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  1. Put up a tribute thread for you as I tie your post count. Going 24 hours without posting in your memory.

  2. DFC

    I feel bad because I am going to eclipse your post count soon. I will have a week of silence w/ the DFC account as a sign of respect. You are missed...

  3. Mama

    Thinking of you on this Christmas evening Andy. I miss you

  4. Mama

    7 months today, Andy. Miss you

  5. Still remember you from the old Eagles board. RIP to a great fan.

  6. Mama

    Andy, I can't believe it, but it's 5 months today. I keep looking for your posts....

    Please know you are missed.

  7. Mama

    Andy, just thinking of you on the day of the big game. I guess you have one of the best seats in the house for it!

  8. DFC

    If you're reading this, April and I just celebrated our one year anniversary in July. We could have done it without you, but it was much easier with your help. Did Jesus give you a hard time for not following him? If you're kicking it with Christ, tell him I said hello.

  9. Mama

    Just stopped in to say I'm thinking of you with the season starting. Five is back! And your Four is back playing again!

  10. Mama

    Three months have passed Andy, and there isn't a day I log on here that I don't miss you. I look at all the Five items you sent me and It does give me comfort.

  11. GPBT

    OLD BALLS!!!!!!

  12. Andy, it's just no the same without you. Our FFL has been renamed in your honor (McBooBoo) and I'm recruiting Peeps and BGal as new members (Barkie dropped out). I miss you so much. Always, Lisa

  13. Mama

    Two months today since you've left us Andy. I really miss your posts.