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  1. We will have to do an eagles tailgate party down there!
  2. Just got tickets for September 17th game in K.C. We are driving down from Sioux Falls. I am Hoping to get together with a group of birds fans. Hopefully we have a good showing.
  3. No. I just can't believe all of the meat head cowpie fans on the Eagles board. You don't get my point. If there is a way to give Jerry's boys an advantage, it happens. You are ignorant, go hang yourself.
  4. Cowpie fans take it in the a--! Go where your own uneducated buddies are d-bag!
  5. Not as big of an advantage as night games. Fans are crazier and louder. I guess my pure hatred of Dallas makes me notice the little things. I live in South Dakota and it is like Dallas north out here.
  6. I know how the teams on the schedule work. I just made the point that it seems that Dallas plays all of their division games that are night games at home. Being at home in prime time games is an advantage. So my point is that whatever Jerry can do to sway things into his advantage, he does. Would less people watch the cowpies in the evening if they were on the road? Not whining, noticing.
  7. When is the last time the cowpies played a division rival on the road in a prime time game? They host all three division foes in prime time and play all of them on the road in noon games. I seriously question the legitimacy of the league and how they cater to the pies. They also host Seattle and Kansas City who are significantly tougher at home than on the road, not to mention Green Bay.
  8. Great 24 hours here. My fourth grade eagles won their championship game 30-14, then we beat the viqueens which is the most popular team in this area.
  9. Thanks!
  10. I coach my son's 4th grade tackle football team and the league had eagles as one of the options. I jumped all over it and have converted a couple kids to Philadelphia Eagles fans! This saturday we play for the league championship. Go eagles, big and small!
  11. I am from Hartford SD and am going to the opener this sunday.
  12. If this is true, and sadly I hope it is, the cowpies are going down the drain in a hurry. Can you imagine how nerve-racking this would be if we had drafted him?
  13. I got three seats in section105 row 8. We are from south dakota and this will be my fourth graders first philly trip and he is pumped. Eight hundred and fifty bucks hurts but it will be worth it for the look on his face as we take it all in. Hitting phillies versus pirates the next night. I can't wait to get back out there.