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  1. FlyEagles76

    Redskins "Year in GIFs" thread... TOO FUNNY!!!

    Some of these are hilarious! Sucks to be a Skins fan. Lol
  2. FlyEagles76

    Concerning DirecTV

    I cancelled Directv & Sunday ticket this year. Not once did I pay full price for NFL Sunday ticket. You can always get a deal. Just depends on your negotiation skills and the personality on the other end of the phone. We had Directv from 2008-2018. Don't really miss it.
  3. FlyEagles76

    Lets all laugh at the Giants

    I can always laugh at the Giants. I was really surprised when they took Barkley. They were in prime position to set themselves up for the future. @ Giants.
  4. FlyEagles76

    Eli HOFer?

    I never thought he was an upper echelon QB but I could be a little biased. However you cannot argue with 2 SB victories AND 2 SB MVPS. I think the SB MVPs will be the difference as any QB with a good team can with the SB. (Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco) The two SB MVP's make a statement. If there is ever a year with weak nominations I think he gets in easily.
  5. FlyEagles76

    How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    I definitely think a coach gets a pass for at least 3 years. Coughlin won two SB's and still got chased out of town though. If Peterson wins it, keep him 4 Evah!!!
  6. FlyEagles76

    Eli benched

    I think that is a standup move on Eli's part.
  7. FlyEagles76

    Where do you think Kirk Cousins will land?

    Washington... and I am glad to keep him in the division, he isn't that great. I feel that he lacks that killer instinct.
  8. FlyEagles76

    Eli benched

    Dang. The G men have really fallen.
  9. FlyEagles76

    Reid Is Incompetent

    I am so glad he is not our coach. He was so freaking frustrating... the constant hope and then heartbreak that man caused me. "WTF Andy!!! Using all three timeouts within the first 5 minutes!!!!!!"
  10. FlyEagles76

    Concerning DirecTV

    Dang, I remember when you first shared that pic back in the day. Legit.
  11. FlyEagles76

    Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    If Cam starts playing loose again and Kuechly stays healthy, the Panthers are a legit NFC Contender. They have been to the Superbowl before and knows what it takes.
  12. borntradejersey is where I get all my jerseys. They are awesome and cheap. Good luck.

  13. Come back to the hurricane thread and post your updates. Don't worry about those schmucks. Many of us are enjoying/relying on the updates.