout that leaves you incapable of reading defenses or going through progressions. And for the record, IDK if I've ever witnessed the phenomenon in bold, I think body high vs. head high would be a more appropriate distinction for anyone who needs clarification between the two
  15. Brooks plays RG but either way, I was speaking more towards units rather than individual players. IMO, one team has to have both better starting quality players and depth at a given position to definitively declare them "Better". As somebody mentioned in this thread, they're just so top heavy (And always have been under JJ), so its pretty hard to outright declare them being "Better" at really any position than us.