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  1. QuinnWR4

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I have to say that’s a valid point. See as much of him as you can that way you know what you have. The only problem is sometimes it takes a QB more than a year to figure it out and you could be too quick to move on.
  2. QuinnWR4

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Why didn’t we get that Fitzpatrick?
  3. QuinnWR4

    Week 10: Panthers @ Steelers

    I’m glad Reid got ejected, POS
  4. QuinnWR4

    Week 10: Panthers @ Steelers

    God Fing damn it!!!!! Why don’t we get that call!!!!!!
  5. QuinnWR4

    Week 10: Panthers @ Steelers

    Did they just sneak a commercial in there in between plays?!
  6. QuinnWR4

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    How on earth does every other team get that gd call except us!!!!!!
  7. QuinnWR4

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    That’s the Mariota we know ?
  8. QuinnWR4


  9. QuinnWR4

    OBJ being sued for assault

    This thing will get settled out of court and go away. Sounds like both parties could be in the wrong on this one but at the end this dude is going to get his money and OBJ is going to keep going on like nothing happened.
  10. Here’s my thought to those who don’t recognize the pre Super Bowl championships: What about the careers of players who played pre Super Bowl? Do they get thrown out too? So long Jim Brown, Sammy Baugh, Bronko Nagurski, Jim Thorpe, Otto Graham, Steve Van Buren, Chuck Bednarik, Y.A. Tittle, D Night Train Lane, and Jim Taylor(Just to name a few). And thats only players who finished their careers before the Super Bowl started. There are numerous HOFers who’s majority of their illustrious careers took place before the SB. Do they all get discredited too because what they accomplished happened before they changed the GD name of the championship game?
  11. QuinnWR4

    Do You Guys Understand How Rare This Is?

    Yeah Bridgewater is a difficult question. Only the people in that building know what he’s been looking like. Before his injury he was starting to look like a good QB.
  12. QuinnWR4

    Do You Guys Understand How Rare This Is?

    Ultimately the decision is Cousins’ if he’s just looking to get paid, see you in Cleveland. But if he wants to win Minnesota, Buffalo, or Jacksonville are the most likely destinations.
  13. QuinnWR4

    Do You Guys Understand How Rare This Is?

    Minny just made it to the NFCCG. They have a legit defense and weapons on offense. Everyone knows Bradford is not the answer to any question, so he’s out. Keenum just finished the best year of his life. Things fell into place for him all year and he looked good. But he’s not a playmaker. He’s not going to take a good team and put them over the edge. You could argue Cousins is good enough to do that. Especially being surrounded by the talent they have there. Last is Bridgewater. I don’t know how much they still love him and how much potential they still see in him. I think if your the GM there and you’re serious about getting your team over the hump, you have to make those difficult decisions and even if you love a guy because of what he just did (Keenum) you have to upgrade the position if the option is there. Adding Cousins would make them better than what they are today.
  14. QuinnWR4

    Do You Guys Understand How Rare This Is?

    I agree with Minny being the most likely team he ends up with. I just don’t know what the cap situation looks like or how they feel about any of those 3 QBs.