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  1. Here's a bunch of info (not sure if it was posted already) from a local news guy. Read tweets from bottom up. Ted Daniel ‏ @ TedDanielFOX2554m LAW SOURCE: Forensic evidence places vehicle "driven by" Aaron Hernandez at "crime scene". Don't know what scene that is. Expand Ted Daniel ‏ @ TedDanielFOX2559m LAW SOURCE: 4 men together in vehicle. Only 3 return to Aaron Hernandez's home. Odin Lloyd NOT one of them. # fox25 Expand Ted Daniel ‏ @ TedDanielFOX251h 2 LAW SOURCES: Homicide victim Odin Lloyd sent text to a friend that included a reference to Aaron Hernandez. Expand Ted Daniel ‏ @ TedDanielFOX251h LAW SOURCE: Aaron Hernandez was driver of a vehicle Odin LLoyd and 2 others in. Lloyd found dead one mile from Hernandez home.
  2. eric, did you see my message to you earlier on here?

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