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  1. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    Gotta think the Saints are a different team outdoors.
  2. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    Yep, by the guy who just entered the game.
  3. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    A lot of verbiage in most play calls.
  4. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    We used to see stuff like that
  5. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    2 ex-Eagles assistants coaching these teams today.
  6. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    ...and 'business decisions'.
  7. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    I'll spell it out. His arm was on top of the ball. The ball was under his arm. Also under his arm was the ground, which trapped the ball against his body. If it really mattered, I would understand...if you had money on the Jags, I also understand. If you watched the replay, and still think it's an INT, I don't understand. Otherwise, we saw the same replay differently. It happens.
  8. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    Hopefully we see some competent offense in this game.
  9. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    Reunited w/Coughlin?
  10. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    He had an arm on top, the ball, under his arm, was on the ground, trapped. No problem though, that game is, thankfully, over.
  11. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    Hopefully, some of their players grow up some and not jump in the opponent's face after every play.
  12. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    I agree. He trapped the ball between his body and the ground.
  13. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    Yes, it did. By plenty. I think NFL office took pity on those of us watching on TV.
  14. AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    Unless it's Jalen Mills...