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  1. Numbers don't lie no matter how much I wanted them to lose. The only aspect that they lost in was TO's 2-1. 200 more yds, 37-17 in 1st downs, TOP 40min to 23. So much for Shanahan, Ryan, Julio and their VAUNTED offense. I will say had they got say 11 more plays on offense i.e. 3 more 1st downs in regulation, they would have won. CHOKE THE FALCCCCCONNNNN !!! I still want Davis.
  2. Why cry when we can just TANK for a decade like the BOYZ did, that seems to work.
  3. Buh bye Witten and Free.
  4. How is that going to happen, cap strapped and picking at 28 and all ???
  5. The NFL stinks this year that's why I want us in the playoffs even knowing we are in a rebuild mode sort of. No team is overly impressive, at least consistently. Too bad it's not Wentz's and Dougies 3rd season.
  6. All their guys get open and all our guys suck.
  7. We got a shot too. Any team close to .500 has a shot. This is the time of the year when the best team turns it up a few notches. That's the team. The season starts now, really. FEAR THE EAGLES !!!
  8. Good !!! You put the jinx on them. I just don't see it. Although I've only watched them against us and the 2 starting picks made it hard to judge them, I did stay in a Queensland Hotel the other afternoon. That place is a chain of " Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn " . Those kind of places are prevalent over here, hence the overpopulation. I really didn't stay there unfortunately. Giants are middling but playing very efficiently, that's why I don't see it.
  9. How can that be ? Should be at least 4 OBVIOUS more. NFL they got to fix this ****.
  10. So you think there is a resemblance then ? You don't say ? LOL Maybe I shouldn't say anything since I've only seen them play one game this year and that was against Wash. Needless to say they didn't impress me and The Skinz looked like at least their equal.
  11. I hope their team is as over confident as there fans sound. Long season so you guys should wait at least until December before you start buying your SB tickets. Being a perennial 5th best team in the league ain't all it's cracked up to be. Worse draft picks, harder schedules and to top it all off NO TROPHIES for you.
  12. F-****-A-NEW-ENGLAND-PATRIOTS !!! That is all.
  13. I think Bradford right now is better than Bridgewater was pre injury. That's what I THINK. Just saying.
  14. As a black man I'm sure he understands far more than you give him credit for. Nuanced it ain't to him. Most white people are so ignorant and self serving to understand or WANTING to understand. The ACLU has taken up the cause of many of these far right/bigoted groups. They are there to protect Constituitional rights.
  15. Similar to FOX NEWS you implying ??? FAR LEFT COMMUNIST INEPTITUDE & LIABILITIES fair and balanced, what a joke. It's like Trump, he says something and then says " that's what I heard " Listening to himself speak. Yeah I heard FOX is fair and balanced.