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  1. Procus

    Will there be an NFL season in 2020?

    No - in fact we could be facing a strong rebound. The bigger risk is that down the line, we will have a bad round of inflation and possibly hyperinflation.
  2. Procus

    Will there be an NFL season in 2020?

    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying attention to the boards. I didn't realize there was another thread on this.
  3. I tip my hat to the NFL for proceeding with the draft as scheduled in April. No, it won't be a normal draft. If anything, this year's draft looks to be like 2011 when there were labor troubles. It sure will be a welcome distraction for those of us stuck at home. My question is with the current pandemic whether or not it is even realistic to expect that there will be an NFL season. I think the best we may be able to hope for is some sort of partial season. But seriously, with the stay at home orders, I don't see how we can reasonably anticipate a stadium full of fans on game day, let alone players on the field hitting each other with no OTA's, and for that matter, possibly no or little training camp.
  4. From where I'm sitting, the NFL needs Brady to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders. The league wants to make a splash in Vegas, and what better way to do so than have Brady sign on for a year or so to close out his career there.
  5. Procus

    The four point dropkick

    The dropkick is still in the NFL rule book - but it's become a dinosaur pretty much since the shape of the ball was changed in the 40's. So this begs the question - why is the dropkick still in the book? It's a play that generates enough of an oddball type of attention every 10 years or so. Doug Flutie's extra point. Ravens kickoff this season. But otherwise, a relic. Suppose instead a tough drop kick - like a 45 yard or 50 year, or more, is worth 4 points. Game changer? Season changer? Seems worth a try in preseason for a couple of years.
  6. I could see Dallas making a splash by letting Dak walk and upgrading the QB position. I mean any idiot outside of Dallas can see how desperately that team needs to upgrade the QB position.
  7. Procus

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    I would hope that flex-scheduling would be accompanied by de-Boogerizing MNF
  8. Procus

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    Explain this to me - ESPN has Randy Moss on the payroll. Moss is articulate, knowledgeable, easy to listen to, and he's Randy friggin' Moss. But no, the network sticks Booger in the broadcast booth. Because why again???
  9. Procus

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    Ask yourself this - do you think the Eagles would have won the SB if Rhule was hired instead of Kelly? Rhule has all the makings of a great coach - but not necessarily a championship coach. Neither did Kelly. But he brought in fresh concepts that, standing aside from his obnoxious personality, were used to help bring out the best in Foles so that he could QB the team to its SB victory.
  10. Procus

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    So far, Gettleman has had a bad showing in NY. Having a lymphoma flare up while GM must have been a nightmare, and I certainly hope he made a full recovery. Can only imagine how that could impact on the job performance. Dave is responsible now for his second Giants coach, and time will tell whether he'll be more successful than the first. It occurred to me that what if the Panthers' success during Gettleman's reign as GM was due to Brandon Beane and NOT Gettleman.
  11. You know with a possible new regime in Dallas, could it be that the team swings a deal for a different QB and gives Dak the cold shoulder?
  12. Procus

    Dallas Cowboys 2020
  13. Procus

    Dorsey out as GM in Cleveland

    Interesting random thought, but when you realize Belichik would be leaving the city of Boston for Cleveland, leaving the Krafts for the Haslams, among other things, you'd realize it's not gonna happen.