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  1. He still hasn't learned. He threatened another woman and authority in 2016 - Mixon then got into his vehicle and "inched at the officer with vehicle in drive to intimidate the officer with vehicle," the report details. I mean I knew when I was 6 not to retaliate at a girl who pulled my hair a lot in school. I never yelled at her , threatened her, hit her nothing. I punched a few boys immediately who tried to mess with me in school when I was a kid. I didn't take crap from any boys. He doesn't even have the maturity of a 6 year old boy.
  2. Jackson is best in off coverage and zone. Humphrey is best in man . I'm not sure which type Schwartz prefers. He ran zone a decent amount but was that because our corners couldn't stay with receivers.
  3. Excellent analysis with the man!
  4. Re: In Western Michigan’s first possession of the third quarter, Davis takes a pass for a 62-yard touchdown on an amazing catch-and-run, a play that drew an audible response from Quick as Davis broke multiple tackles on his way to the end zone. I don't understand Fran's comment here or I am blind and don't see the contact multiple times. He ELUDED multiple tacklers but he only broke one tackle. I see one guy get a hand on him.
  5. Suddenly many corners moved up while not actually playing in games with pads on.
  6. Eagles do have a 6-3 WR, Jordan Matthews. Surprised Tommy had that wrong.
  7. I was messing with you, I don't know when I got a raise last. You generally never get onecunless it's a promotion or you were underpaid at some point. Basically you go to another company if you want more money and can get it. Interesting to hear how this personally affects someone, good luck for you.
  8. People get raises? Who are you getting a big raise from because of this?
  9. Guenther is under contract as DC for Bengals next year. He's interviewing for head coach.
  10. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25342577/browns-qb-johnny-manziel-pulled-over-by-police-admits-to-drinking Mary Kay CabotVerified account‏@MaryKayCabot #Browns Manziel told police he had only 2 drinks. Girlfriend was impaired. Manziel spent 10 weeks in rehab in offseason.
  11. Every time I see this bumped I think he signed somewhere.
  12. Now kids gotta worry about OL coach attacks at the beach too?