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  1. Jason1978

    Rumor: Cowboys working on Jason Garrett extension

    5-3 8-8 8-8 8-8 12-4, 1-1 in playoffs 4-12 13-3, 0-1 in playoffs 9-7 3-3 What has he done to deserve a new contact? He took over the job 8+ years ago, 1 playoff win. He is a loyal Jerry servant. He is a yes man to Jerry. Jerry knows he can overrule him, he wont get in the way. I hope so. Give one to Jay Gruden too. He sucks as well and both teams are run by idiots
  2. Agree. Jags made no sense considering they have Yeldon and Fournette is returning soon. We couldn't give up a 5th for him? Clearly right now the Eagles must be satisfied with Clement and Smallwood. McCoy and Bell are not happening either so Hyde might have been our last chance to land a good RB in a trade
  3. McCoy also took the Chargers to the playoffs in 2013 as their head coach. They went 9-7 and won a playoff game but were eliminated in the divisional round by Denver who would go on to lose the Super Bowl. Chargers have 1 playoff win from 2009-2017 and it was McCoy. He actually has the same number of playoff wins as Andy Reid during that span 😉
  4. He does have leadership qualities but 22 games as a coach, a QB coach who was in charge of the worst position on the Cardinals the past two years and now handed a coordinator job like that? Asking for a lot considering how awful this team is. Leftwich only has a job because Arians told them to stick with him and they did. Arizona is a huge mess. They have a terrible defense. It's hard for any QB to succeed let alone a rookie when your defense allows 26 ppg and the 6th most ypg. Teams are way too quick to rush rookie QB. Rosen has been terrible, Allen has been terrible, Mayfield has been terrible. Darnold has looked solid in some games, like a rookie in others. Cards have no o-line either. I honestly don't see how Leftwich can fix this especially fixing David Johnson. I have a feeling this entire staff will be out of jobs at the end of the season. Cardinals QB with Leftwich as QB coach Palmer: 9td/7int Gabbert: 6td/6int, 4 fumbles, 2 lost Stanton: 6td/5int, 3 fumbles/0 lost Rosen: 3td/5int, 3 fumbles/2 lost Bradford: 2td/4int, 3 fumbles/2 lost
  5. He also turned Delhomme into a pretty good QB
  6. If you think things couldn't get worse for Arizona and their offense...it just did. Cardinals just fired Mike McCoy and replaced him with 38 year old QB coach Byron Leftwich, a guy who has been a NFL coach for 1 year and who has been terrible coaching QB. I felt bad for Fitzgerald and Johnson before this but feel even worse for them now. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-cardinals-fire-offensive-coordinator-mike-mccoy-byron-leftwich-promoted-152659853.htm
  7. Jason1978

    Antonio Brown skips team meetings

    Rosenhaus is always representing these disgruntled WR
  8. Jason1978

    Antonio Brown skips team meetings

    Your two best players are very upset right now which is not good at all. Team hasn't looked good on the field. Big Ben is nearing the end. This is a situation no team would want to be in but I always assumed the Steelers were one of the better run teams in the NFL. Right now they look more dysfunctional than the Browns.
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/18/report-antonio-brown-did-not-show-up-to-work-on-monday/#comments
  10. Jason1978

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    The move was only made to clear a spot for Gordon.
  11. Jason1978

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Coleman was only released because they needed to clear a roster spot for Gordon. Had that trade not happened, Coleman would likely have played Sunday. You can't say Coleman was cut because Belichick doesn't like dealing with guys like that especially when he traded for Gordon who has missed 54 games since 2013 due to drinking, drugs, showing up late to meetings. He is the ultimate anti-Belichick player Gordon is all about himself. Has been given more chances than any other player I can think of and continues to blow them. Now his reward for all those problems is being traded to play with Brady?
  12. Jason1978

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Well the Browns are a poorly run terrible team with no QB when he was there, Bills are a poorly run terrible team with no QB. Patriots cut him to make room for Josh Gordon. Still doesn't look good though being traded one and cut twice in 1 1/2 months by three teams very thin at WR. I will say Belichick saw enough in him to sign him. He was still learning the playbook and inactive on Sunday. Had they not traded for Gordon there is a good chance he played this Sunday.
  13. Jason1978

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Cris Carter didn't have anywhere near the issues Gordon has had. Gordon's issues date back to college, he was booted from his college team, arrested a few times. Gordon is a suspension away from a lifetime ban from the NFL. Gordon has been given loads of chances. When given them he screws up again and again and again. Gordon continues to get these opportunities and blows them. He lacks maturity, is selfish, doesn't care about anyone but himself. It goes beyond his drinking and drug issues. He shows up late to meetings and he injured his hamstring at a non-team approved photo shoot, showed up to practice not informing the team when it happened. Josh Gordon timeline 2009 - Accepted to play college football at Baylor 2010 - Arrested for possesion of marijuana - Suspended by Baylor due to his arrest 2011 - Suspended indefinitely for failing a drug test for marijuana - Kicked off the Baylor football team - Transfered to Utah where he never played 2012 - Drafted by the Browns in the second round 2013 - Suspended for first two games for violating substance abuse policy - Made the Pro Bowl when he led NFL in yards with 1646 2014 - Arrested for DUI - Suspended by the NFL for entire seasons - Suspension reduced to 10 games - Reinstated by the NFL after missing 10 games - Suspended for final game for violating team rules 2015 - Suspended the entire season for violating NFL substance abuse policy - Forced to enter NFL's substance abuse program 2016 - Failed drug test in January after filing for reinstatement - Suspended for first 4 games of the season - Left the Browns in September, one week before being reinstated, to enter in-patient rehab - Suspended indefinitely in October by the NFL 2017 - Reinstatement denied in July - Reinstatement denied in September - Reinstatement approved on Novemeber 1st - Eligible to return on December 3rd 2017, his first game in two years 2018 - Skipped training camp and preseason to attend rehab - Rejoined the team in August - Injured hamstring during photo shoot, showed up late to meetings, team claims his problems with alcohol have returned - Team plans to cut or trade him College numbers: 2009: 1 catch, 7 yards, 0td in 9 games 2010: 42 catches, 742 yards, 7td in 13 games 2011: SUSPENDED/TRANSFERED - DID NOT PLAY NFL numbers: 2012: 50 catches, 805 yards, 5td in 16 games 2013: 87 catches, 1646 yards, 9td in 14 games 2014: 24 catches, 303 yards, 0td in 5 games 2015: SUSPENDED - DID NOT PLAY 2016: SUSPENDED - DID NOT PLAY 2017: 18 catches, 335 yards, 1td in 5 games 2018: 1 catch, 17 yards, 1td
  14. Jason1978

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Looks like he is headed to the Patriots
  15. Jason1978

    Cleveland Browns draft futility.

    Hue seems like a good guy but he is one of the worst head coaches ever. 1-31 with the Browns. People love to say well they played some close games but if you keep losing a lot of close ones that is going to start to reflect badly too on your coach for not doing what it takes to win those games. Then people defend him by saying he went 8-8 in Oakland but guess what...so did Tom Cable the year before that and how many games has Cable coached since behind fired...ZERO. Sad thing is 3-5 wins is going to be seen as a good year and likely Hue doesn't get fired. You punish a WR by playing him the entire game? How is that punishment? Then again this is the same team who has been screwed over so many times by Josh Gordon. They are run by idiots Browns need to bench Baker Mayfield the entire season. I dont care how good he looks in preseason, the Browns have ruined so many QB by throwing them out their as a rookie. Taylor is your guy, you have a team coming off 0 wins and likely wont win many but don't throw Baker out there on a losing team and ruin him too.