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  1. This baby is still going man this is funny
  2. Vernon Davis's P is so long that it has impregnated 25 women in the future... today
  3. ey whats up man were in woodbridge are you I just moved outta there 3 years ago from PWC kerrydale

  4. This is a great draft at tightend in 2008 Vernon Davis will declare for the Nfl Draft. Vernons shlong will make history by being the only man and schlong to be drafted in the 1st round at diffrent positions. Yes you heard it here first the top Prospect in the Nfl draft ( Vernons Schlong) will be suiting up as linebacker. When asked about the desicion to line up opposite of the rest of him he replied " Glup, glup...glub..Squirt?" Which roughly translate to " I just want to pound some Tightends!"
  5. **********News Flash*********** Scientist have confirmed that the hole in the atmosphere was infact caused by an aroused Vernon Davis. This discovery was made when on inspection of the hole the atmosphere began to give birth to quadrublit planets that all had dreads and vernons face implanted on the hemisphere. In other news Venus is now sporting her very own ozone fractor