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  1. OFFICIAL: Pierre Garcon signs with 49ers

    He may make 16 mil his first year NOT that he is getting 16 mil a year. That's a huge difference.
  2. Cowboys draft Ezekiel Elliott #4 overall

    Wonder"licks" don't matter but Wentz did score a 40 per the Eagles FO.
  3. Analysis of the History of FCS Players in NFL

    Actually, I hadn't realized that FCS had produced some of the QBs. Good thread.
  4. Anyone else getting annoyed at these teams using our aggressive tendencies to create leverage with other teams? Last year, it was the Titans pumping out absurd offers that no team in their right minds would make. They struck out. This year, Titan used our name to absolutely take the Rams to the woodshed. And now, it seems like it's Cleveland's turn. By draft day, the Eagles will have a serious offer to trade up or down for every team in the league.
  5. Still mad we cut DeSean Jackson?

    We most certainly did not cut Desean too early.
  6. Why would you put yourself through the onslaught that is about to commence?
  7. Calvin Johnson contemplating retirement

    The Lions should do us all a favor and trade him. Just admit that you are an utter failure of a franchise and let the dude play for someone else.
  8. Seriously though, are the Titans gonna wait till they figure out their FO situation before conducting interviews? I haven't seen them speak with a head coaching candidate yet.
  9. Chip Kelly met with the 49ers.

    Right now for Chip, SF is the ONLY job on the table. What in the world did Chip do so badly??
  10. You are overly emotional. My statement was just as accurate. It just doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  11. Yea I don't think those words mean what Greg Hardy thinks they mean.
  12. Wasn't referencing Shurmur
  13. In a few days, we also will have had 3 coaches in 5 years
  14. Don't think I've ever seen such a reaction to an NFL coach being fired. Lovie sounds like a great guy.