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  1. skippyx

    Who is your favorite Rookie for 2018?

    What about Barkley? He went for 5.71 a carry in 3 games vs Ohio State He was 5.44 per carry in 3 games vs Michigan He was 4.18 per carry in 3 games against Michigan State He went off for 7.8 a carry vs USC He went for 7.6 a carry on the 5th ranked Washington D. He was also an elite receiving weapon. Barkley is a stud. Guice is a nobody who has a chance to show something as a pro. I'd rank Guice as the 5th or 6th best back in the NFC depending on Stewart's health. That could be 7th if Thompson keeps up his ypc in the pros and stays healthy (5.2 ypc average as a pro in 170 carries) Listen to DC fans and Guice is the next Bo Jackson.
  2. skippyx

    Who is your favorite Rookie for 2018?

    Guice is one of the most overrated rookies of the last 20 years. Look at the competition he faced. You can say SEC but you'd be clueless. His team scored 10 points against Alabama in 2 games. I will take Corey Clement going off on Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan in his senior year. 63 carries 396 yards and a TD at 6.3 per carry vs 3 legit top 10 teams. LSU was ranked top 20 because they played in a Conference with Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn. The teams they beat were 10-4 Auburn (down 20-0 comeback win with Guice running at 3.6 a pop) and the rest had a combined 33-50 record (and Chatanooga) LSU in 2017 beat: 3-8 Chattanooga (who beat Samford, VMI, and ETSU) 6-6 Ole Miss (who beat South Alabama, Tenn-Martin, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Louisiana and Miss St) 4-8 Arkansas (who beat Coastal Carolina, Florida A&M, New Mexico St, and Ole Miss) 4-8 Tennessee (who beat Massachusetts, Southern Mississippi, Indiana State, and Georgia Tech) 4-9 BYU (who beat Portland State, UNLV, San Jose State, and Hawaii) 4-8 Syracuse (who beat Central Connecticut State, Central Michigan, Pitt, and Clemson ) Want to give him credit for playing a team that beat Clemson? He ran 8 times for 14 yards against the Orange. 4-7 Florida (who beat Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and UAB) 7-6 A&M (who beat Nicholls State, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ole Miss, Florida, Arkansas, and South Carolina) Guice went 28-127 and a TD at 4.5 a pop. There is his one decent game in a win against a team that actually had a quality win. 10-4 Auburn with that miracle comeback from down 20-0 (Auburn was a very good team) (again, Guice was sub standard in that game) We are supposed to be impressed that Guice put up numbers against that slop just because he played in the fabled SEC? Michael Sam was SEC defensive player of the year. Tre Mason averaged 5.8 a carry in the SEC. Trent Richardson did the same.
  3. skippyx

    Game Pass Boycott Until The App is Improved

    The Latest section has way more videos now. I am able to watch games now but Roku still only has 2017 and 2018 available wow, that was a bad drop on a likely pick 6 by Bradham on the first drive of game 1. Wentz to Agholor ... Touchdown! On my PC GamePass goes way back to 2009 games
  4. skippyx

    Game Pass Boycott Until The App is Improved

    Its the same ugly on the iPad.
  5. I am not giving the NFL a penny for GamePass until they fix the horrifically awful NFL app. It is so far worse than what t was a week ago. Every single change is for the worst. The GamePass section only has games from 2017 and 2018 right now on Roku. The Latest section on the app has 16 total videos and 7 of them are Hall of Fame speeches. In theory the same crappy interface is slightly better on an iPad (lets you toggle years back to 2011) but I can't get a single game to play on either platform. Buyer Beware
  6. skippyx

    Other teams Super Bowl LII Game Day Threads The last post of page 16 is an epic fail.
  7. skippyx

    McAdoo says Philly can't handle success

    The job that Doug and Howie did in getting all of the Eagles 2017 free agents to mesh is simply amazing. You usually get the Dream Team or the 2017 Giants results.
  8. skippyx

    Other teams Super Bowl LII Game Day Threads

    There are 13 Championship Rings in that combo picture.
  9. skippyx

    McAdoo says Philly can't handle success

    John Ritchie is just plain wrong. The NFL is a passing league now. If the NFL cared about power running then Blount would not have to roam from team to team on 1-2 million dollar a year contracts. Barkley was not drafted #2 as a power back. He is a fantastic receiver and a speed runner who also has power. The league is not going to fill up with Ron Dayne types. The 2 young stars at RB last year did not include power back Fournette. They were Kamara and Hunt, who are much more about speed. In 2017, teams averaged 583.8 drop backs to 429.8 runs, and that number includes QB scrambles or called runs. Jacksonville was the only 1 to 1 pass run team, but they had 62 runs by Bortles/Henne and they were sacked on 24 drop backs so the real ratio was 1.32 QB plays to 1 RB run. Only 1 RB had 300+ carries (and his team passed for 4251 yards) Only 8 RBs had 250+ carries. A 1300+ rusher like Gurley played in a 3 WR base offense and caught 788 yards worth of passes.
  10. skippyx

    McAdoo says Philly can't handle success

    Its a process. Win the division. Get the bye Get the #1 seed Crush everyone else in your house. Play the game of your life in the Super Bowl. Its not easy, but Philly has the best chance to do all of that. (only because New England's talent was decimated this off-season) You can do all of that leading up to the Super Bowl and choke as a team (Atlanta 2016) or reveal your QB as a man with no spine (Carolina 2015)
  11. skippyx

    Rank the Owner, GM, HC, and QBs in the Division.

    Dallas has the 6th best TE in the division, the 5th best QB, the 6th best WR as their #1, and the 10th best coach as their head coach (I am being generous with that 10)
  12. How bizarre would it be if Brady retires after next season and Belichick signs Nick Foles?
  13. skippyx

    Demarco Murray Hangs Up His Spikes

    This may be the worst piece of Eagles gear available on this planet:
  14. skippyx

    Justin Tuck lands gig as Goldman Sachs VP

    Those kind of positions can lead to high level government postings.
  15. skippyx

    HOF strikes back at TO

    Will Peyton Manning have to wait because of the assault at Tennessee, the HGH to his house, and the criminal conspiracy to intimidate a witness? Did TO take part in the murder (or following cover up) of 2 people like Ray Lewis? The voters are just a-holes.