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  1. So I started collecting ticket stubs since I was a kid of sporting events I’ve attended. In recent years, it’s been harder given the virtual tickets. Anyone know of a way to acquire recent stubs from games from the past several seasons? Also, I’m going to Week 1 this year but only have a virtual ticket, do they sell souvenir stubs at the stadium? thanks in advance.
  2. RUEagle

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Thank you Dave Gettleman. A scrub S with 1 pick in 2 years, a late 3rd and a mid 1st for an all time talent. A guy that was uncoverable. LOL. Thank you! Gents it’s a 2 horse race in this division for the foreseeable future. E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!!!!
  3. RUEagle

    Rank the Owner, GM, HC, and QBs in the Division.

    Lurie couldn’t touch Jones’ jock as an owner. Despite their 21st century flaws Jones’ innovation and power in this league is likely 2nd to none. The Cowboys brand and net worth is incredible despite my hatred for that team.
  4. RUEagle

    Suh would play for free???

    Vet minimum 1 year deal if he’s a FA? Sign me up.
  5. RUEagle

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    I hate the Giants more than any franchise in any sport. Every friend or coworker I have are all a-hole giants fans Dallas is a distant second.
  6. RUEagle

    ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    No sorry. It’s the protests. Nice try.
  7. Gone IMO: Chuck Pagano Hue Jackson Marvin Lewis Ben Macadoo and I’m kinda on the fence w Koetter right now.
  8. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    Good god. Are you a college professor or something? Would make sense.
  9. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    Scumbags sacrifice little and disrespect those that sacrifice much. But you wouldn’t know what that’s like would you?
  10. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    You just listen to the BS media so much you’re brainwashed. Cops are bad. They’re all bad. I know. LOL all u want. Typing LOL doesn’t mean you’re smarter than I am which all you libs seem to hang your hats on
  11. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    He’s white and rich. Must be a ::insert racist/bigot/NAtzi stigma to help my political agenda:: because without stigmas my political being can’t exist.
  12. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    Yea they Fing are. You get yours straight libtard
  13. RUEagle

    Deshaun Watson torn acl out for the season

    No, it's because scumbags are kneeling for the national anthem. Among other reasons. Stop trying to divert from the F'in problem.
  14. RUEagle

    Kaepernick still no job

    I’m actually confusing it with a different arrest. I was thinking of the NYPD one.