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  1. Kaep's problem wasn't protesting, which is a fundamental right and one of the great aspects of this nation. His problem was that he thought his celebrity and wealth would insulate him from blowback. Typical of this generation of athletes and celebs. Then they're shocked (!) when the real world shows them that they don't have his back at all. And the longer this drags on, the more other celebs reveal that they only care about themselves and don't really give a rat's butt about his politics.
  2. Uhm...that lame national anthem is actually a Brit melody that used to be sung in pubs, so if you hate it you have no country to blame except yours LOL!
  3. Treggs is a party animal and a disaster off the field. Good hands but I think he's gone before the season starts.
  4. I think you might enjoy this:
  5. I get it but this is the NFL. It's never if it's when you'll hammered. Sproles can handle it this year.
  6. The crazy train is leaving the station. All aboard!
  7. Pump needs to bulk up. He will get killed if he sees the field this year.
  8. Love it Tommy! So pumped to see this offense roll this season, and make no mistake, with the level and depth of talent on this team, there is no reason we can't. We stay healthy and we're in the hunt for division title, no question.
  9. I like this list a lot better. How does the OP see Cincy and Denver on that list???
  10. Great article Tommy. Interesting point about how Wentz is also the one who has to step up his game to keep pace. I worry about his reads and his ability to get the ball out of his hands quicker. Wentz isn't sneaking up on anyone this year. Opponents will have had time to scheme for him and they will come after him. I'm pleased with the OL additions. We seem extremely deep there.
  11. Gotta be a money thing, though I know he didn't make all that much. I think ol' Howie's got another move up his sleever. Too bad about Bailey. Maybe he's on speed dial just in case...
  12. What do you want, a dissertation professor? Just don't get toasted on a regular basis and help us get to 10-6, which I agree, is what we're looking at. One and done in the playoffs.
  13. Excited to see what Pumphrey can do as well as Barnett. Could be our strongest draft in a while. We have to be able to rush Dak and Rodgers or at least bracket their weapons long enough to force them out of the pocket more often. I think we're a year away but 2017 is going to be exciting IMO.
  14. Like the enthusiasm but from what I've seen from Qualls he'll be lucky to make the team. Big fat run stuffer but a bit slow. The rest of the DL should be nasty.
  15. Given our situation in the secondary, expecting more from him is not unreasonable. Year 1 to 2 should be a decent step forward. Watkins is in the same boat. Year 3 player but injured one year and has only flashed. We're relying on these guys and they're being paid well. Yeah, they need to step up.