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  1. @ coreyeagle

    Hi Corey, how are you? You come here often?


  2. I've had my rabies shots and only been diagnosed with 3 scientifically identifiable VD's...so I am pretty sure it is safe.

    In or out?

  3. Well hello to you too!

    You sound cute!!!!


  4. Steuber,

    I miss your forum already. Who do we need to petition to get it back?



  5. Hey Amber! A fellow female Eagles fan! Welcome to the boards, these guys can be harsh!!!

  6. You forgot the "I" in your username.

    That is all.

  7. ...not that there is anything wrong with that... :unsure:

  8. oh and btw - friedl99 likes boys

  9. Hey what's up Austrianbirdsfan...tough loss on Sunday eh...We'll get those gheybobs next time.


  10. Dear Prime,

    You are the sole reason we lost to the brokeback cowboys last night. I hate you! Never start a game day thread again.


  11. Hey Lucy,

    I ate one of your animal crackers. Just one...ok it was four, but none with frosting...ok ok ok frosting.

    I miss you!

  12. Happy B-Day Kevin,

    Hopefully Chickie is planning a special kind of birthday present if you know what I mean. Let me know if I can be involved in that in anyway.


  13. Hi Col2321,

    Thanks for joining the EMB, my name is .Dizzle and I am part of the welcoming committee. Please return soon and keep your chin up for all the n00b comments coming your way.

    Have fun,


  14. Hi JimJohnsonRules!,

    I saw that you stopped into my profile so I am replying just to say thanks for visiting and come back anytime. I am also a big fan of Jim Johnson and I already miss him dearly.

    Take care,


  15. Hi EagleLifer, thanks for joining the EMB

    I find your ideas intriguing and would like to hand out your literature at the airport.

  16. Dear Philanova,

    I am going through a tough time and my life and making amends in my 12 step program. I can't help to feel partially responsible for your name change since I endlessly teased you about being a ghey boy wonder. Please accept my sincerest apology and I hope we can still be friends. okthxbaibai

  17. Hi Cappeeler,

    I'm sorry for the vicious comments my fellow WUers had in your thread about the pics of your wife. I am sure she is a very outstanding companion and I am happy for the both of you. Stay strong. okthxbaibai

  18. Hi Matt,

    It's been a while since we talked and I am starting to think it is because I stepped on your toes a little bit with my OLGBlog. I hope you didn't see that as a direct agront to your work in the O-line blog. Also, I miss our kind, intellectual discussion blog, lots of good comments were had there. take care. okthxbaibai

  19. 10 Threads in TATE about Vick starting over McNabb? Was that really necessary...it was nice knowing you.

  20. Hey GF,

    I haven't seen you around lately, and I couldn't help but think I might be responsible for all the Triple Kiss talk in TCB. I am sorry if my sexuality has made you uncomfortable in any way and I promise in the future I will give you and Sixxy some more space. Please forgive me. okthxbaibai

  21. Hi PH,

    Looks like you are enjoying your Wed. I am on step 9 of my 12 step programa and I am writing you to appologize for making fun of your lack of previous sexual experience. As a JW I know you are a very religious person and I am sure that having relations in the sanctity of marriage is somethign you have strived very hard for. Please forgive me for my negative peer preesure.

  22. Hi Dave,

    I have been off and on the board and lately I have been going through some alcohol related issues. Well my sponser tells me in order to move past step 9 I need to make ammends. About 2 years ago I started a thread in TATE about you being a lapdog for the FO. I hope that if you saw it you forgive me, I think you are doing a great job.


  23. Dear Phlip,

    In the past I have spent countless hours making derogatory marks about the sport of Nascar. Recently through my practice I was able to meet a driver named Kurt Busche and my opinions are beginning to change. Please forgive my previous callouse attitude in this regard.


  24. Hi Jane,

    I am glad that you and I could finally find some common ground in the public breast feeding thread. I know that we have had our differences, but as two members of the bar, I'd like to think we are somewhat of kindred spirits despite our disagreements on anything not eagle related. Please take my sincerest apologies for any wrong I have done on you in the past.