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  1. skippyx

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    B O B wins this easy. He is lucky to still have a job. They lost out on the bye in 2018 because of a week 2 loss to the Titans (11-5 instead of 12-4) They did not cover the gunner on a punt, so the punter audibled into a fake punt for a TD B O B let his players hang out on the sidelines in street clothes JD Clowney got a 15 yarder for yelling at Tenessee players on a Titans scoring drive. They lost that game by 3 points 20-17 Half the Titans points came directly from the Texans coaches
  2. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Foles is 16-8 in December / January Romo was 21-26 This is your Bus with Romo as the driver
  3. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Bus drivers are not #3 on this list and #6 on this list and #25 on this list Bus Divers do not have 3 of these:
  4. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    2006 Snap-fu Shenanigans cost his team a playoff win in Seattle 2007 Romo blows a home game vs the Giants who go on to win the Super Bowl Misses a wide open TO on a slant that winds up as a FG instead of a TD in a 4 point loss 2008 Silver Linings Playbook Time - 8-4 record going into December 1-3 down the stretch 44-6 loss in the week 17 play-in game 2009 Romo wins his first playoff game in a home blowout He leads his team to 3 points in Minnesota the next game 2011 The Cowboys were 7-4 going into December Romo led them to 1-4 the rest of the way 2012 The Cowboys were 8-6 with 2 games left 2 losses give the division to RG3 DC (including the week 17 play-in game) 2013 Dallas is 7-5 going into December 1-3 the rest of the way including losing to the Eagles in the week 17 play-in game
  5. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    The Romo stuff is funny. (like pathetic and ignorant kinda funny) His first playoff loss was because he could not hold the snap. His second playoff loss was because he missed a wide open TO over the middle by throwing the ball behind him. He was known for being awful in week 17 do or die games. He had a resume a mile long regarding all of his pressure game failures. His only legit playoff win in his entire career was Donny McNabb's Philly funeral in 2009. (year 6 of his career) His only other playoff win 6 years later was a party-bus aided loss-turned-win with a legit flag picked up for America's team. This was not a missed call like the Saints-Rams NFCCG. This was the correct call made on the field and the refs huddled up and decided against eliminating the Cowboys on a penalty Until January 2014 when he was 34, his career playoff passer rating was in McNabb country (very low 80s) Wentz is a 3 year player who was a lock for league MVP leading his team to an 11-2 record with a 100+ rating in year 2 before he got hurt. Romo did not throw a single pass until year 3. Proven playoff and pressure game choker vs an unknown with unlimited potential. Gee, it must just be Romo persecution. 😄
  6. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    The Cowboys are stuck because you have to pay your starting QB in the 20-30 range even if he is second tier (or move on without him). He might be worth 22-26 a year but no way will he and his agent settle for that. I am not sure if he gets 32+ but he will get in the 28-30 range or Dallas franchises him once and lets him walk. (or just lets him walk) You don't get to keep anyone for 18-20 unless they are Blake Bortles. Foles was an absolute steal for the Jags at 22 because even if he's the 12th best guy, that's still a relatively cheap contract
  7. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    There is a Cowboys fan on Football Futures boards who is obsessed with thinking he solved football with ANY/A Adjusted Net Yards per Pass Attempt He thinks it is the key to winning AND he pretends that Dak is good at it. He thinks Zeke and their running game is just along to watch the Dak Show Here was my response: We all know who the 49ers QB from 2012 - 2016 was Their ANY/A in those 4 years was: 6th (Smith / SJW) 7th (SJW) 24th (SJW) 28th (SJW / Gabbert) 24th (SJW / Gabbert) A fool would point to the 6th and 7th rankings in 2012-2013 and give him a huge contract The superior team carried him Its a lot like a team that plays in Texas with the same QB in 2016, 2017, and 2018 ranking 3rd 16th 17th Please pay the guy 34 million a year!
  8. No one booed Donovan at the draft. They booed the Eagles for not taking Ricky Williams. This Daniel Jones thing was straight up knuckle-draggers booing another human being who is one of their team's players.
  9. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    I had way to much fun pulling up the Foles hate from overly aggressive fools like A.H. I love that you can go back years in the archives. Everyone is wrong sometimes but to so passionately hate a player like Foles was just pathetic.
  10. skippyx

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Does anyone remember when Doug left as backup QB in 2000 and some idiot in The Sporting News wrote an article about how Eagles fans would rue the day that Doug Pederson left Philly? What a classic fail, like the idiot who wrote that the Patriots will regret hiring Belichick.
  11. skippyx

    Calvin Johnson

    A spokesman for quitting? A spokesman for greed? A spokesman for being stupid and ignorant and not understanding the concept of a signing bonus? They should tell him to go to hell.
  12. skippyx

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    I am not stopping anyone from giving him thousands of dollars. I'm not even telling anyone they should not give him money. I also think we should not pretend he was not one of the worst teammates in the history of American professional sports.
  13. skippyx

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    There are billions of people on the planet who need help. Most of them are not garbage. The strike was partly about pensions and he was the enemy of the player by crossing the picket line immediately. He joked it was because he needed to pay alimony. His teammates who knew him best all hated his guts. Feel free to send him 20 bucks if it strangely makes you feel better to help turd celebrities at the end of their lives.
  14. skippyx

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    I feel so bad for this turd. He went to jail for beating his wife. He was arrested for receiving amphetamines in 1991. He was estranged from his daughters from multiple marriages. He took up boxing after football (a far worse getting hit in the head sport) He was an egomaniac living a lavish lifestyle and now the money has run out. He still gets a fairly huge pension from the NFL btw, good luck getting something similar when you are retired. He is also the scumbag who crossed the picket line on day 1 of the 1987 strike. He cared nothing about anyone else. Why pretend anyone should care about him?
  15. skippyx

    The Dak Prescott 16

    I am excited for Dallas to pay Amari and Dak a good 45 million per year combined. 35th in yards per game and 18th in TDs in his bounce back year and they will pay him like Antonio Brown or OBJ. I think the way teams overpay bad QBs is insane. Jameis and Mariota getting franchise tag money on year 5 extensions is pathetic. I get why SF paid Garappolo (I think they are wrong but I understand it) What Minnesota gave Cousins in guaranteed money might make it the worst QB contract in history.