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  1. There have been scattered rumors of Brady and Belichick having some issues the past few years...looks like it was true and Belichick wanted to trade Brady in 2017, not Jimmy G... https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/nfl-rumors-bill-belichick-offering-tom-brady-49ers-led-qb-leave?fbclid=IwAR3p7aLgKNukXaN4BNXg-tJSi8V5ixuCJ_DcIY2yTc0FPa7Nz5_TyEWT1XY
  2. Foles is on his 5th team since 2016. Benched twice now, on IR three times. Lost 3 starting jobs. Love what we did with the guy but he is a very unreliable starter. Best hope for Chicago is to let Trubisky start, he falters and Foles comes off the bench Foles when named starter week 1: 23td, 22int, 11 fumbles in 23 games w/ a 10-13 record Foles when he starts season as a backup 48td, 13int, 22 fumbles in 35 games w/ a 16-9 record
  3. He is not the new starting QB. ESPN said he is the backup and might have a shot at competing but Trubisky will head into camp the starter. Also the whole Nagy has worked with him means zero. Jacksonville built their offense for him. Hired DeFlippo in hopes of landing him. It was by far the best fit for him and he struggled. Minshew, a 6th rd rookie, meanwhile looked good, better than rookies like Murray and Jones. He also is not an upgrade over Trubisky In their last 16 starts Trubisky: 18td/10int, 2 rushing td (8-8 record) Foles: 19td/11int, 1 receiving td (8-8 record) Interesting to also note that 10 of those 19td by Foles game in three games.
  4. Jason1978

    Kareem Hunt

    Maybe he should've said the backpack belonged to Josh Gordon
  5. Jason1978


    He was cut by 6 teams from 2015-2016 and went on IR twice in the past two seasons. The 49ers are his 7th team now since 2015. Had their RB not been injured, he would be sitting on the bench or practice squad right now. Kid looks great now IF he stayed here he would've been on our practice squad and likely still cut eventually. When we cut him in 2015 we had Demarco Murray, Ryan Matthews, Darren Sproles and Kenjon Barner. Mostert wasn't making this team no matter what unless it was maybe on special teams. Barner was a way better college player, more upside. Of course he didn't pan out as a RB but still is in NFL and had his best year on special teams in 2019 with Atlanta. Mostert wasn't a good college RB, did most of his damage on special teams and that is all anyone thought he would be in the NFL if he made it. He looked good in the NFC title game but that is only the second 100+ yard game of his career. I think people are over hyping him way too much based on one game but wish the kid the best. They might have a good thing there with him finally getting a chance but it has been said that fumbles have held him back in the past. More carries could lead to that again and he still has Coleman and Brieda to compete with. Mostert's career - May 2015 - Went undrafted - May 2015 - Signed by Eagles - September 2015 - Cut by Eagles - September 2015 - Signed to Dolphins practice squad - October 2015 - Released by Dolphins - October 2015 - Signed by Ravens - December 2015 - Cut by Ravens - December 2015 - Signed by Browns as kick returner - March 2016 - Signed 1 year tender w/ Browns - September 2016 - Cut by Browns - September 2016 - Signed to Jets practice squad - September 2016 - Cut by Jets six days later - September 2016 - Signed to Bears practice squad - October 2016 - Cut by Bears - October 2016 - Signed to Bears practice squad - November 2016 - Cut by Bears - November 2016 - Signed to 49ers practice squad - December 2016 - Promoted to 49ers main roster special teams - September 2017 - 49ers practice squad - November 2017 - Placed on IR by 49ers - September 2018 - 4th string RB for 49ers - November 2018 - Placed on IR by 49ers - March 2019 - Signed 3 year extension with 49ers - September 2019 - 3rd string RB for 49ers - November 2019 - Starting RB for 49ers College numbers 759 rush yards/6td 2289 return yards/2td 2011: 108 yards/2td, 837 return yards/1td 2012: 85 yards/1td, 463 return yards/0td 2013: 37 yards/0td, 258 return yards/1td 2014: 529 yards/3td, 731 return yards/0td
  6. Jason1978

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

  7. Jason1978

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

    Nearly everyone expected Josh McDaniels but nope. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/browns/2020/01/12/cleveland-browns-kevin-stefanski-hired-head-coach/4448319002/
  8. Jason1978

    Has there ever been another season where...

