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  1. And meanwhile, while many argue that the NFL ratings have NOTHING do to with the anthem protests, NFL viewership is down a whopping 11% so far this year. Anybody who believes that the anthem protests are not a prime factor in this drop has his head in the sand.
  2. I can't disagree with what you say. Sometimes, a situation is ripe for something to happen, and all it needs is a spark. Perhaps Kaep was just that spark.
  3. Absolutely incorrect. There are plenty of fans who seethe at the sight of a player disrespecting the national anthem. Statements like these remind me of the pollsters who didn't give Trump any chance of being elected.
  4. You just validated the point I was making. Your reaction is individual to you. Many others reacted in a different way. Not saying it's the only factor in the ratings decline, but it sure is a big one.
  5. In a way. Didn't you read about the non-stop political bashing at the Emmys? Again, this doesn't apply to everybody, but many people don't want their entertainment to be mixed with politics and social views. Try looking at it from the point of view of the other guy - not yours.
  6. True, but that has been going on for decades.
  7. Nope - never said I speak for all fans. But people like you have trouble with empathy - you can't see things from the perspective of others who have differing views than yours. They are the ones who are tuning out. And Eagles fans who frequent a team message board aren't going to tune out.
  8. Yes, and it is just a coincidence that the ratings decline started when Kaep started with his bs. Just a coincidence. The product didn't suck until that time.
  9. Lol. Like you speak for all football fans.
  10. Two different animals. If you live in Philly and are an Eagles fan, you'll be mighty pissed if you now have to started paying to watch games on TV.
  11. The bigger factor is the Kaepernick protests. While the liberals no doubt will harp on free speech, they forget that not everybody shares their views, and many patriotic Americans will choose to find something else to do on Sunday afternoons.
  12. He had a good record in Philly, did well in his brief stint in KC. His biggest hiccup was St. Louis. I think Nick is in a good situation right now as a back up. If Wentz goes down for a period of time, Foles can step in and win games for the team. What more can you ask from the player?
  13. This is a real estate deal. The new LA Stadium when completed will need another tenant besides the Rams (unless of course Wallyhorse has a better answer)
  14. You're right, it is odd. The sad answer is that the Chargers probably couldn't fill up a bigger stadium, and the league would not want to show them playing in an empty stadium.
  15. I stand corrected Wally. Thanks for pointing this out.
  16. You and fans of most of the other teams no doubt feel the same way.
  17. See decent shows, go out in the desert, go to the mountains, go to a zillion different casinos, etc. Do you really have to ask that question. You're thinking short term instead of long term. Only for a couple of years. After that, the new stadium will have two full time tenants.
  18. Raiders moved in 1980. Don't you remember the Eagles losing the SB to the LA Raiders which at the time, had a very small fanbase because of the move.
  19. Exactly. It could actually be a boon for Vegas among the football faithful. Many fans would plan a Vegas vacation around their team's road game against the Raiders.
  20. Same thing every year in Miami. Try going to a Jets game, an Eagles game, a Giant game, Steeler game, Bears game - it's a home game for the visiting team. Will likely be that way, at least for a while, in LA as well.
  21. That doesn't mean other people would not want to go Would be really cool if they had a casino in the stadium - although I don't know if the NFL would go for that
  22. People that live in Vegas. And there are many tourists who would love to see an NFL game while on vacation.
  23. I never heard anybody say that. Do you know the difference between Vegas and Jacksonville, between Vegas and Oakland, between Vegas and every other city in the U.S.?