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  1. Only in Philadelphia because the New York media says we are evil.
  2. The NFL has a militant faction of entitled idiots who think the teams paying them millions are disrespecting them. LeVeon Bell is offended at 14 million for 4 yards a carry. That greedy trash in Seattle was the 3rd highest paid safety in the league and held out because he thought his team owed him a 30 million dollar signing bonus a year early. Then he gets hurt while making part of his career 50+ million and he has to give the finger to his oppressors. I was thrilled when the Giants paid OBJ because he is a loser through and through. I have no problem with guys like Mack or Donald who are seriously underpaid withholding their services on principal over a franchise tag that underpays them or a 5th year option that pays them 1/4th of their value, but the rest of the clowns can all just stay away. The league goes on without them and it always will.
  3. skippyx

    Week 5: Redskins @ Saints

    Its crazy that Isaiah Crowell's fine for wiping his butt was almost 3x more that Mosely got for setting an NFL record.
  4. skippyx

    Week 5: Redskins @ Saints

    71-31-2 since the start of 2011 with a 95.1 rating. What a bum! He beat Brees in a shootout playoff game, what a joke! 14 TDs and 2 picks in the playoffs with a 97 rating... How does he even have one of those 32 jobs! Dak is an 85 rated QB in his last 21 games.
  5. skippyx

    Week 5: Redskins @ Saints

    That is hilarious since he is absolutely right. Each FG was another broken record.
  6. skippyx

    Week 5: Redskins @ Saints

    What pathetic sheep that any of you believe any of that. Actual proven perjury on Goodell. The league hid a years worth of football inflation data because it backed the Patriots. I get that science is tough for the rabble. Drink another few beers and yell at your TV.
  7. skippyx

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    I am just amazed at Gano's kick today. Watch the highlight. It was still 3/4 of the way up the poles when it went through. That thing would have been good from 70.
  8. skippyx

    If not us

    I have never understood the abject hateful level of absolute zero gratitude that so many so-called fans have for AR. This franchise was a national joke before he got here. AR won 10 playoff games for this city in 14 seasons. The Eagles had a total of 9 playoff wins in the 66 years before AR. They only had 5 playoff wins in the Super Bowl Era before him Vermeil only won 3 playoff games in his 7 seasons. Buddy won ZERO The Eagles have won 12+ games 5 times in the 40 years since they went to 16 games. AR gave us 3 of those seasons in a row. This team was one massive choke job at QB away from multiple Super Bowls. If that clown had played at least good not great vs Tampa, or New England, or St Louis, or Arizona then AR would be a 2 or 3 time SB Champion. AR is known as a QB Guru and his influence runs deep on the 2017 Championship team. Doug Pederson is not an NFL coach without AR He was his QB coach in Green Bay He was his head coach in Philly AR made him a coach in Philly AR promoted him in Philly AR made him his Offensive Coordinator in KC How about Nick Foles? AR Drafted Foles and taught him as a rookie AR helped convince Foles to play in 2016 and taught him for another full year AR is a major factor in that Super Bowl victory.
  9. skippyx


    That's what the Falcons did to the Rams in the playoffs in that stadium last year.
  10. skippyx

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Pete Carroll just called a run into the line on 3rd and 22 from the 36. He was playing for the 52 yard field goal ????? Guess what, Janikowski missed. That is plain coaching stupidity. You throw a 9 yard under against a soft D and now you are trying a 45 yard FG.
  11. skippyx

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Who is the idiot who thought those Lions pajamas should be an NFL uniform?
  12. skippyx

    NFL Owners Spotlight

    I just realized MMQB on SI did something like this in July.
  13. skippyx

    NFL Owners Spotlight

    Ziggy Wilf is the owner of the Minnesota Vikings. He was born in Germany in 1950 to Polish parents Joseph and Elizabeth who were both Holocaust survivors. Ziggy's father and uncle moved to America (Jersey) and started out as used car salesmen. They eventually started buying apartments for rental income and went on to become single family home builders. Their companies have built over 25,000 homes across 39 states. Wilf has a degree in economics from Farley Dickinson and a law degree from New York Law School. He worked as a lawyer and then moved into the family business. Wilf and 5 partners bought the team in 2005 from Red McCombs Bad Behavior: Ziggy and his brother Mark were caught cooking the books to hide income from business partners and were forced in court to pay them 84.5 million dollars.
  14. skippyx

    NFL Owners Spotlight

    There are a bunch of Left Wing Nut Jobs (like Mike Florio of NBC/PFT) who try to paint the 31 NFL Owners as one step removed from the KKK I thought some people may be interested in learning a bit about each NFL owner. The idea that Jeffrey Lurie and Robert Kraft as Jewish men who dance to Meek Mill with their black players or visit Meek Mill in Jail would be closet White Supremacists is absolutely absurd. I will add 31 posts to this with some info on each owner. (The Packers have a board instead of an owner) I doubt you will see many of them as mustache twirling villains, or robber barons, or 'having that plantation mentality' as Race Card Richie Sherman likes to say.