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  1. 4 stars, would have gone 5 if he borrowed Tunsils gas mask
  2. Definitely shaping up as the year to draft his replacement with several possible top 10 caliber QBs
  3. Convicts strike again.

    lol at Garrett. What an awful presser. And Jerruh is all too happy to let him do that instead of taking that bullet
  4. Jamie Collins was Traded To Cleveland

    Collins was pick #52, and they just got a pick in the low 60's. That's why they don't hesitate to do stuff like this when guys want crazy money.
  5. Week 3: TNF Texans At Patriots

    Another coach with more ego than talent.
  6. 2016 NFL Draft General Discussion Thread

    Giants like those height/weight/speed guys
  7. 2016 Pro Bowl: Team Rice vs. Team Irvin

    The problem is, if this thing even makes 5 cents net for the league it won't go away. I would rather watch them do the real draft and then play the game on Madden or something.
  8. Calvin Johnson is retiring!

    Great player, and I don't question his commitment as far as his playing career, but it isn't really surprising to me either that he would step away with some gas left in the tank. He went to Ga Tech, his parents were accomplished professionals and he realizes there is more to life than being crippled in your 50's.
  9. Illegal Formation Penalty

    I would have to go back and look at the play but there has to be 7 players on the LOS. If Lynch wasn't then they probably only had the 5 OL plus 1 WR.
  10. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Yeah he doesnt look functionally athletic at all. Not just in the pocket, where he looks terribly awkward, but even trying to escape around he doesn't look quick. Maybe the long speed is still there but that position isn't about long speed.
  11. Not even Romeo Crennel's defense can save Hernandez in this one.
  12. The scary part is when you factor in the likely percetage of wrong convictions. Even if it's 0.6% thats 3 people wrongly executed.
  13. you would think i would know i live 2 states down. the only thing i know there is they are petty advanced with their democrat population control. good luck trying to own a gun there.
  14. So maybe we'll see an NFL (or ex-NFL) player get the death penalty.