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  1. Here's the last 25 years 1995 - Ki-Jana Carter 1 Tony Boselli 2 Best players: Derek Brooks 28 Warren Sapp 12 Terrell Davis 196 Curtis Martin 74 Steve McNair 3 1996 - Keyshawn Johnson 1 Kevin Hardy 2 Best Players: Ray Lewis 24 Jonathan Ogden 4 Terrell Owens 89 Brian Dawkins 61 Marvin Harrisson 19 Zach Thomas 154 1997 - Orlando Pace 1 Darrell Russell 2 Best Players: Pace 1 Jason Taylor 73 Walter Jones 6 Tony Gonzalez 13 1998 - Peyton Manning 1 Ryan Leaf 2 Best Players: Manning 1 Randy Moss 21 Charles Woodson 4 Alan Faneca 26 1999 - Couch 1 McNabb 2 Best Players: Champ Bailey 7 McNabb 2 Edgerrin James 4 Joey Porter 73 Terrible draft year when a highlight is a WCO QB who topped a combined 30 passing/ rushing TDs once in his entire career Topped a 90 rating 3 times in 13 years Had a playoff rating of 80 2000 - Courtney Brown 1 LaVarr Arrington 2 Best players: Brady 199 Urlacher 9 2001 - Michael Vick 1 Leonard Davis 2 Best Players: Drew Brees 32 LaDanian Tomlinson 5 Reggie Wayne 30 Steve Smith 74 Do the Eagles win multiple Super Bowls if they take Wayne instead of Freddie Mitchell? 2002 - David Carr 1 Julius Peppers 2 2003 - Carson Palmer 1 Charles Rogers 2 2004 - Eli Manning 1 Robert Gallery 2 Best Players: Roethlisberger 11 Fitzgerald 3 Eli 1 Rivers 4 Jared Allen 126 2005 - Alex Smith 1 Ronnie Brown 2 2006 - Mario Williams 1 Reggie Bush 2 2007 - Jamarcus Russel 1 Calvin Johnson 2 2008 - Jake Long 1 Chris Long 2 2009 - Matthew Stafford 1 Jason Smith 2 If Sam Bradford could stay healthy, he would be Matthew Stafford (this is not a compliment to either player) 2010 - Sam Bradford 1 Ndamukong Suh 2 Best Players: Gronk 42 Antonio Brown 195 Geno Atkins 120 Earl Thomas 14 Suh 2 Injuries have taken a big bite out of a pretty deep draft class Trent Williams (Two 16 game seasons in 9 years) Gronk (one 16 game season in 9 years) JPP had a 1 sack and a 2 sack pair of injury plagued seasons in NY before fireworks and car accidents NaVorro Bowman was a beast at LB until a couple big injuries derailed his career (4 first team all-pros in 5 years) 2011 Cam Newton 1 Von Miller 2 Best Players: JJ Watt 11 Miller 2 Julio Jones 6 This is another very deep draft class. 5 or 6 guys could easily finish with 100+ sacks. I don't think Cam Newton is an elite QB but he is having a HoF career compiling some truly staggering stats. In his upcoming age 30 season he will likely pass 30k yards passing, 200 passing TDs, 5000 yards rushing, and 60 rushing TDs. 50k passing with 350 TDs and 8k rushing with 100 rushing TDs is not out of the question 2012 Andrew Luck 1 Robert Griffing III 2 Round 3 picks Wilson and Foles have won Super Bowls Best players? Wilson 75 Wagner 47 Cox 12 Kuechly 9 2013 Erik Fisher 1 Luke Joekel 2 This is a major reason why the Eagles won a Super Bowl (Lane Johnson still there at 4) 2014 Jadeveon Clowney 1 Greg Robinson 2 Best player - Aaron Donald at 13 2015 Jameis Winston 1 Marcus Mariota 2 Its insane that these guys are getting franchise tag money as year 5 options. 2016 Jared Goff 1 Carson Wentz 2 Both QBs have shown a lot but have big question marks (injuries for Wentz and choking like a dog for Goff) 2017 Myles Garrett 1 Mitchell Trubisky 2 Best Players (so far) Pat Mahomes 10 Deshaun Watson 12 Kamara 67 Garrett 1 2018 Baker Mayfield 1 Saquon Barkley 2 2019 Kyler Murray 1 Nick Bosa 2
