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  1. Pete Rose will tell you all about the past ..
  2. Sounds like a waste of time and $
  3. I would take him in a heartbeat on this team..We need a player not afraid to hit ..yes he makes some dirty plays and that needs to be fixed but damn that kid plays fast and hard ..We have too many soft guys..I miss Dawk the way he played with that fire and made WRs pay time to get someone in here that is not afraid to hit someone.
  4. He is running like a scared kid he don't seem to have that killer attitude to finish plays or hit the holes up the middle.
  5. I went to the skins eagles Monday night game a few years ago and I will NEVER go back..They were fighting each other bloody faces one stabbed and they were taking there cars and slamming into each other..This was Redskins fans on other Redskins fans I told my son we will never go back to that place even if tickets were free. Cop told us before the game even started to be in the stadium before dark .Said just with in a mile radius of fed-ex there were 90 shootings in the past 8 months. Philly is a much safer place to watch a game from no matter who your team is.
  6. I will flip over and watch the puppy bowl..
  7. He was just scared ..sometimes its just for who for what..I don't think Chip has this team behind him anymore players seem like there not buying into it. Maybe 1 to many smoothies
  8. avg temp for dec 22nd is 43 This looks to be a much warmer winter then the past 2 so that's a good sign .However they are calling for more rain then normal so I would wear a few layers with a coat and bring a poncho .We are not in the artic but it can get cold if its damp out. A nice sunny day in the mid 40s is really not bad at all .one thing you don't want to have to do is lug around a lot of extra coats and blankets .But take them with you leave behind what you don't need in the car.Most important have a great time and enjoy yourself
  9. No he overslept and miss the plane.
  10. I guess at this point I would be ok with trading Sanchez for Cam .
  11. It is gut check time for this coach and players .I can see this team falling apart as a unit. I think guy's are not drinking the chip I still use the EMB's #1 Cliche ..As of know Chip is out smarting even himself finding out these are not college kids on the other side of the ball where you might be playing against 2 or 3 nfl prospects .Now your playing against the best of the best and looks like chip may be in over his head. time will tell but poor play calling and off field decisions are showing there ugly head right now. Chip better fix this quick or it will get real ugly.
  12. Hey I am winning good $$$ with fanduel they can run them all they wish
  13. I hope this is the case and they don't go week 8
  14. Congrats on going to your first eagles game live I am sure your boyfriend will love it. There really is not a bad seat in the link you can see the field very good from anywhere. You can get into the gate at 11am inside they have alot to do wip broadcast live,there is face painting for free ,you can get picks taken see the eagles store .some time cheerleaders are in for pics as well I am sure your boyfriend would love that :) and of course swoop is hanging out for pics as well. plus much more .as far as getting into the gate and to your seats its not bad at all plenty of elevators and escalators I find the worst time to move is halftime everyone's trying to go to the potty and get food so if you feel you need to go get food/drink or take a potty break plan it before or after halftime if posable. It cost $40 to park if you don't have a parking pass so be ready for that the lots open to park and tailgate at 8am . Once inside the stadium drinks and food are not cheap. There are some cheaper places to park if you don't mind longer walk. Maybe someone else could give you info on that as I always just pay to park in the eagles lot. I hope this helps you and you guy's have a great time GOOOO EAGLES Welcome to the eagles message boards
  15. Cowboys acquired QB Matt Cassel from the Bills.'s Albert Breer reports the sides are swapping 2017 draft picks as compensation, with the Bills getting a fifth-rounder. The 33-year-old veteran provides experienced insurance behind fill-in starter Brandon Weeden, who has been among the worst starters in the league when he's taken the field. It's possible the Cowboys will eventually turn to Cassel. The earliest Tony Romo (collarbone) can return is Week 1