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  1. Yes you did. You win being an honorary Eagles fan for 2015! Congratulations.
  2. You seem like a very passionate fan of your team, considering you're telling me it's just a friggin football game. So, how about trying to answer my original question now?
  3. See what happens when you take away TD celebrations?
  4. It's not that the appeal is stopped or going on. I just believe that if they will do what it takes to save as much face as possible and move on with this. Sorry, just an opinion.
  5. Actually Va, it's all but over. The NFL won't suspend the face of the company. Goodell is vilified for all time for this and the Pats can do no wrong. Isn't what?
  6. National importance, maybe not, but it did involve a multi-billion dollar corporation. That might have some reason.
  7. Just to throw it out there, role reverse. This is a hypothetical. Your team in the SB, in the position to win it. Then the game is over and you lost. Couple of years later it's brought out the team yours played cheated. Possibly taking away the possibly that your team may have won. Keep in mind your team doesn't have a SB victory to date, how would you feel? Can you do that? Or does your hatred of Philly prevent even that? Also notice I used no actual team names.
  8. It's a nice look. Green matches your eyes nicely. lol
  9. Personally I think that it's funny, what's going on with this whole situation and how everybody is reacting over it. Off topic: Froggy - I know you have been here since the Pats beat the Eagles in the SB and actually a valued member here. So whats with the Eagles jersey in your av? (yes, Ive been away for a while)
  10. I concede. You win. Let's leave the thread for it's purpose now.
  11. I didn't say that they didn't. They are not making off of me though.
  12. Someone with a degree going around saying lick sack. Should I comment with something on the level of SP mades the funnies!!11!? Here's some info you should already know. Use an adblock and you won't be subjected to any online advertisements. Spam folder for the email. Purchasing NFL memorabilia doesn't grant you a message board. Paying your cable bill grants you the continued service of cable not ownership of a message board. I doubt the Eagles nor Dave forced the NFL Network on you. Lastly, I don't recall the Eagles or Dave sending me an invoice for this MB. You have a degree, at least act like it.
  13. I don't get offended. You said I was stupid, I simply asked in my own way why you called me stupid. Take Gas X
  14. Please learn me smart a**
  15. Do you always b*tch about something that is given to you? I can imagine how you would act if you actually had to pay for it.