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  1. madriver

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Back to the OP's point: no you can't rank rypien, williams, mcmahon and dilfer with the greats, I don't care what era they were in. Many of the QBs who won it all got in because of injury or in the case of guys like Dilfer had generational defenses to carry them. Marino has to be at or near the top because of 16-0. I'd add Steve Young in there too, not far behind Montana.
  2. Hey morons, try to keep up... "And a woman who miscarries because of her own conduct—say, using drugs while pregnant—would be liable for second-degree murder, punishable by 10 to 30 years’ imprisonment. "
  3. RIP, thanks for helping build this league Bart.
  4. Not to get too political, but to criminalize a woman for having a miscarriage---as is on the table in many states---is beyond despicable. My heart goes out to this family.
  5. madriver

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    There are plenty of guys in the league who are good men...Long, Wentz, Aikman, Dawk...and I would say that the list of decent men is probably a lot longer. It's a tough business for sure, but no need to make it a cruel one as well. And speaking of narcissistic scumbags, It's not as if Robert Kraft couldn't throw a few less dollars at massages and human trafficking and open up the wallet for his players' health. Everytime you watch a Gillette commercial you're making him richer.
  6. madriver

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    I agree. The NFL is like your insurance company saying; "But how were we to know that you would come down with Cancer? We're not responsible for that!" It's an inhuman and pathetic argument. These guys should be covered like government workers, top to bottom for a lifetime.
  7. Yeah, great culture you have there in Happy Valley Ranch.
  8. madriver

    The Seahawks Cut Chancellor

    Legion of Boom has completely blown up.
  9. madriver

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    Jpp is either: 1. a total dope or 2. The unluckiest currently living player in the NFL
  10. I'm still floored by how Peyton Manning would tear apart a defense, any defense, and make it look easy. The guy was incredibly locked in and smart. I dreaded playing the Colts because I always knew it would be a blowout. Equally baffling is how human he looked in SBs 44, 48(downright inept) and 50 (even though the Broncos won). I guess it was a combination of age and teams figuring him out over time. But damn, what a run he had.
  11. Wow did the Bucs get hosed. SEVEN weeks without a game in Tampa plus an overseas game with Carolina. We have 3 straight road games which is bad enough, all against potential playoff teams (except maybe the Bills).
  12. madriver

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    I wouldn't say nothing but 2019 is all on him. It's literally NFCCG minimum, but really SB or bust, IMO.
  13. madriver

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Yep. This doesn't and shouldn't set the market for most quarterbacks because most have not won a SB as the starter including Wentz.