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  1. Jason1978

    Keeping the Old Proven Guy Over The Young Buck

    Luck in his third year led the entire NFL in touchdowns and took Indy to the AFC title game. He did this with zero run game and an average at best defense. A defense that allowed over 40 points in three playoff games with Luck. You need to move on at some point. Manning wasn't going to play forever and they needed to draft his replacement. Manning played for the Colts for 13 seasons, won 1 Super Bowl, 9-10 in the playoffs. For as good as Manning was, he played his worst in the postseason. The Colts with Luck in his first three seasons went 3-3 in the playoffs. It took the Colts with Manning until his sixth season to have 3 playoff wins Luck actually is better at this point in his career than Manning was Luck's first three years in Indy (33-15, 86td/43int) 2012: 11-5, lost Wild Card round (lost to Bal 24-9) 2013: 11-5, lost Divsional Round (lost to NE 43-22) 2014: 11-5, lost AFC Championship game (lost to NE 45-7) Manning's final three years in Indy (24-8, 66td/28int) 2011: 2-14, missed entire season 2010: 10-6, lost Wild Card round (lost to NYJ 17-16) 2009: 14-2, lost Super Bowl (lost to NO 31-17) Oh and the thing about him playing very bad teams...wouldn't Manning have played those same teams had he stayed? It's also not like Manning faced a tough division in his final years in Indy. Or even when he went to Denver. A few seasons in Denver w/ Manning the division was terrible. Luck missed the entire 2017 season so below is compairing each QB in their first 6 seasons in which they played. Luck is just as good if not better than Manning was at this point and he has played in 10 less games Luck 86 games 53-33, 3-3 in playoffs 132td/68int Manning 96 games 54-42, 2-4 in playoffs 138td/100int
  2. Jason1978

    Keeping the Old Proven Guy Over The Young Buck

    Rodgers is a first ballot HOF QB. He has gone to 3 NFC title games, 1 Super Bowl. How many SB did Favre win in Minnesota or NY? He actually cost them a trip to the SB with his int. You do understand it takes teams to win. Rodgers has had very little run game and some average at best defenses. Rodgers also rode the bench for what 3 years behind Favre? Not like they instantly replaced Favre. Also how many SB did Favre win in GB...1...the same as Rodgers Marino went to a SB in his first season and never went back after that.
  3. Jason1978

    REPORT: Raiders set to hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Mayock is a television draft analyst, was pretty decent at it but big difference from running an actual team plus Gruden is terrible at drafting. He has drafted a few 1st rd busts.
  4. Jason1978

    REPORT: Raiders set to hire Mike Mayock as GM

    I liked Mayock but his evaluations of QB were at times just as bad as Gruden. Mayock had Deshone Kizer his #1 QB in all of his mock drafts including his final mock draft six days before the draft In 2017, days before the draft. Kizer was the best QB in the draft ahead of Watson, Trubisky and Mahomes. As a ND fan I could easily tell you Kizer likely would struggle in the NFL. In 2018 he had Mayfield as the 4th best in the draft behind Darnold, Rosen and Allen (Lamar Jackson was 5th).
  5. Jason1978

    REPORT: Raiders set to hire Mike Mayock as GM

    And this just happened further proving Gruden is terrible at evaluating players...Gruden collected bad QB his entire coaching career thinking he could mold them into stars. He made the absurd decision passing on Aaron Rodgers in favor of sticking with Chris Sims, who he claimed would be a star in the NFL, better than Rodgers. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/01/nathan-peterman-signs-reserve-future-contract-with-raiders/?fbclid=IwAR162SRDhR9pkm0KWDR60J2uXY7qa2WluHBSNhGJJQOJGZvSfqEkS6VRwL0
  6. I can't see Harbaugh being fired. He took the Ravens back to the playoffs. Early season reports had him out or leaving. though. Steelers would be insane to fire Tomlin plus they are always very loyal to their head coaches. Vikings said this morning Zimmer wont be fired
  7. Gregg Williams appears unlikely to keep his head coaching job in Cleveland however will get an interview for the job
  8. Mariota always had injury issues but this one really might do him in. It's a shame but opened another option for Nick Foles to consider. Consider with how poorly Mariota has played yet the Titans last year made the playoffs, might this year. Give them a QB like Foles. Foles should be looking at them or Jacksonville next season
  9. Jason1978