  2. I can give you WR equivalents Isaac Bruce and Brett Perriman 1995 Bruce had 119 catches for 1781 yards 13 TDs at 15.0 per catch... no pro bowl. Rice, Carter, and Moore had better years and Irvin was close enough and had the reputation. 1995 was an insane year for WRs Stafford was the 4th best QB in the NFC in 2011. Rodgers and Brees were clearly better. Cam as a rookie threw for 4000+ yards and ran for 750 and 14 TDs. Cam was then and is now a better football player than Stafford Cam is not a top 10 QB right now, but Stafford is worse. Stafford's QB rating since 2011 is 89.5 averaging just over a pathetic 25 TDs a year. His record is 53-59 since 2011 and 66-75 overall. He only looks good when comparing him to lower passer rating eras. As a modern QB he is a mediocre loser. Andy Dalton has 9 less TDs in 8 less games over those 7 seasons. Dalton has a slightly higher passer rating as well (90.1to 89.4) Stafford's TE went to Indy last year and Luck hit him for 750 yards and 13 TDs. (Ebron) The 2014 Lions were ranked 3/2 in defense. Who cares if we can name their starters? The '09 Lions defense was terrible. The '17 Lions D was bad. Every other year they were somewhere around mediocre. Stafford is just a bad QB who stays healthy enough to accumulate passing yards. 'Only 1 time in my career was I even a top 4 NFC QB' is not high praise. Stafford only 'made the pro bowl' in 2014 as the 8th-11th best NFC in the QB Brees, Romo and Ryan were also in the Pro Bowl Wilson was inelligible because he was in the Super Bowl Rodgers begged out for injury? Eli did as well? Cutler may have been better (higher rating anyway) Palmer and Sanchez had a higher passer rating as part timers. Kaepernick at the start of his free fall into oblivion had a higher rating than Stafford This is fun, thanks for the incentive to research.
  3. Any list that ranks Myles Garrett poorly based on service time is laughable. Khalil Mack is supposed to be a Hall of Famer based on 40 1/2 sacks in 64 games going into 2018 but 20 1/2 sacks in 27 games means the jury is out of Garrett? I stopped reading there. Stafford is a class A loser. Putting him ahead of league MVP Newton who played (badly) in a Super Bowl is pathetic. Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, and Andrew Luck are all far more accomplished players. Smith's place on the playoff passer rating is 7th between a couple of guys named Foles and Montana. 14 TDs to 2 picks You can't say Dilfer and Brad Johnson were carried to Super Bowls and then not give Alex Smith credit for all the crap that has happened around him in the playoffs. 2011 NFCCG - Kyle Williams muffed a punt and then Harbaugh muffed the later punt by leaving Kyle Williams in the game 2013 - 45-44 loss to Luck where his team melted around him with injuries 2017 - Mariota self-pass, Kelce concussed, and two Tennessee fumbles were blown dead by a corrupt ref who 'decided to retire' in the off-season.
  4. I had this all wrong in saying he is the next Dave Brown. I stand corrected. He is the next Ereck Flowers. I LOVE that Pete Prisco liked the Ereck Flowers pick at the time. Prisco is defending Jones as well. 😄
  5. skippyx

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    I don't know how I missed this thread last year but the opening post is insane. How is a 6'3" QB (average) anything like a 5'11" QB (one of the shortest)? DC did not bail on Cousins because he can't win. They kept franchising him because they were morons and could not afford his price after all those tags. Brees was let go by Sand Diego because they drafted Phillip Rivers (Eli and the trade) because after 3 seasons Brees had a 10-17 record with a 73.7 QB rating. They were in a position to draft him because Brees led them to 2 wins and 9 losses before getting hurt and the backup (41 year old Flutie) went 2-3. After Brees did have a very good 2004 year, it was easy to let him go in 2006 because he regressed in 2005 and suffered a serious injury. I rate this thread a 0 out of 100 on the 'has even the slightest clue' scale.
