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  1. Jason1978

    Titans to release veteran RB DeMarco Murray

    LOL I can't tell you how many Redskins fans on Facebook that I have read comments from on how they must sign him. YES PLEASE SIGN HIM!
  2. NO. The team with the worst record in every league should have the first pick in the draft. The lottery sucks and I think any Sixers fan knows this especially when a franchise like the Lakers has been there competing for our #1 draft spot recently.
  3. So far the NFL has no comment http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/13/nfl-has-no-comment-on-ezekiel-elliott-video/
  4. Challenge at QB? 69.3 QB rating, 56.6 comp %, 9td/12int, 8 fumbles as a starter
  5. He has played the WR position for 16 games of his entire high school, college, professional career. This time last year he was a third string QB. He also wasn't the most well liked guy by his teammates. There have been quite a few that have criticized him, his attitude, his lack of passion. This is what Brian Hartline said about Pryor in December:
  6. Jason1978

    Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    Appears Cousins is going to stay in DC according to NFL Network and the Redskins just signed Terrelle Pryor to a 1 year, $8 million deal
  7. Jason1978

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Terrelle Pryor just signed with the Redskins. 1 year, $8 million
  8. Jason1978

    Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    Cousins is a goner now or next year. It's going to be hard for the Skins to trade him after tagging him because he is not worth a 1st at all plus the Niners signed Hoyer, who they seem to want to start. I also thought I read that new Niner Pierre Garcon wasn't a big fan of Cousins. Of course if you can't trade him he is a 1 year rental...a very expensive one. They lost Garcon and Jackson so and I believe Crowder is the only player on the roster who played in 2016 (Doctson has potential as he was a 1st rd pick). Either way they are screwed big time. Hey there is always RGIII...he is avaiable! I too agree with Gruden. 21-26-1 and they extended him to 2020?? I heard Michael Wilboun say this was pretty much done because Cousins likes Gruden
  9. Jason1978

    Kirk Cousins wants out of Washington?

    Latest on Captain Kirk as of noon today...
  10. Jason1978

    Redskins are a mess, GM Scot McCloughan fired.

    I don't and I have family and friends that are fans. I feel bad for Browns and Bills fans but never Skins fans who bragged every year Snyder spent huge money and talked Super Bowl every year...including this past year. A majority of fans constantly defend Snyder so no sympathy from me when this stuff happens.
  11. Jason1978

    OFFICIAL: Pierre Garcon signs with 49ers

    Garcon is 31 and will now be on one of the worst teams with Brian Hoyer as his QB.
  12. However this is the Browns who always made stupid draft decisions and have had many good picks like this before. They still are saying they were glad they didn't get Wentz!! Still need a QB, RB, defense. Weak draft for QB too. They also cut RGIII btw
  13. Jason1978

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    The Titans and Bills are already said to be interested in him. Seriously if teams want Chase Daniel, Nick Foles will easily find a job somewhere as a backup. Foles in one game in 2016: 105.9 QB rating 65.5 comp % 3td, 0int 410 pass yards Daniel in his entire 7 year career 81.1 QB rating 65.4 comp % 1td, 1int 480 pass yards
  14. They need to go back to the blue and yellow