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  1. At first I thought franchising him was an absurd alternative but now, my goodness, do the Cowboys dare to NOT franchise him? Certainly, you can’t pay him want he reportedly wants.
  2. No need to respond with insults (and then reference God later on). I just don’t see cause to celebrate somebody not being my headache when they are suffering from potentially severe mental illness.
  3. Actually don’t think there is anything to celebrate. Would you celebrate the fact that the homeless person down the street isn’t your family member? It wouldn’t even cross your mind. This isn’t similar to our experience with T.O, where I certainly celebrated as you are describing. This guy might harm himself or someone else.
  4. Hard to rejoice watching a human display the effects of mental illness on the world scale. No human should be celebrating this. He needs help and has needed help for a long time.
  5. Thrive

    AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Texans.

    That’s because they do. Every single time if memory serves me.
  6. Thrive

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Wait what? WHAT? That happened?? Bwahahahahahahaha.
  7. This is funny but obviously that poster "isn’t from around here” so I feel bad laughing.
  8. Surely this results in another 6-gamer, no? Maybe more due to him being a repeat offender? Perhaps a year?
  9. Thrive

    Jerry Jones defends Cowboys,

    What are you ignoramouses talking about? I completely concur with Jerry. In fact, I’ll take it a step further: this Cowboys team is the most talented in the history of the NFL, maybe since the dawning of sports. Keep doing what you’re doing Jerry and never (EVER) listen to the doubters. P.S. Dak Prescott is already guaranteed a hall of fame jacket - never change him too.
  10. Thrive

    Week 4 TNF: Vikings @ Rams

    So are Vikings fans going to commence their world-reknowned whining campaign against the Rams now? Are their Uber drivers going to threaten to refuse transportation to Rams fans?
  11. Thrive

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Remember when Kirk Cousins was being labeled as the "athletic version of Nick Foles but with a stronger arm?" Lol
  12. Pretty clear the OP has no idea what talent is. T.O. is one of the most talented receivers ever. Please stop