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  1. Remember Booger venting about domestic violence and ignoring an Eagle interception during their most recent game on MNF?
  2. That's a bold statement without any NFL games having been played. Time will tell whether Jones has a good career, but calling him Peyton without playing a down is a bit much.
  3. Yah, everybody who is high on Jones says he reminds them of Payton. How was Payton's arm compared to this guy?
  4. 1. There is no way he is being traded. Do you remember how bad the Hawks were before they drafted him? 2. Even if 1 were not correct, no way he'd be traded to a NFC team. Del Rio's a tool
  5. For my money, I think Del Rio's an idiot, but he did say that, so take it for what it's worth.
  6. Procus

    Bleacher Report: What happened in Green Bay

    This is National Enquirer bs. I watch football to see some exciting plays. I don't care so much what's going on in the locker room - especially with other teams.
  7. Procus

    NFL Win Totals

    I'd rather see what the win totals were last year in April first to gauge reliability.
  8. You're probably right, although the Cards were the franchise that brought Don Coryell into the league.
  9. This is gonna suck. Watch.
  10. While I never liked him as a player, I am pulling for him to get through this.
  11. Procus

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Here's a big problem with this - once Brees is done, where does Sean Payton land? There have been whispers that he's slated to replace Jason Garrett in Dallas.
  12. Why don't you post your topic instead of posting a teaser to get the reader to open your thread? Are you that desperate for attention?