    Jameis Winston named Buccaneers 2019 starter

    Mike Evans is truly being wasted. Consider how elite of a WR he has been with what TB has had at QB and then consider him with a good QB There also was an article about how DeSean was fined for sleeping during meetings, skipping meetings, getting into locker room altercations. Same DeSean, never matured
  10. I am glad we didn't draft him because he has been pretty much a bust but hate to see a player's career end this way and only a few years into it https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-qb-marcus-mariota-expected-to-be-out-vs-colts-could-encounter-long-term-damage/ar-BBRBabE?li=BBnb7Kz
  11. Jason1978

    Jameis Winston named Buccaneers 2019 starter

    They have always been one of the worst run franchises. Gruden dismantled them after they possibly could've won another SB, they passed on Aaron Rodgers in favor of going with Chris Sims and Brian Griese. Jacksonville is parting ways with Bortles but Tampa feels Winston, who is a mirror image of Bortles, is the best available?
  12. Because they can't find anyone better they say! Buccaneers are about to end their 7th double digit losing season since 2009, have zero playoff since since 2002, have six total playoff wins in their 43 year history. So let's keep the guy you said at the start wasn't guaranteed to start when his suspension for groping a woman ended, a guy you benched twice and who since 2015 is 2nd to only Blake Bortles in total turnovers. Can't find anyone better than someone with 75 turnovers in 53 games? What about Foles throwing to Mike Evans? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25641919/tampa-bay-buccaneers-intend-bring-back-jameis-winston-starting-qb-2019 2015: 22td/15int, 6 rush td, 6 fumbles, 1 lost 2016: 28td/18int, 1 rush td, 10 fumbles/6 lost 2017: 19td/11int, 1 rush td, 15 fumbles/7 lost (13 games) 2018: 15td/13int, 1 rush td, 7 fumbles/3 lost (10 games) Most turnovers in NFL since 2015 1. Blake Bortles: 76 (57int, 19 fumbles) 2. Jameis Winston: 75 (57int, 18 fumbles) 3. Eli Manning: 69 (53int, 16 fumbles) 4. Kirk Cousins: 64 (46int, 18 fumbles) 5. Ben Roethlisberger: 63 (58 int, 5 fumbles) 5. Philip Rivers: 63 (54int, 9 fumbles) 7. Cam Newton: 60 (53int, 7 fumbles) 8. Matthew Stafford: 59 (44int, 15 fumbles) 9. Marcus Mariota: 56 (42int, 14 fumbles) 10. Joe Flacco: 52 (46int, 6 fumbles) Since 2015... Bortles: 92td, 57int, 8 rushing td, 19 fumbles (23-38) Winston: 87td, 57int, 9 rushing td, 18 fumbles (21-32)
  13. Jason1978

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Keenum outplayed Foles with the Rams so would be amusing if he replaced him with the Broncos but Denver needs to go young, draft someone. Foles has NEVER been a reliable full-time starter. He deserves another chance but outside of his amazing 2013 season his teams are 17-16 with him starting so if he gets another chance, how long does it last? He is just too streaky like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Will have monster games and then look awful. Off the bench...couldn't ask for a better option Which Foles do you get?? In 3 Playoffs/SB games - 6td/1int, 2 fumbles In 8 regular season games 2017-2018: 10td, 6int, 3 fumbles (8 of those td came in two games) 27td/2int Foles of 2013 or 31 games: 2012, 2014-2018 (17-16 record, 3-0 in playoffs): 37td, 32int, 26 fumbles/11 lost 6td, 1int, 2 fumbles/0 lost in 3 playoff games Fumbled in 20 games Thrown a INT in 23 games Thrown for 0 TD in 13 games Thrown for just 1 TD in 14 games 43 total turnovers
  14. Jason1978

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon Facing Another Suspension

    Why? He doesn't care about his teammates or his team. He feels rules do not apply to him. Imagine if we were in the Patriots situation. 2 games away from the playoffs and your best player is suspended...again! That really hurts NE now. Patriots gave up only a 7th but he became their best player on offense. Now it really might cost them big time
  15. Jason1978

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon Facing Another Suspension

    I don't find it too sad. He has had problems since college. He never was a person who cared about his team or teammates. An example...he was reinstated back in 2014 and then a week later was suspended for failing to show up to team meetings. In 2018 he was showing up again late to meetings and he hurt his hamstring in a photo shoot that he didn't inform the team about. He does have his personal demons with drinking but he also is a selfish jerk. Showing up late to meetings, getting hurt in photo shoots...he simply doesn't care. This guy felt he was untouchable with all those reinstatements. This is now his fifth suspension. I can't recall another player ever getting this many second chances