  6. I'd give him a 17% chance of being a journeyman starter with occasional good games like Fitzmagic, a 10% chance of being a mediocre starter and a 3% chance of being a top half of the league guy. 70% chance he is a bust because the NFL is way harder than college and he was a bad college QB. like Josh Allen was a bad college QB, of course they are not identical but Allen had a huge upside asset in his arm Jones has that he was taught by the same guy as the royal Mannings. That guru has taught ZERO successful NFL QBs that did not have half of Archie Manning's DNA This includes the mighty Heath Shuler. The problem is trying to debate with people who can't see that draft slot, draft capital, and rookie contract salary all matter. Add in that they are butt-hurt ultra-sensitive Giant fans and hijinks ensue. The Giants will likely have between the 22nd to 28th worst QB group this year and they will pay them just under 30 million dollars. They don't have a blue chip player that could have been taken at #6. They don't have the extra picks that trading down to the 9-14 range could have gotten them. They went to the store to buy a 5 dollar scratcher and paid 50 dollars for it instead. The one ticket may be a winner but they could have had 2 more tickets this year and the money to buy more tickets in the future. Pretending that there was a guy or two in line behind you who was going to pay 45 dollars or 30 dollars for the same scratcher is pathetic. Here's more in depth analysis that deals with those pesky statistics based in reality and not 11 throws in a fake game. Executive Summary: Jones was not actually a bad college QB... he was a terrible college QB. I could see similar levels of NFL success as of that in college... pretty good against defenses outside the top 30 🔥🤡🔥
  7. skippyx

    League reveals slate for "NFL100 Game of the Week"

    Nothing is more relevant than the Raiders (3), Dolphins (2), and the Jets (2) and the battle of Ohio (Zero Super Bowls, no AFCCGs in 30 years) The last Super Bowl out of those 5 teams was 35 years ago. The Chiefs (2) had 1 blip of relevance with Joe Montana in 1992-93, but otherwise have been a joke franchise for 50 years until last season. The Steelers are the team of the '70s, they won the Super Bowl twice in the '00s. They went to the Super Bowl in the 10's and the '90s. The Broncos have won 3 Super Bowls and played in 8. They have combined for 26 AFCCG appearances. Lets leave them both off the list. FYI - The Titans are also the Oliers so you get the Frank Reich game as well as the Music City Miracle. In the 70s through the 90s the Cowboys and DC were playing in a combined 10 Super Bowls. They have a combined 20 NFCCG appearances and their rivalry is 100x more relevant than Cleveland - Cincy
  8. The irony that the guy who hates stats is relying on a flea flicker and a few check downs and roll outs in an All-Star game over 3 years in college. 😃 I stand by my story that this is one of my favorite non-Eagles draft picks of all-time. On a scale of one to ten it was a negative four. The entire football world is still laughing at Gettleman. Jones struggled in practice. Falling victim to several interceptions, Jones had a difficult time working through his progressions and the lack of zip on his passes was evident. By the end of the week, it felt like he was pressing. There were a lot of parallels between what we saw from Jones during the week of Senior Bowl practice and that of Easton Stick last week at Shrine Game. As evidenced by his MVP Honors, Jones had some success in the game. His dual-threat ability was on display on his touchdown run while he also completed 8-of-11 passes for 115 yards and a touchdown. But the stats don't tell the story. Jones feasted on schemed throws and roll out passes that condensed the field and simplified what was on his plate. His longest completion came on a flea-flicker, while he hit check downs and flat passes primarily with his other tosses. When tasked with surveying the field and going beyond his first option, the lack of comfort was again evident. From people I have spoken to, I understand the NFL likes Jones. He draws rave reviews regarding his intangibles and being David Cutcliffe's understudy helps. With that said, I don't see a first-round quarterback. We know what one of those looks like and Jones misses the mark. He hurt his chances this week. More: You can double down on stupid all day long if you like but it does not change reality... this QB sucks.
