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  1. I really hate that his happened. Was looking forward to facing Rodgers and getting revenge on the Packers for destroying us so many times. First thing that came to mind: Could Foles finish out the year for us and still get us into the playoffs if the same happened to us? I know he hasn't had any prep this week but Hundley looks bad.
  2. Pretty sure Morelli has called games in our stadium and calls have gone our way. But when we have him on the road he caters to the home crowd. There are low rent ref crews and quality ref crews. We just got stuck with garbage last night.
  3. Whoa! Dallas over Green Bay!?
  4. Tenn is in serious peril without Mariota. Rams and Seattle actually shaping up to be a really good game.
  5. Let's go KC!!!
  6. 😂ok Cinderella. You can have the last word which is all you Trumpsters want anyway. Makes you feel manly I guess. Tired of "debating" insane people. Zero upside. Buh bye!
  7. Michael Brown and every other Black person who's been shot by a cop for no reason called. They disagree. And if the ratings tank this weekend maybe just maybe it has something to do with President idiot stirring the pot on both sides. Now that he's pissed on everything else from healthcare to foreign policy, I guess the only thing left is the one thing that brings people together even more than the flag: sports.
  8. Have not seen Goff play this year yet but this reminds me of Wentz 2016 weeks 1-3. No one has enough tape on Goff yet. I suspect that when they do he will be more like Wentz weeks 4-16 2016: okay but not a stud.
  9. A lot of Whites claim to be sitting out because of Kap. A lot of Black folks claim to be sitting out because the NFL supposedly discriminates. They are both in the minority when it comes to viewing audience. 22 million Americans cut the cord and can't watch live games of their favorite team. Plus the mediocre NFL product, concussion awareness scaring youth away from the game, too many commercials are all more significant factors.
  10. Hang on, let me check my crystal ball...
  11. Because they're greedy and it's a ginormous market.
  12. In other news: can we beat this team (KC)? We'll find out soon...
  13. Normally I would agree, but they finally have a QB and he is the truth. He's a young, better Mcnabb.
  14. Bucs are one of the sleeper teams of the year. I can see them challenging Atlanta.
  15. Wow! Can't wait to see this guy against our division foes! Looks like a difference maker. Great job Howie!