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  1. Jason1978

    McCarthy Fired

    Rodgers called out his young WR early in the year. He also went public, saying they needed to run more, give the ball to Aaron Jones. He was right to do both. He is the first ballot hall of famer, has carried the entire team. He has had lousy run games and defense. He has won a lot of games with very average to below average teams. Biggest example of how much Rodgers carries this team was in 2011. They went 15-1. 27th ranked rushing offense, 19th ranked defense...3rd ranked passing offense. Rodgers pretty much alone led them to one of the best records ever. Imagine if they put more talent around him, on defense. The guy also is playing hurt this year, has thrown 4th most passes. He has just 1 int. I too would speak out if I had to carry my team for 95% of my career. Yesterday he threw 50 times. Jones ran it only 11 times and they lost to Arizona. Packers defense couldn't keep the Cardinals backup RB out of the endzone. McCarthy is Andy but with a ring
  2. Jason1978

    McCarthy Fired

    Remember Rodgers has played hurt all year. He hasn't had a run game most of the year. His WR have been banged up all year. Rodgers is 4th in pass attempts...has only ONE interception...which is pretty remarkable. People claim he is selfish...he went public a few weeks ago saying Aaron Jones needed the ball more...and he was 100% right. Yesterday is proof. Close game and Rodgers throws 50 times, Jones carries it just 11 times. They resemble the Eagles. Wentz has carried the offense, throws too much, we don't run enough and the team is losing close games just like GB. Packers losses/tie...five games decided by 8 or less points Vs Cardinals: 50 pass, 18 rush, lost 20-17 Vs Vikings: 38 pass, 17 rush, lost 24-17 Vs Seahawks: 30 pass, 12 rush, lost 27-24 Vs Patriots: 43 pass, 21 rush, lost 31-17 Vs Rams: 30 pass, 16 rush, lost 29-27 Vs Lions: 52 pass, 17 rush, lost 31-23 Vs Vikings: 42 pass, 21 rush, tied 29-29 Vs Redskins: 44 pass, 9 rush, lost 31-17 329 pass attempts 131 rush attempts
  3. Jason1978

    McCarthy Fired

    Rodgers has carried the team pretty much his entire 11 seasons as their starter. This year he is doing it again. 6th ranked pass offense, 4th in pass attempts (a remarkable 1 int). WR banged up. Jones finally emerged as their starter but rush offense ranks 21st. Defense is 17th. Hard to truly blame McCarthy either. He is Andy with a ring. Won a lot of games, went to four NFC title games (3 w/ Rodgers, 1 w/ Favre) but the last two years they fell apart but Rodgers also hasn't been 100 % either, missed half the season last year, playing hurt this year. Including this year, McCarthy has had a losing season just three times in 13 years. Passing, rushing, defense ranks plus w/l record w/ Rodgers 2018 (4-7-1): 6th, 21st, 17th 2017 (4-3): 25th, 17th, 26th 2016 (10-6, lost NFC Championship): 7th, 20th, 21st 2015 (10-6, lost Divisional Rd): 10th, 13th, 12th 2014 (12-4, lost NFC Championship): 8th, 12th, 14th 2013 (6-3, lost Wild Card): 6th, 7th, 25th 2012 (11-5, lost Divisional Rd): 9th, 20th, 11th 2011 (14-1, lost Divisional Rd): 3rd, 27th, 19th 2010 (10-5, Won Super Bowl): 5th, 24th, 2nd 2009 (11-5, lost Wild Card): 7th, 14th, 7th 2008 (6-10): 8th, 17th, 22nd 11 seasons w/ Rodgers as their starter 10 top ten passing offenses 1 top ten rushing offense 3 top ten defenses
  4. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

  5. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    Ware is not Hunt but he had 1368 total yards in 2016.
  6. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    Reid has had a 12-4, two 11-5 and a 10-6 team in KC. 1-4 in playoffs. 1 playoff win since 2008. KC is super talented right now and this is his best offense he has had in KC but we know come playoff time Andy turns into a different coach. His KC teams have lost playoff games by 1 point twice, 2 points and 7 points. It usually comes down to poor coaching. Last year they had a 21-0 lead vs one of the worst offenses...lost 22-21. Blown leads (KC still doesn't have a good defense), Smith throwing 50 times in a 7 point loss...I wish Andy the best but no matter how good this team looks, with his history they likely were one and done in the playoffs. Also Spencer Ware is no bum. Hunt is way better but Ware had 1368 total yards back in 2016 Also it looks like KC might have known about this too (much like Baltimore knew about Ray Rice but crap hit the fan once the TMZ video leaked) meaning Andy knew so if true, no sympathy for Andy. After all...he overlooked the horrible stuff Tyreek Hill did as well.
  7. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    Lets not forget Hunt's scumbag teammate Tyreek Hill back in 2014, how he beat the crap out of his 20 year old pregnant girlfriend...Andy drafted him two years later, all he got was probation and now the two became engaged in September 2018. People have overlooked the horrible things he did because he has become a good WR
  8. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    Hunt's situation appears much like the one Ray Rice was involved in as we have video (thanks to TMZ) of both incidents and the NFL for months seemed to overlook both. No way in hell can they not treat Hunt the same.
  9. Schefter just reported this minutes ago. This is why they are the worst team in professional sports http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25310452/cleveland-browns-want-interview-condoleezza-rice-head-coaching-job
  10. Jason1978

    Concerning DirecTV

    Trying arguing with them for over an hour about why out of nowhere they upgraded packages to the most expensive one and then trying to get me to buy a bundle including switching cell phone services when all I wanted to do is know why they jacked up the prices and gave me the most expensive package when I never wanted it. Oddly the Direct TV bill changes every month and shouldn't. I live in Maryland so need Direct TV for Eagles games plus love watching every game. It's also insane they want you to pay like $50 more for Red Zone and Fantasy Zone
  11. Getting destroyed by Buffalo is very bad....being destroyed by Buffalo with Matt Barkley looking like Jim Kelly is even worse
  12. Hasn't this always been Marvin's defense? I mean he was labeled a defensive genius, won the SB for Baltimore. I always assumed it was sort of like the Patriots. Patrica was defensive coordinator but Belichick is the defensive mastermind, it's truly his defense. Regardless of the this decision....Lewis is and always has been the main problem with this team. Another talented Bengals team wasting away.
  13. Jason1978

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    We are heading into week 9 not really early in the season. Plenty of coaches have been canned quicker than this in the season. Most recently in 2015 Joe Phlibin was fired after four games and Ken Whisenhunt after eight games. In 2014 Dennis Allen was fired after four games.
  14. Jason1978

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    Bountygate Gregg has the defense improved but he is a terrible head coach RB coach Freddie Kitchens btw is their new offensive coordinator
  15. How would a bad QB replacing a bad QB make a team better? Eli is a bit more accurate but Bortles has 27 more total td the past four years and their numbers have been a mirror image in turnovers the past few years. I believe they have been 1 and 2 in total turnovers since 2015. 2015-2018 Eli Manning: 78td, 49int, 1 rushing td, 31 fumbles/15 lost (21-34 team record) Blake Bortles: 90td, 55int, 8 rushing td, 35 fumbles/16 lost (21-35 team record) 2018 numbers Manning: 8td/6int, 4 fumbles/2 lost (1-7 team record) Bortles: 10td/8int, 1 rushing td, 5 fumbles/3 lost (3-5 team record)