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  1. Dez was clearly elite from 2012-2014. He is not the same guy anymore. It would help if he had a QB who did not need Zeke play action training wheels to even function.
  2. Buy or Sell: Case Keenum

    Its a great story and they should stick with him after the way he played in the last 2 games. The reason I made the thread was after hearing more than 3 national sports talking heads who were personally insulted that Zimmer would dare to even consider replacing the great and powerful Keenum. I still don't think he is a great QB or should get 20 million a year next year as a great QB. There is a chance he is the next Rich Gannon or Jim Plunkett, but I doubt it. As for Bridgewater's low rating in year 2, it was his year 2 in the NFL and that offense had nowhere near the passing game weapons that this year's team has. Sammy Sleeves put up a 143 rating vs the defensive juggernaut 2017 Saints with this offense. Did he blossom in year 8 while Keenum did so in year 6? What are the odds that 2 QBs with a spotty history both become great on the same team at the same time? What are the odds that the 2017 Vikings have a very good starting 10 on offense besides the QB? What would Occam's Razor suggest? You can still feel free to point and laugh if you like, because he played better than I expected the last 2 weeks.
  3. Foles>Dak

    Dak has been exposed big time. Anyone can play well in perfect circumstances. He has responded to adversity with 22 points in 3 games while giving up 14 points himself on a scoop and score and a pick six. He has been worth a net 8 points in 3 weeks. He is an honorary Cleveland Brown for November 2017.
  4. Protests

    The first insulting protest did not work. The next few insults did not work either. The current ones are literally spam as they try to make us 'aware' for the 36th consecutive week of preseason or regular season football protests. You know who uses insults and spam to get their message across? People who are really bad at communication.
  5. Week 12: Chargers @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    Hey, I just got home. Did they give Dak a turkey leg or an iron or some kind of major award today? How many TDs has he thrown for the last 3 games? (and I don't mean to the other team) Who scored more points, Dallas in their last 3 games combined, or the Eagles in any of their 9 wins this year?
  6. Dead Men Walking

    The Browns Are A Dumpster Fire!
  7. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    I used to obsess with a pen and some graph paper with 3 or 4 weeks to go before things like the playoff machine existed.
  8. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    They started him and went 10-6 They started other guys and went 1-15 That is a giant sample size of 2 years and your blather against it is meaningless. Unless you are a football hating liberal (Kaepernick fans), winning games is the only thing that really counts with QBs. Hoyer proved that it is possible to win games with him even if your team is very bad. That is not an average QB unless by average you mistakenly mean the 25th to 50th best QB on planet Earth. There is nothing average about being in that group.
  9. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I am all for Jesus telling Cousins that Dan Snyder is bad news and long term in DC would be no bueno. Jesus telling Reggie that Philly is crap and Green Bay is the place to go was far more annoying. Cousins had his top 2 receivers removed from last years team. His new #1 WR may be the worst player in the NFL this year not named Peterman, Chaz Green, or Kizer. (Pryor) His offense has literally melted around him with an insane amount of injuries. He has faced 7 teams in current playoff position in his 10 games. Shut up already about bashing him you bunch of clowns.
  10. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Hoyer went 7-6 with a recent Cleveland Browns team and 3-0 the year before that. The 2013-2014 Browns went 10-6 with Hoyer and 1-15 without him. He has 29 TDs to 11 picks over the last 3 years. I think he belongs (who cares?) Belichick thinks he belongs (he is smarter than you or me)
  11. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    Would he be subject to a 6 game suspension for having PEDs shipped to his house under his wife's name if he was back in the league as a GM?
  12. League admits to Redskins they blew major call.

    Those clowns missed a holy roller call on Thursday night too.
  13. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    I don't know how many of you listen to ESPN radio in the early evening but their host explained why Tyrod was benched. His reason? RACISM Then he went on about people liking Blaine Gabbert over Cam Newton in 2011 cuz RACISM ( there may have been 5 football people out of 1000 who did not think Cam should go #1 but if you are broken in the head the roll with it I guess) He rambled about DeShaun Watson going 12th overall because of RACISM. (10 of the first 12 players drafted were black and 2 of them were black QBs but racism cuz Chicago had Trubisky rated #2 overall?) Then he explained why his own fat butt was out of the league at age 36 after 5-8 in DC and 1-5 in Minnesota... you guessed it RACISM. He defended games like 7-15 for 35 yards 1TD and a pick as, "I had a big halftime lead in 4 of those losses and did not have turnovers!" Apparently Peterson running well and Percy Harvin returning TDs is good QB play if you are delusional.
  14. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    The fact that the Redskins did not have a WR route to the sideline in that down, distance, and clock is incredible. Someone was a complete idiot.
  15. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    I like Andy but he does have to get better, right?