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  1. They were already on his side before his butt hit the seat. I am not alt-left and think all 6 cops (black and white) should have gone to jail for 20 years each over Freddie Gray's death. I did not need Cuba and pig socks to be sickened over the evil cretin that shot Charles Kinsey.
  2. There are different ways to deliver a message. If you want to be an agitator a-hole and compare all police to runaway slave patrol then you will never play in the NFL again. I want to buy more NFL gear because these 32 men are righteous in individually rejecting such a clown. Kaep has proven time and again that he is a man of low character who will go as low as possible for his cause. Kathy Griffin will play QB in the league before he does again. I doubt a single person in America has been persuaded by him and millions have been offended.
  3. It is an act of unity that has been performed at every professional sporting event I have been at since the 1970s. You are a bad person if you have a problem with it, end of story. Next we will hear about the evils of Kate Smith and the 1970s Flyers. You are respectful to the Canadian anthem at a hockey game because you are not scum. Max's point must be that Kaep is a turd but its OK because Max is also a turd.
  4. Kellerman has zero integrity. He is on that show to have hot takes.and he will lie without conscience. That or he is a complete moron. His biggest social issue is that QBs should not get MVP consideration if they only play 12 games.
  5. Note sure what the point of this is, but Montana won everywhere and his replacements were always worse. Young was a playoff nightmare until 94 somewhat redeemed him (he's still no Montana) The Chiefs have 4 playoff wins since 1969 Two of them were from the 2 years Montana was a Chief. 45 years = 2 wins 2 years = 2 wins I think Montana was not a system QB. Kurt Warner resurrected junk St Louis and junk Arizona and they returned to junk when he left. Systems are overrated.
  6. There is also this: Note that the writer formed an opinion that he would not win 10 more games as an NFL QB before he pouted and sat on the bench.
  7. LVP of Super Bowl L - Cam 'please don't hurt me and you can have that fumble' Newton
  8. They should put together the all awful NFLer turned announcer team: Brady Quinn at QB Matt Millen as GM Chip Kelly as head coach ...
  9. Black balling requires league level conspiracy to keep him unemployed. There is more chance that Santa Claus is forcing all 32 teams to not hire him then there is of a league memo or secret discussions. 12 teams each deciding not to hire a 4-20 in his last 24 games scumbag is not the same thing. Jay Cutler is 7-17 in his last 24, why is no one crying Black Ball about him? Jeff George was 12-12 in his last 24 games with a rocket arm at age 35 and he was pushed out of the league. Tebow and Michael Sam are not being black balled. Their upside is not worth the downside. Period.
  10. You don't get it at all. Those guys were individual winners on a podium standing in unity for a cause. They were taking their moment of glory and offering it up in support for a worthy cause in the face of scorn. They were like Jackie Robinson or Muhammad Ali. Kaep is a biceps kissing, Miami dolphin hat wearing, pig sock wearing, Castro shirt wearing a-hole who pouted on his butt before spinning it into something else. He turned a team sport into 'all about the backup QB' That goes against everything football is about at any level. Those guys you show above were not getting a guaranteed 10 million to do that. They did not abandon their stance at the first sign of real financial repercussion. He is much more Kathy Griffin than Jackie Robinson, but you are too busy flinging poo to notice. We are just reviewing all the facts of the case and making our judgement. Life is about communication and Kaep is really awful at it. He is 4-20 in his last 24 games and also highly offensive (socks, Castro) but fools like you think he is owed a job. If he had turned Super Bowl media day 2013 into discussion on race without insult then he would have been a hero to many and only the Alt-Right crowd would dislike him for it.
  11. The Chiefs were 15th and 30th in passing yards / 26th and 24th in passing TDs in the 2 years he was there, so its not like he was playing with Drew Brees. They were a run heavy team in 2015 and a bad offense with gadget Tyreek Hill plays in 2016.
  12. Read this article. If you are supporting Kaepernick's right to be an NFL QB then you are willfully wrong or ignorant and wrong. There is no other option. I present the photographic evidence to convict this person as a turd with no rights to play in the NFL. There is no kneeling in respect of anything. That is sitting and pouting on the bench like an entitled guaranteed contract loser. This is aimed at everyone who has ever worn a police uniform or anyone who respects anyone who has. There is no 'racists only' message on these socks. The man is wearing a Castro shirt with pride. He is a fool and a scumbag. The linked article above gives you full insight into his clueless assertions.
  13. When DeSean would do this people would blame Cousins for missing him downfield on a few timing plays . If only Eli and Odell were allowed to get in some extra practice...
  14. His taxes were getting too complicated with all the payoffs from Jerrah.