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  1. I would take Foles over Alex Smith, but that is more a compliment to Foles than a slight on Smith. I was not happy when he went to DC. Dak is still the 5th best QB in this division. 😆
  2. I think Alex Smith is a good example of a player with talent similar to Foles who was given plenty of opportunity and paid well. Alex Smith is 69-31-1 in his last 7 years with a 94.9 rating. He had his job stolen by Kaep the Kneeler and Harbaugh the smartest guy in the room (when he is alone) He was 25 for his last 27 for 304 yards and 4 TDs with a rating of about 130 when Harbaugh said he was 'going with the hot hand' He also has a 97.4 rating in the playoffs with 14 TDs to 2 picks. Sure, he is 2-5 in the playoffs, but take a look at those games. He out-dueled Drew Brees in a shootout. He lost a playoff game and a trip to the Super Bowl because Kyle Williams (and his enabler Harbaugh) fumbled twice. He had another game where he led his team to 44 points. The team started getting injuries left and right, and Luck went nuts on KC's D and beat them 45-44. His last game had a QB catch his own pass for a TD, Kelce got concussed early, and the refs cheated KC out of 2 turnovers (including the game winner 2-point conversion fumble) The ref who called that game was forced to resign this off-season. People who hate on Alex Smith are like people who hate on Nick Foles. There is no basis in reality for their delusional disrespect. I have no problem with Stafford. He has had to work with some pretty weak teams. Patricia could turn them around quickly. Foles is clearly far superior to Keenum and Bradford, and those guys get 18-20 million a year. I think he is on the same level as Ryan and Cousins (I'd take him over either one), and those guys just got 28-30 million a year.
  3. Phila Chump is worse than RTK. At least RTK acknowledges that Foles achieved something. Chump still thinks 11 games in 2013 and every playoff game in Foles career, and the DC game in 2014, and his 100+ rating in KC, and his 3 fantastic division wins as a Rams are all flukes. But his games in Green Bay and Cincy as a Ram, his game in SF in 2014, his first game vs Dallas in 2013, and his fake game in week 17 before he won the SB MVP... those define him! The guy is a lunatic.
  4. There are only 21 QBs in NFL History that have won the Super Bowl MVP award. All these morons absolutely HATED one of them for winning games here.
  5. This moron was obsessed with hating on Nick Foles! Screw 'em!
  6. Right, I was going into further detail on your point about his numbers being deceiving.
  7. skippyx

    Ryan Tannenhill goes down with what looks like ACL

    Not really. He had Pro-Castro Kaep in the list for possible Miami QB.
  8. This is the classic moron argument and easily refuted. The Eagles gave up 33 points in the Super Bowl and Foles played one of the greatest single games in NFL history to lead his team to 41 points. The Giants D shut down the Patriots twice and Eli threw a pick at Asante that he dropped. Justin Tuck was MVP of that first Super Bowl, not a QB who led his team to a whole 17 points. (but hey, royalty, right?) Eli averaged a pathetic 19 points a game in 2 Super Bowls. His defense carried his a**, even if he was clutch in avoiding the sack on the Tyree play and made a great throw to Manningham. The 2007 Giants D performed about as well as any SB D not the 2000 Ravens or the 1985 Bears but this clown here wants to throw out some stats without context. The 2011 Giants were not far behind on their SB Sunday.
  9. Sanchez got sacked and fumbled like a complete loser. Foles ran for his life after that 1st half against Jacksonville and won games like a leader playing NFL QB. Shady had some horrific games behind that 2014 line too. Did he just suck that year, or was it possible that the line was bad? I loved when Foles backpedaled in the Super Bowl to make plays. Where were the idiots that crucified him for doing it in 2014?
  10. Those are not the rankings of a very good player who does not quite belong in the Hall. They are the numbers of an overpaid piece of garbage who is also a criminal. Foles was excellent in 2014 in going 6-2 with the struggles around him (and his own at times) In a similar situation, Eli goes 6-10. I blame Fisher because he lost with Keenum, Goff, and Foles. Do you blame Coughlin because you are a moron? It says a lot that you think Foles was to blame for not winning in St Louis with Fisher, the franchise moving, and facing 8 playoff teams in 11 starts.
  11. Eli's QB Rating ranking by year: 34* (just missed out on qualifying but that's where his 55 goes) 23 18 25 14 11 17 7 14 35 15 13 22 26
  12. I think you missed where he duplicated that stretch in the playoffs last year.
  13. You can't go by what idiot GMs do as a measure of a player's ability (Brady as the Patriots 2nd pick in round 6, anyone?) Sam Bradford has a job every year at a premium salary. Foles had to struggle to recover from Jeff Fisher. Does this mean Howie was stupid to sign Foles or the other GMs are stupid? There is a trophy that answers that question quite clearly.
  14. Maybe they should put up a plaque in the Hall for the QB with the most sub 60 passer rating games in NFL history? Eli Manning has 38 of them. 🤣 (40 if you count playoffs) He'd have to be honorable mention because Vinny had 61/62. There is your comparable though, Eli is a slightly better Testaverde.