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  1. madriver

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I love Foles but the guy has played a full 16, what, once? I'm very interested to see how he holds up for a full season. He went on a tear with the Rams for like 4 or 5 games then the wheels came off.
  2. madriver

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos for 4th rd pick

    Bad move, but they were desperate and on that team is on the verge of becoming a dumpster fire. Flacco is done. Something like 24-27 over the last few seasons? 34 years old? Forget about it.
  3. madriver

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    I actually had to miss the game but watched the highlights. Looked good. I half expected Arena League stuff but this was close to NFL quality play IMO.
  4. madriver

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    Can never have enough pro football.
  5. New football league with a handful of known players and coaches. I'll watch because I'm still jonesing for football on the weekends and some of the rules are interesting. No kickoffs, booth review on questionable calls, etc. No Philly team so I'm only moderately interested for a long haul, but Josh Huff plays. Could be fun, like watching a 3rd or 4th preseason game. CBS, Saturday night.
  6. madriver

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    Well duh, McVay. I was saying all game long, the Eagles would've destroyed the Pats had we made it, the way they were playing. The Rams embarrassed themselves and the entire NFC.
  7. madriver

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Not fixed but boring as watching the Fing grass grow.
  8. I hate when this team does that, and back in the Banner days used to do it all the time. Didn't even add a serious playmaker on either side of the ball to help offset those major losses. I suppose Howie couldn't get a deal done and I will give him the benefit of the doubt a year after the SB win, but it still sucks.
  9. madriver

    What Chance Do You Give The Rams (If At All)?

    Comes down to the wire. Goff is a 2nd half QB and pretty clutch in his own right. Whoever has the ball last wins. I'm going Pats because Brady is just that much better than Goff. After a certain point in the game, it's on the players making plays, not the coaching.
  10. madriver

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    So true. The least interested I've been in a SB in a long while. Also if Andy had used the clock better to help his defense rest he could've...oh well. That's story of AR isn't it?
  11. madriver

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    Looks like sutton is already on the chopping block. You know Andy has to be pissed for this to be under consideration this soon after a game.
  12. madriver

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    No one can take this contest seriously after that horrendous officiating in the championship games. I'll watch because I'm invited to a SB watching party to hang out with friends but the game itself leaves me cold, and the NFL product is seriously tainted.
  13. madriver

    Jeff Fisher Sucks

    Dude knew how to find great QBs, just sucked at developing them.
  14. madriver

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    Yeah I don't really give a rat's a** about either team. They could both lose and that would be fine by me LOL. However, the Pats will likely destroy McVay and Goff. As we showed and the Giants showed, you need a vet under center to deal with all the stuff they throw at you.
  15. madriver

    JD Gibbs, son of Joe Gibbs passes away.

    Sounds CTE related. Played DB in college for 3 years. Affects different people at different times I guess. Very tragic.