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  1. skippyx

    SNF: Patriots @ Texans.

    Its so strange seeing team after team play the Patriots and each of those teams have multiple TEs that are better than the Patriots TEs.
  2. skippyx

    The Bills made Jerry cry

    Campo and Spurrier. Good times!
  3. skippyx

    The Bills made Jerry cry

    Wade Phillips was 34-22 .607 as a Cowboys coach with a playoff win in 4 seasons. Phillips was 33-13 in 3 seasons and he gets canned after a 1-7 start to year 4. They massively downgraded with The Clapper. He is 83-65 .560 as a Cowboys coach with 1 real playoff win in 9+ seasons (and 1 ref fix where they picked up the flag *Party Bus*) The Clapper survives 3 straight 8-8 seasons. The Clapper survives a 4-12 season. Dave flippin' Campo survived a pair of 5-11 seasons. Jerrah is so awful at this whole football thing.
  4. skippyx

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    I agree. The Giants are horrific and they are rebuilding with duct tape, trading draft picks for expensive vets, and signing cap busting deals. They will be a 10 loss team again next year. Daniel Jones is so incredibly awful that he actually negates Saquon Barkley. Barkley is a 2.63 per carry runner with Jones (hes been injured and no team respects Jones as a passer at all) Barkley also has to be a blocker because Jones fumbles if a defender looks at him. Barkley also apparently has to be on the lookout for backwards fumbles that Jones launches on his way to the ground while being sacked. Jones and Eli cost 28 million this year. They could have cut Eli and drafted Jones or another QB later and paid their QBs 4 million this year (+6 in dead Eli money) and put that 18 million forward or to extend young players. They wasted 6 million on Tate this year and have 10 a year tied up in him for his ages 32-34 seasons. They have to pay Solder 20 a year for the next 2 years or let him go for a 13 million hit. Leonard Williams is going to get 12-15 million a year and cost 2 draft picks or they let him go and he still costs 2 draft picks. Zeitler is due 27 million the next two years or 5 million to go away. Sheppard is due about 10 million a year over the next 4 years or 8 million to go away (who knows if he ever gets over these concussions) Evan Engram has one cheap year left and then is a 10 million guy as a 5th year option or gone. 32 year old Jackrabbit Jenkins is due 14.5 million next year or 3.5 million to go away. Jabril Peppers has one cheap year left and then he is a 10 million guy or gone. Ogletree is due 22.5 million the next 2 years. Jones and Saquon are paid about 14.5 per year combined over the next 2 years on their high pick rookie deals. Their O-line is below average and expensive. Their pass rush is weak. They have no real corners. They don't have a real QB. (get back to me in 2 years if he learns how to play) I guess I like Engram, Slayton, and Barkley without Jones at QB.
  5. skippyx

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Cowboys lose to the Bears and Rams. Eagles beat the 4 bad teams left on the schedule. Dallas wins in Philly Philly takes the division 9-7 to 8-8 Philly hosts Seattle, SF, GB, or Minny and is a 6 point underdog on merit.
  6. skippyx

    Nick Foles Gets Life

    You want Philly Philly?
  7. skippyx

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    So he can kill and torture all the Cubans he wants (including descendants of slaves in Cuba) as long as he high-fives Malcom X and calls people in Harlem 'his people' Next up will we hear from you how a certain 30s-40s fascist was actually a good painter and nice to White Christian Germans perhaps? Sell your pathetic Castro drivel somewhere else. We are not buying it here.
  8. skippyx

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    This elevation through history of this turd is a pathetic hot take and its not an original thought even here. The answer to what he was protesting is this : " insert nothing here " No one remembers his message because he buried it. His protest has been covered in crap and lit on fire with all of his social media garbage. He has sold his protest to Nike for a quick buck. He gets awards on the professional victim circuit where he hobnobs with people who are so elite and so far removed from any form of oppression that they can spend 4 years at an expensive college getting a degree in African American studies. He is not a man of the people. He is a man of Jemele Hill and Nessa and Shaun King and their elitist false victim-hood circle. There are real problems in Black America but those parasites are getting rich without fixing a thing. The man stood in a Slave Fort in a country with active 2016 slavery and cried about 400 years of colonialism with all the understanding of a 6-year-old. No one will remember him as anything but a turd. Comparing him to Jackie Robinson or Ali or athletes on a medal stand in 1968, or MLK?????? is pure SJW spin. No one believes you. No one takes your prattle seriously.
  9. skippyx

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    QB ratings vs Arizona going into this game: 121.8 QB Rating of the QB they faced today 78.1
  10. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Daniel Jones today!
  11. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Anyone want to guess Dave Brown's ANY/A in 1994 as a first time starter for the Giants? You know. Tall guy and a 1st round pick from Duke (supplemental). 4.61 baby! Dude is statistically most like Dave Brown and Christian Ponder. You must be so proud. But he looks good (to you) and has an arm (as do all QBs) and you think its strength is special because you are smarter than an NFL scout. (typical NY arrogance) Plus he is a favorite for rookie of the year because he plays in New York and he got 2 rushing TDs against horrific defense (1 back 7 ignore the QB play call and 1 absolute contain fail) No one with eyes who is not a liar thinks these were difficult plays to score on. No one with eyes who is not a liar thinks the TD to Engram was anything special by the QB. Sure, hes made a few nice throws to go along with his 9 turnovers in 165 plays. I am sure he can continue his growth and become a career .500 QB with a playoff win or 2 if he gets the right matchup in the wildcard round. He was not worth the 6th pick and you now know it. Your anger is real. Feel free to lash out with as much toddler-tantrum insults as you want. It's just more lies from a liar. My pointing out reality and stats > your name calling.
  12. skippyx

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Houston at KC could be one of those 41-37 type games but it also has huge implications for the bye. It may be common knowledge that Mahomes is the best NFL QB through 22 starts but its also true that Watson is the best NFL QB through 27 starts. Watson has a 100+ rating in 15 of his 27 starts including 3 perfect 158.3 rating games. If Houston can win in KC and in Indy the next 2 weeks, they will be looking great for the inside track on the #2 seed.
  13. skippyx

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Through 6 games the Patriots D is allowing a net 1 point per game. The 49ers are giving up a net 9 points per game which would be the best in almost any other year. Through 165 drop backs Danny Ducks is a Christian Ponder clone. 4.61 ANY/A vs Ponder's career 4.60 Ponder's GM was not a genius for picking him at #12 overall The Vikings are vulnerable against the pass: Carr 103.7 rating Rodgers 101.2 rating Ryan 85.5 rating Chase Daniel 101.4 rating Ignore 2 of the worst draft picks in NFL history (Trubisky and Jones) The Vikings top 2 run game vs the Eagles top 2 rush defense is the matchup of the week. Dan Snyder has now owned the DC team for 21 seasons They have been ranked 20th or worst in: offense points - 14 times offense yards - 7 times defense points - 11 times defense yards - 10 times They have 0 seasons with 11+ wins. They are on their way to their 7th season with 11+ losses.
  14. skippyx

    TNF: Giants @ Patriots.

    Career ANY/A Danny Ducks 4.61 Christina Ponder 4.60 So smart to take the Christian Ponder clone at #6 overall.
  15. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    You want to talk tough competition? Buffalo gives up the 3rd lowest passer rating on D and Dallas the 8th. New England is a clear #1 but Minnesota is 14th, Tampa is 15th, and DC is 29th. They clearly benched Eli way too soon because he is the better QB right now.