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  1. eaglesfanclub.com

    Denver Philly Fans

    Any groups in Denver these days? Will be here with my boys for the season opener.
  2. eaglesfanclub.com

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Just moved to Fort Worth from Denver. Started the fan club in Denver in 2001. I actually started EaglesFanClub.com when I was living in Houston in 1997. After the Oilers left, everyone became an instant Cowpie fan. Was the largest bandwagon jump I have ever seen. Anyways, got tired of watching the Eagles games with a bar full of Cowboy fans, so started the site as a listing to find other fans. Can't believe it is going on 11 years now. I would have loved to meet up with the Dallas group, but it is about a 50 mile drive from Fort Worth to Plano, so decided to get something going over here. Look forward to the season, and keeping close with our brothers and sisters in Plano! Dave
  3. eaglesfanclub.com

    Eagles Fan Clubs around the world

    Have not heard anything to indicate differently! Dave
  4. eaglesfanclub.com

    Eagles Fan Clubs around the world

    If you are looking for Eagles fans in your area, there is only one place you need to go: EaglesFanClub.com! It's a listing of fan clubs around the world, with Points-Of-Contact and maps for most locations, in addition to the bars and fan clubs website, if applicable. Also, if you are a member of or know of a fan club, use the Submittal Form so I can add it to the site! Dave Helping Eagles fans since 1998
  5. eaglesfanclub.com

    Houston Eagles fans?

    There is a guy on here that is getting a group together in Houston. They go to Texadelphia off of Westheimer Rd., near the galleria. The address and all is on EaglesFanClub.com under the fan club locator. I have his contact info somewhere, will try to find it and post it.