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  1. [News] Darby Another Young Piece Added To Core

    Company man article. If I see another article mentioning last years WR's I am going to puke Spads.
  2. [News] High Hopes For CB Jalen Mills In Year 2

    I really don't get the hype around this kid. PFF had him rated dead last last year. Below McKelvin.
  3. You like Bannon so you are obviously a very poor judge of talent.

  4. NFL passes no-leaping rule; approves ban for head hits

    Should do away with the most ridiculous rule of all. If you fumble the ball out of bounds while in the field of play your team retains possession but if you are running in for a TD and accidentally fumble the ball into and out of the end zone your team loses possession. Completely ridiculous. Should retain possession from the spot of the fumble.
  5. [News] WR Alshon Jeffery Joins The Eagles

    Just so you all do't get too high, Torrey Smith was ranked dead last in the NFL for WR's. Agholor was next to last.
  6. [News] What Happened To 'Defense Wins' In NFL?

    What happened to 'Defense Wins Championships'? The rules happened. You can no longer look at a QB with bad thoughts and you can't touch a WR (although they can push off).
  7. [News] Doug Pederson, One Year Later

    Hey Doug, TAKE THE POINTS and NEVER throw the WR screen again!
  8. [News] Finally, Eagles Win A Close One

    This "take it into next season" is BS. Next year has nothing to do with this year. Different players, different coaches (possibly), other teams change. Look at Dallas. Not to mention Pederson almost lost another one with his stupid decisions. These mistakes are Coaching 101. Glad we won but 6-9 is what it is.
  9. [News] Finally, Eagles Win A Close One

    No, this team is not better than it has played.
  10. Cowpukes have better WR's, RB, OL and TE. Any more questions?
  11. [News] Lawlor: Learning To Close

    Play calling was horrible. If I see another sideways pass along or behind the LOS I will scream (cost us a FG that would have won the game in the 4th quarter). Sproles was playing great all game so Pederson puts in a rookie at a critical time in the 4th quarter and calls his number, fumble. Why use Smallwood at that time in the game. THROW THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD!!!!!!
  12. [News] In-Game Updates: Eagles-Lions

    Field goals lose games in the NFL. TD's win games.
  13. Bruce Arians

    Arians is a fraud. Talks tough (curses a lot). Classless. Throws his players under the bus. 1-3 is about right with an aging QB with no mobility who can only throw the bomb.
  14. On all the embedded videos in Eagle Eye in the Sky I get this message. Anyone know how to fix it?
  15. On all the embedded videos in Eagle Eye in the Sky I get this message. Anyone know how to fix it?