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  1. So SLOWWWWWWW in loading
  2. NFLPA thinks he does but he told them not at this time. This is basically CENSORSHIP BY THE FANS. Hear no evil.
  3. Nah I don't swing that way but they do have a bevy of chix with Dix over here, Gotta be careful, some look pretty good so you gotta train your eye.
  4. Long lines huh ?
  5. Inappropriate
  6. Hey just thought I'd stop by and see how you guys are doing, your guys backs must be sore by now. Anyways geniuses, Kap suing NFL not because he was discriminated against based on his race, no no no it will be about him being discriminated for his beliefs about social injustice. I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night so IMO he could have a case. I would think right now there is some very successful attorneys who sympathize with the guy who will approach him with the idea if this isn't straightened out soon, you know the kind that do pro bono work for ACLU or Common Cause in their spare time, those sorta guys. I mean I think we all can agree it is discrimination. Where we disagree is that some of us think it's wrongful while others that in this case it's ok 😉😉😉
  7. WOW ! This place seems like a bunch of white guys patting each other on the back. Be careful your small room is getting smaller. Remember those days when employers could openly discriminate ? I smell lawsuit and I can definitely see the NFL handing him a boatload of cash as settlement to just go away. He should push for a job with fair compensations maybe with incentives this season and if he doesn't have one by the end of training camp, lawyer up. No diversity here, I don't get the Eagles or the NFL.
  8. I forgot who brought up the plight of the guys laying at the bottom of the sea fleeing Cuba ? That was the topic I was responding to, reminding people of our own checkered past. FLASH IN THE PAN - Nick Foles LOL but too late now. Give Kap a decent coach and staff, he'll be up there, top 15. We don't need it because we have a future top 5, I suspect. Eli would suck too if he had to endure the last 2 yrs in SF. He is pretty mediocre already. Political dissent squash it quick. We don't like it. Vlad can show us how.
  9. The US built on the backs of slavery and stealing from native Americans, I know not convenient to be reminded. The greater good ... for white people. Kap under this staff, probably better than Foles. You guys got your guy in now but a new day is coming. Feel it ? Stay in your little FOXNEWS world and then a rude awakening awaits you.
  10. You can discriminate if you want, after all it's your right. Castro is not even close to Hitler, read up on it. Cuban Americans the former oligarchs ? They controlled everything and now they don't. Don't think they didn't make their own bed. How many more undeserving black people will need to be executed by white police before you say, I GET IT, KAP HAS A POINT ?
  11. Profit before justice, good for you. Baggage ? Poor babies oblivious to the state of affairs going on around them. Jackie Robinson wouldn't stand a chance with this crowd, after all profit comes first not what's right.
  12. Like I said, in the day I'm sure the same people hated MLK maybe even still do.
  13. Ya think ??? 🙄
  14. Yeah, I know, it doesn't exist. LOL ... you guys 😏. I'd say easily a top 50 QB i. e. he deserves a job and anything less is catering to the lowest common denominator. The guy took a pay cut to make a statement and I applaud that. I expect if the NFL allows this to continue, there will be many players kneeling to show their support. Get ready.