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  1. I'm still floored by how Peyton Manning would tear apart a defense, any defense, and make it look easy. The guy was incredibly locked in and smart. I dreaded playing the Colts because I always knew it would be a blowout. Equally baffling is how human he looked in SBs 44, 48(downright inept) and 50 (even though the Broncos won). I guess it was a combination of age and teams figuring him out over time. But damn, what a run he had.
  2. Wow did the Bucs get hosed. SEVEN weeks without a game in Tampa plus an overseas game with Carolina. We have 3 straight road games which is bad enough, all against potential playoff teams (except maybe the Bills).
  3. madriver

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    I wouldn't say nothing but 2019 is all on him. It's literally NFCCG minimum, but really SB or bust, IMO.
  4. madriver

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Yep. This doesn't and shouldn't set the market for most quarterbacks because most have not won a SB as the starter including Wentz.
  5. madriver

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Won't be the Eagles.
  6. Since it's a slow time in the offseason and we're playing games, what do you folks think about Russell Wilson running the Eagles offense? Would it work? Or is he too much of a scrambling QB to be disciplined in the RPO?
  7. madriver

    Encino Home Of Rams Coach Sean McVay Hit By Burglars

    I see what you did there...
  8. I hope he holds out until after the Eagles game.
  9. "On paper" is a term thrown around by fans to indicate how they feel their team has improved over other teams. There is no stat line for the future because it hasn't happened yet. I pointed out the changes you made this season and you instantly retreat into the past. I can do the same. As far as the future: I guess we'll see. And we'll also see if you're a temporary Cowboys troll who's bored in the offseason and will vanish after you lose to the Eagles or if you're a genuine football person.
  10. Ok just stop. You're embarrassing yourself here. No question the Pukes are an improved team from the long seasons---nearly a decade---of humiliation and abject failure, but they haven't proven much. Yeah you swept us but how far did we make it into the playoffs? Oh yeah, same bracket as your team and with a LOT fewer of our key starters. What, you think our coaches haven't studied those 2018 Cowboys games on film yet? Face it: If you're counting on the same calculus in 2019, you're living in the same dream world you've been living since the 90s with the same sad, depressing dreams of past glories.
  11. True. The difference between the top two NFCE teams and the bottom two this season may be staggering. Barring disaster I see the Eagles getting the division title over the Pukes. But c'mon, no Beasley and an old Witten back in? Amari, yes, Zeke yes, Dak, meh. I agree with @albertateal, on paper as of now, we are slightly better.
  12. madriver

    Jets new uniforms

    Not bad unis but not great. IMO not a huge step either way. If the team didn't suck I might care more. Looks a bit too much like the Eagles tho'.
  13. madriver

    Bleacher Report: What happened in Green Bay

    What a ****. Edit: not the OP, Rodgers. 🙂
  14. madriver

    AAF Officially Dead , 2 weeks before end of season.

    Agree. Even with the no kickoff and other rules it was like watching grass grow.
  15. He's actually a decent analyst IMO. Irvin, Romo, Troy...amazingly, that Cowboys era produced some really good football players and TV sportscasters. Hope for him and his family this is just a scare.