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  1. Hey Rocco, you better not be stalking my good friend bobeph! I loved him first!

    We have an understanding ****ot?

  2. Hi Cally. Welcome to the Eagles Message Board. I look forward to enjoying your insight on the Eagles football season and also on life in general.


    Your EMB Moderating Team.

  3. Dear Gern,

    Thank you again for stopping by WID today. Your presence was an uplifting event for us all and we hope to see you post again shortly. But you are law enforcement aren't you?

    Talk to you soon.

    Yours Truly,


  4. Welcome to the EMB.

  5. If a status update gets posted in the woods, and nobody is around to read it, does it make a sound?

  6. Is there anything better in life than a nice hot bath while reading Chris Steuber's latest mock draft on your iPad?

  7. If Chris Steuber was an element on the periodic table he would be Hydrogen, because he always comes out on top.

  8. I wonder if Chris Steuber prefers pancakes to waffles?

  9. I wonder what Chris Steuber was up to last Friday.

    1. paco


      Fapping to pictures of Colt Brennan.

    2. .Dizzle


      That makes 3 of us. :wub:

  10. If I could have a smart cocktail with any celebrity past or present, I would choose Chris Steuber.

  11. I don't know which I miss more, Chris Steuber's scouting reports, or his warm thighs.

  12. Chris Steuber status updates are the coolest!

  13. Chris Steuber > Car door

    1. evilwaldo


      What kind of car door?

  14. Chris Steuber is to NFL Mock Drafting, like Mel Kiper is to NFL Mock Drafter's hair styles

  15. Chris Steuber has more knowledge about football then biged