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  1. Are the Browns going 0-16

    Unbelievable... I thought Jackson was suppose to be some "Qb guru?" Not only has he shown to be completely inept at coaching up the position, but as well as running a team. Even as an Eagles fan who has never seen a SB winner, ya gotta feel bad for the diehards they have left..
  2. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Why do all of Carrs passes seem to arc super high?
  3. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Well I certainly missed a few things from this game. What happened there? I did see someone touch the ref, was that him? I got a distracted and stopped paying attention.
  4. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Damn I thought that was Lynch with the ball..
  5. Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    I think you have to do it at that point. 3 timeouts plus the 2 minute warning. Kind of a last gasp but had to be done, maybe the refs want to see a game.
  6. Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    I turned it on with 8 minutes left to be honest. And if anyone can explain to me why does the end zone extend infinitely when a player dives but the sideline does not? I remember Vick getting a touchdown on us when he was with the falcons where the ball was completely out of bounds but he was mid air so it counted?
  7. Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    Am I the only one watching this now? 22-29 with 3:47 to go..
  8. Could / Should Tony Romo Play For The Pack??

    That's what it was! But why even say it if he's not thinking about it? All it will lead to is 100 questions from as many reporters..
  9. Could / Should Tony Romo Play For The Pack??

    He did make a strange comment during the Thursday night game, something along the lines of "if he ever plays again" and Nantz joked about chaining him to the broadcast booth.
  10. Week 6: Giants @ Broncos

    What in the world is going on?
  11. Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Anyone know what the rainbow-like decal on the back of the endzones are for?
  12. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

  13. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

    He's just so calm running the 2 minute offense. Makes it look effortless. Always fun to watch him play.
  14. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

    And it's Aaron Rodgers, so there's that
  15. Week 5: Packers @ Cowboys

    Pack D bit hard on that fake