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  1. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Anyone want to guess Dave Brown's ANY/A in 1994 as a first time starter for the Giants? You know. Tall guy and a 1st round pick from Duke (supplemental). 4.61 baby! Dude is statistically most like Dave Brown and Christian Ponder. You must be so proud. But he looks good (to you) and has an arm (as do all QBs) and you think its strength is special because you are smarter than an NFL scout. (typical NY arrogance) Plus he is a favorite for rookie of the year because he plays in New York and he got 2 rushing TDs against horrific defense (1 back 7 ignore the QB play call and 1 absolute contain fail) No one with eyes who is not a liar thinks these were difficult plays to score on. No one with eyes who is not a liar thinks the TD to Engram was anything special by the QB. Sure, hes made a few nice throws to go along with his 9 turnovers in 165 plays. I am sure he can continue his growth and become a career .500 QB with a playoff win or 2 if he gets the right matchup in the wildcard round. He was not worth the 6th pick and you now know it. Your anger is real. Feel free to lash out with as much toddler-tantrum insults as you want. It's just more lies from a liar. My pointing out reality and stats > your name calling.
  2. skippyx

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Houston at KC could be one of those 41-37 type games but it also has huge implications for the bye. It may be common knowledge that Mahomes is the best NFL QB through 22 starts but its also true that Watson is the best NFL QB through 27 starts. Watson has a 100+ rating in 15 of his 27 starts including 3 perfect 158.3 rating games. If Houston can win in KC and in Indy the next 2 weeks, they will be looking great for the inside track on the #2 seed.
  3. skippyx

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Through 6 games the Patriots D is allowing a net 1 point per game. The 49ers are giving up a net 9 points per game which would be the best in almost any other year. Through 165 drop backs Danny Ducks is a Christian Ponder clone. 4.61 ANY/A vs Ponder's career 4.60 Ponder's GM was not a genius for picking him at #12 overall The Vikings are vulnerable against the pass: Carr 103.7 rating Rodgers 101.2 rating Ryan 85.5 rating Chase Daniel 101.4 rating Ignore 2 of the worst draft picks in NFL history (Trubisky and Jones) The Vikings top 2 run game vs the Eagles top 2 rush defense is the matchup of the week. Dan Snyder has now owned the DC team for 21 seasons They have been ranked 20th or worst in: offense points - 14 times offense yards - 7 times defense points - 11 times defense yards - 10 times They have 0 seasons with 11+ wins. They are on their way to their 7th season with 11+ losses.
  4. skippyx

    TNF: Giants @ Patriots.

    Career ANY/A Danny Ducks 4.61 Christina Ponder 4.60 So smart to take the Christian Ponder clone at #6 overall.
  5. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    You want to talk tough competition? Buffalo gives up the 3rd lowest passer rating on D and Dallas the 8th. New England is a clear #1 but Minnesota is 14th, Tampa is 15th, and DC is 29th. They clearly benched Eli way too soon because he is the better QB right now.
  6. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I watched every play of the Tampa NY game and I saw a routine throw to TE who made a great play and a couple TD runs against a D that was ignoring the QB (or a contain guy spinning and looking at the goal post) Jones has done nothing in the NFL so far. He is a complete phony drafted at #6 until proven otherwise. Career ANY/A Christian Ponder 4.60 Daniel Jones 4.61 Your GM is a fool. Your QB is bad. Your team is bad. Your hot takes suck worse than all of them. I am THRILLED that your team picked Daniel Jones just like I was on draft day. 😄 I watched every play on Thursday night and I saw a clown at QB. The TD pass was a nice throw but very lucky with the bobble catch. He had 3 picks because they dropped pick number 4. He was lucky to have a 35 rating. It should have been worse. People that make fun of my favoritist player and quote their actual statistics don't watch the games when my hero is really great on Earth 741! waaaaa! Poor Baby! 7 teams have to play both Minnesota and New England this year. We will see if anyone else fills their diapers like Danny Ducks.
  7. I think its only dumb when Brady drops it.
  8. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    You know who has 12.3 and 6.5 fantasy points the last 2 weeks? The 💩 that the Giants are throwing out there at QB.
  9. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    10 TDs (league lead is 12) and a rushing TD with only 2 picks. He's 8th in fantasy points even with the 2 huge TD drops. If he is a scrub in your league than you must be playing in a 6 team league. Its not trolling if its just plain stupid.
  10. skippyx


    So the Cowboys are going to crush the Dolphins next week to go to 3-0 and Dak could have another 130 rating day. Is anyone good with video that could mock this up? America's Game: The 3-0 Dallas Cowboys of 2019! Hosted by: Dak Prescott Jason Witten and Shango
  11. skippyx

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    That was an amazing throw to Fitz.
  12. skippyx

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    This would be a crushing loss for Detroit. The game was pretty much over after a 3rd down conversion but everyone's favorite genius Darrell Bevell decided he had to call a timeout right before the 3rd down play so it did not count.
  13. skippyx

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    A few dump offs vs prevent and yet another fumble = 75% of nothing Matt Leinart style (4.3 per attempt) Eli - 46 drop backs and 1 fumble Jones - 5 drop backs and 1 fumble. 💩 That's a 16 game pace of 120 fumbles lost. 💩 The Cowboys were not even really trying to stop him. They just wanted the clock to run. They should save him for garbage time against Miami's backups. Then we can really pretend he is a legit high first round pick... or he will just fumble again.
  14. skippyx

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Remember that Denver safety who just stood there and let Jacoby Jones get behind him in that 2012 playoff game? 33 on Seattle just did the same thing. Just horrible defense.
  15. skippyx

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Only in the opinion of fools. There were thousands of New England garbage fans who wanted to toss Brady and keep him instead.