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  1. Greetings,

    A while back you made a recommendation on the board regarding  CD ripping software. I do not remember which ripper you preferred.

    I am planning to build a digital music server based on the raspberry pi and a HAT DAC. What music format (mp3, flac, etc) do you recommend?


  2. afan,

    Make sure you tell McNabb that he doesn't need any more playmakers. He seems to think he does and said as much in his blog. You go set him straight.


  3. hey, shylynch mentioned a draft analysis you did a couple of years back in a thread in the college football section . Any chance you could find it again and repost it? thanks man

  4. hey man. umm when you say arlington, do you mean virginia. and if so you know any bars i can watch the eagles at?

  5. Hey buddy! Still think Jeremy Bloom is a Steve Smith clone?

  6. i appreciate all the work you do on the emb.