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  1. Sounds like a mix up with someone in the Chiefs contacting his agent and someone leaking something before Riddick found out
  2. The reports said he some sort of deferred payment deal in place for that. Not sure the specifics or cap implications of it.
  3. Just speculating here, but it's pretty weird they went into the offseason saying they wanted to keep both Reid and Dorsey for the forseeable future, to now signing Reid and firing Dorsey. Smells like a power struggle won by Reid
  4. Im sure its part injury and part base/workout guarantees. Exactly how much is the unknown.
  5. Actually I'm kind of wrong too. That total guarantee probably has a chunk that is "guaranteed for injury only" which is why they worded it that way. Agents like to throw that fluff out to reporters to make the deal seem bigger than it really is. You would need a full breakdown to see whats really guaranteed and whats not, but his SB is $40M with the rest of the $30M being unknown at this point.
  6. Its bad wording. He gets $40M as a signing bonus. An additional $30M is guaranteed at some point in the contract, totaling $70M guaranteed
  7. I'm too afraid to
  8. Never going to happen. You would have to erase the waiver rule when demoting someone to the practice squad and then you would have to keep practice squads team exclusive and untouchable from other teams signing the guys to their own active roster. This is getting to Wally levels of rule changing.
  9. Not always, but they tend to be common. I'm not sure any of the matchups touch how long Eagles/Jets have been.
  10. His option is about $14m and is guaranteed for injury. A big reason why they didnt pick it up.
  11. I think the NFL needs fully guaranteed contracts and protected picks. Because why the F not. Right?
  12. It has, but that stupid law complicates the civil suit. Since he is an "innocent man" they cant use his conviction in the civil suit and basically have to reprove the murder to a new jury, plus whatever the defense team can do to complicate it more.
  13. I guess you could say the prison officers found him hanging from the... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Tight End.
  14. Much like the New England Patriot way, Hernandez has found a way to cheat the system
  15. This is the same guy who got Casey Anthony off, that's a long 15 mins