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  1. Eh. Former Eagle who hasn't played a down for them yet. I'm sure there was some bias.
  2. How about Deion postponing his HOF eligibility for two seasons as the ravens nickel?
  3. This was my first thought when I read it a little bit ago. Wasn't there a quote from Millen when he got hired saying he wasn't qualified? Also, does anyone know if Lynch was actively trying to get into a front office position? It just makes no sense
  4. Why do the packers have alternate helmets? I thought they got rid of that?
  5. Your so angry about this. Weird. But really, did he ever get that fair shot? Can you tell me what he actually would have done? Will you say that he doesn't have tremendous talent but a crap attitude. That's the awesome thing about speculation. If you bring up week one. It was his first real action in over a year. Also it shows why the Washington's were concerned about 16 mil.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/money/2015/09/01/news/companies/rg3-contract/index.html
  7. I'd like to see TD, LT, TO, and Jason Taylor. And of course Dawk, but I don't think he gets in this year.