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  1. I know the Seahawks kicked the Eagles' butts in Seattle, but I still remember how the officiating was so one-sided when we visited Detroit, and how that win jump-started their season. For that reason, I can't cheer for the Lions.
  2. The problem is that only the Referee watches the QB on a play, to 'protect' him. There is nobody for him to talk it over with. When they miss one that badly, it is either human error, or selective officiating.
  3. Or Tom Brady, or Drew Brees, etc.
  4. Ask the Giants, they got away with it, too.
  5. Thornton's left arm impeded Sam's right arm, he couldn't follow through.
  6. The rule must be Eagles QBs and ex-Eagles QBs are fair game on hits to the head.
  7. And still there will be some on here who say these games are not fixed.
  8. Another instance of my lying eyes seeing something the league officials say didn't happen. BTW, I hate to be the grammar police, but there is not such thing as 'should of'. When your parents contracted 'should have' to 'should've'. they weren't saying 'should of'. Amazing how many Americans don't know their native tongue.
  9. Come on Steve...usually you have a sense of humor. Although I remember one of those runs coming near the end of the Eagles game, when the replay showed half the team with their arms wrapped around Eagles defenders...
  10. Stephen1 is correct...the officials did call the game in an effort to help the home team in the Pitt/Dallas game. No doubt. But we see stuff like this almost every week, where the officials favor one team, usually the home team. (ATL/Phila. game notwithstanding) What was refreshing, though, was that they were unafraid to call holding on 'the best offensive line in football'. Perhaps Dallas' offensive line only holds when they play in Pittsburgh? Perhaps Jerruh didn't invite Dean to ride on the party bus? Who knows? As I said, it was refreshing to see it being called.
  11. A NE receiver got away with one on the Gronk reception. Had his hand over the SEA defender's back, full of jersey. Think Agholor or DGB would have gotten away with that?
  12. Who the hell attended The Imagination Agency?
  13. Yep, that's how some think. Only announcer I know who hates the Eagles is Aikman, who can barely get the players' names out when he calls a game.