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  1. Happy Birthday. Stay the way you are and you will go far. You have a great personality and a nice haircut.

  2. Give me back my 12 sided dice you freak.

  3. *squirt*

    1. binkybink77


      You're such a sweet talker.. :wub:

  4. If you want we can light your thighs on fire and then douse them in ketchup friday night.

  5. Are you a colored fella jack?

  6. I want to make sweet, sweet love to you.

  7. James, why are the mods plotting against you? What have you done to deserve this?

  8. Dude, you sat on my Bonkers. They're all melted and squishy now.

  9. I'd like to jump out of a giant cake(naked) for your birthday. My body will be matted with cake and frosting. I will be delicious.

  10. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hi!

  11. Winter is coming...

  12. where's the mothaFin like button?

  13. the pope smokes dope.