  9. So this expert QB guru taught him how to play QB with a bad O-line and a crew of horrible WRs? How exactly did he learn anything but how to be a bad QB? Why was he terrible at the Senior Bowl practices? Josh Allen was intriguing because he was a bad college QB with a rocket arm. Daniel Jones is like Josh Allen with a mediocre arm.
  10. skippyx

    Is former Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles a Hall of Famer?

    He is the answer to a trivia question, not a Hall of Fame player. The NBA no longer has a hall of fame after the Basketball Hall of Fame let in Tracy McGrady. Now it is the hall of mediocre stat compilers and others. Here is his career summary in 3 lines He had a great ypc on some mediocre teams He was often injured He got hurt after 3 carries in a 45-44 shootout loss that would have likely been a blowout win if he did not get hurt. Edge should not get in the Hall of Fame but Edge had a far greater impact on the NFL. Same goes for Tiki Barber, Ricky Watters, Roger Craig, Herschel Walker, Fred Taylor, and Ottis Anderson I think Herschel belongs in because the USFL was pro football or just give him a lowball equivalent of 1000 yards rushing 400 receiving and 8 TDs in 2 more NFL seasons and he is in I'd be OK with Tiki and Craig in the hall as well Then I would put guys like Brian Westbrook, Warrick Dunn and Matt Forte ahead of Charles in the no pile.
  11. I don't think you get the nuance of just how bad this pick was. Jon Harris was a top 50 worst draft pick of all time. This is not just because he was a bust, he was also a 3rd to 5th round pick that smart guy Ray Rhodes reached for. Draft picks have value. The number 6 has way more than the number 17 If you trade down from 6 to 12 and pick up a 3rd and a 5th then you have Jones and 2 more prospects. Jones may be the next Akili Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dave Brown, or Kirk Cousins ( I am leaning towards Akili Smith) but that's just the player. There is also the draft capital factor and the Giants blew a chance to get a top 6 player with real impact for their franchise. Gettleman knew NOTHING about other teams boards except what they wanted the press to know Pretending the Broncos, Dolphins or DC wanted Jones before 17 or in round 1 at all is just distraction from an awful decision. Don't forget the salary cap. Josh Allen at #7 last year got 5.3 million a year Josh Rosen 3 slots lower got 4.4 million a year. Lamar Jackson at the end of round 1 got 2.4 million The Giants lost about 1.2 to 3.4 million a year in salary cap by over-drafting this guy 5.5 to 6 million a year for a guy who is a zero in 2019 and may be a zero in 2020 as well
  12. PFF is just another opinion, but they factor in O-line (bad) and drops (2nd worst in college) and still had Jones as a 3rd round pick who was likely to be over-drafted. Its amazing that the Giants have a QB that has been horrendous against the Eagles the last 12 games or so and they just got worse. He was also crap at the Senior Bowl where Duke's receivers and line played no part. On top of that, he was abysmally pathetic in the rain vs Miami so maybe he needs to be a dome guy. That will work out well in New York. I LOVE THIS PICK SO MUCH! Bonus points: Over-drafting an 85% probable bust at QB 6th overall in round 1 allowed Haskins, Sweat, and Dillard to fall into place for the Giants rivals. On top of that, the Giants now go into 2019 with a pass rush that looks like the 2018 Raiders. It was more important to them to reach for a bum who may sit for 2 years then take one of the first 14 or so edge rushers in this draft. Cutcliffe Pedigree? Look at Jeff Tedford for reference (he coached 2 Super Bowl winners in college) Aaron Rodgers Trent Dilfer Akili Smith Joey Harrington David Carr What kind of clown would think all these guys have to be great because they had the same coach?
  13. Jimmy Kimmel nailed this: "This is the 2nd worst thing a Buffalo Bills Running Back has ever done."
  14. Daniel Jones TD-INT at Duke 2016-2018 - 52 TDs 29 picks The rest of his team over those seasons - 13 TDs 2 picks Maybe they only used the bad O-line for Jones? I think Cutcliffe may have lost his teaching edge... that or Jones is in no way special.
  15. I am fine with Saquon over Darnold last year. That is no excuse to draft a worse version of Brady Quinn/Dave Brown 25-65 picks too soon.