    And there still is a chance he isn't fired. Never heard of a team having more than one meeting like this plus it has been said that Jerry sees Garrett as being like family to him. Hopefully Mr. Senile keeps around Mr. Clappy!
  9. Jason1978

    Former Bengals HC Sam Wyche dead at 74

    Really sad. Many who were too young or not around during his era with the Bengals likely know the franchise as being a huge joke that it is now, no playoff wins since 1990 but Wyche came within 4 points of beating the almighty 49ers. Montana took the Niners on like a 90 yard drive with around 3 mins left and won it with like 30 seconds left. The Bengals also had the better team that year and should've won.
  10. Jason1978

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Happy Thanksgiving Redskins fans Oh and it's pretty amusing reading the many comments on FB, ESPN of fans DEFENDING Snyder. Saying he was just taking a shot at the Panthers because the Redskins beat them on December 1st...you know AFTER Thanksgiving and Rivera was fired. Considering he had a losing record as their HC outside of the 15-1 season, doubt they care. Snyder ruined their franchise and fans still defend him! https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2020/1/2/21047069/dan-snyder-started-happy-thanksgiving-ron-rivera-press-conference
  11. Dak's worst games in his career have been without Zeke. When it's all put on him. That is not a good QB. Carson has played with a bad run game in 3 of his 4 years. Yesterday had a practice squad player step up and lead the team in rushing. Dak would never do that without Zeke. Zeke 100% is their best player. Also...prior to this year, Dallas has NEVER had a top 20 passing offense with Dak. In 2017 they averaged less passing YPG than the 0-16 Browns. That was the year Zeke also was suspended.
  12. Aikman a few weeks ago took a huge shot at Dak. I recall Joe Buck mentioning how he was leading in passing yards and Aikman said it was meaningless garbage yards since his team was losing. 100% correct. Winston and Dak were among leaders in passing yards...and top 4 in interceptions
  13. Problem is...Williams sucks. His defenses have been average for years. He has been fired so many times as a defensive coordinator. He was a lousy head coach. He would be the worst HC imaginable for the Browns because he is just like Baker...massive ego, total jerk. They need a HC who can whip those players into shape, wont accept the divas and egos. Williams wouldn't be that guy at all. Mr. Bounty Gate should've been banned from the NFL when he had his players try and hurt others. He was 22-34 as a HC btw 2001-2003: Bills head coach, FIRED 2004-2007: Redskins DC, FIRED 2008: Jaguars DC, FIRED 2009-2011: Saints DC, Suspended, FIRED 2012: Rams DC, FIRED 2013: Titans assistant defensive coach, FIRED 2013-2016: Rams DC, FIRED 2017-2019: Browns DC and HC, FIRED 2019: Jets DC
  14. 100% AGREE. I hate NYG but this was a rebuilding team making the transition from Eli to a rookie QB and Jones had 24td/12int as a rookie...that is pretty good considering the team and injuries around him. 5th rd rookie Slayton was their top WR. Then they had a bunch of injuries at RB and WR. Jones was better than Kyler Murray, the #1 overall pick. RB Barkley - missed 4 games (struggled in alot of games after his injury) WR/TE Engram - missed 10 games Shepard - missed 6 games Tate - missed 5 games Slayton - missed 2 games He also lost Beckham to the Browns in the offseason so had to find ways to replace that with his top three WR missing games and his top TE missing most of the season.
  15. Baker reminds me so much of Ryan Leaf and his play at times looks like Leaf as well. Browns have so many egos. Baker is not a leader, has always been an a-hole. Browns are never winning with him at QB unless he grows up, matures ASAP.