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  1. Just a heads up, might of been a one time thingy, but I have friends who tailgate with me and others and they don't have tickets to the game. They just come down and setup TV"s to watch the game in the parking lot after the game starts. Well, for the first time ever, they cleared everyone out of the lots once the game was about to start. So they had to bust everything down. This is the first time it happened to them and they been doing it for years. Cheers.
  2. Scrapple

    Waxy Oconners Pub London

    This seems to be the place that everyone is hitting up during the week prior to the game Sunday (pub with tons of tv's). Supposedly beer specials all week leading up to the game.
  3. Scrapple

    What's the best FREE streaming site ?

    just remember, install adblock pro and ublock or you will get malware on these sites.. they are plugins for your browser
  4. green legion is selling their pregame party separate definitely worth it as it includes unlimited Guinness ? im interested in the halloween factor in london, should I wear a costume friday night out?
  5. Scrapple

    Eagles Saints

    Im heading that way... will be looking on stubhub. I did the Green Legion Nawlins trip years ago and we had a great time marching from Bourbon Street to the game in the morning. If you have never been to New Orleans, its a great time. Definitely check out Pat Obriens dualing pianos at night (they sung the fight song last time I was there), Cats Meow for some Karaoke, and well, just use Yelp for all the good food in the quarter.
  6. fly in on friday if possible... spend saturday at either a sixers or flyers game =)
  7. I just found a Philly themed restaurant and bar coming in February so might have to check it out in London: Could be a good spot for fans to meet up if its big enough
  8. Heading over the pond to see the game (green legion trip). What are some cool pubs to hit? What are the non-touristy spots that are must see? London has Uber right?
  9. Houston Eagles Nest! Great to see you back... I won't be at the tailgate (overseas until Thanksgiving).... have a great time!
  10. We’re looking to tailgate later today for the Birds 9ers

  11. I have hooked people up on this board in the last few years with info on the Danny Burke Tailgate so if you are looking for a great tailgate experience, private message me. Basically, it starts when gates open, has 6 or so cooks every game who constantly are cooking and rotating in great food like crab cakes, scallions, meats, chilis, you name it. About 6 large coolers constantly stocked with your basic beers (sorry, I am a beer snob) up to good IPA's and drinks for the ladies. Two bathrooms in RV's. Just PM me if you want the information, its a great time.
  12. Scrapple

    1st game

    yea, preseason game... season ticket holders bring their kids to these games or sell them... its basically a fake crowd.... but you will enjoy it nonetheless. Tailgating will happen but the real tailgating starts during the regular season.